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Pixelation in Shaded mode.....

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I'm seeing a lot of pixelation of lines in Shaded mode on this drawing. I've gone through setting changes to no avail. This pixelation seems to be attributed to the moldings more than other areas. Any tricks to getting crisper lines in this view? Is this perhaps due to an older graphics card (AMD Radeon R9 M390 2 GB), considering I'm on a late 2015 iMac?

Screen Shot 2024-01-28 at 8.37.40 AM.png

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1) Assuming this is a Viewport on a Sheet Layer, what is the Raster Rendering DPI of the Sheet Layer? If it is the default 72, set it to 150 or 200, update the SLVP and see if it gets any better.

2) Also what is the scale of the viewport on that Sheet? If the viewport is very small on a sheet with proper DPI, it could also look pixelated like this. Make the SLVP larger and Update the SLVP and see if it gets better.

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Stephen, probably a stupid question, but did you make sure your shaded option quality is set to high, or very high ??




I don't seem to be having the issue that you are experiencing with the heavy lines in shaded view.



Also, you didn't really say, like @rDesign mentioned, is your example from a Viewport on a Sheet Layer?  Or just rendered in shaded on a design layer?



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No dashed lines...all solid.

Set on Very High for Shaded options.

Design Layer, not a Viewport. I changed document resolution to 200 but that didn't help.


It seems to be more associated with the molding profiles so I'm about to take a look at those more carefully.


Thanks, Everyone.


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Shaded Mode is meant to be fast as a visual style used for drawing in a 3D view.


Yes, "show Lines" looks fuzzy.

Lines min size is 1 pixel and they do not look like even using antialiasing.

So not really usable for presentations, maybe for DL screenshots.


3 hours ago, Steven Kenzer said:

I changed document resolution to 200 but that didn't help.


No that does nothing for DL render quality.

I think it only appears when old school "printing" from DLs.



I often use Shaded as a fast render mode for SLVPs though as it is so fast.

But then I double the usual Sheet Layer resolution to bring the Line size down and quality up.


If showing lines is important,

a) use Sheet Layer Viewports for better Render Control

b) use Shaded as background render only and true Hidden Lines as a foreground render mode

for your Viewports.



3 hours ago, Steven Kenzer said:

Design Layer, not a Viewport.


For presentations you should make use of SLVPs.

DL renderings better for sketch output and screenshots only.

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