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  1. Hope. this helps, David.....attached is zipped folder with .dwg and other files generated from your drawing. Billingford 6_15 ODSP-dwg.zip
  2. and.........Was the ability to stretch the Attributes Palette in a vertical direction removed from 2022?? I can only stretch this palette horizontally now...seems odd.
  3. Antonio, if you let the forum know which version of Vectorworks your customer is using, that will be helpful. If it's an older version, that might be the reason for this.
  4. I wanted to take a look at 2022 so downloaded it this afternoon and....... I'm not seeing the Snapping Palette?? Is there a trick to getting this back or might it be a downloading glitch and I need to re-download/install. Any thoughts on this? Screenshot attached. Thanks.
  5. Lately, when I go to measure a side view of a 3d model, the dimensional slash lines don't appear..see simple screenshot. Is there a setting that is creating this issue? I've played with OIP settings to no avail. Might correspond with recent update/s. Simple fix or bug? Thank you in advance for any help on this.
  6. I haven’t had any sensitivity issues with the MX Master either. It's been my preferred mouse since it was released several years ago. I also use "SteerMouse" a 3rd party add-on that I strongly suggest you check out. It has many settings to play with, including cursor sensitivity. Good luck.
  7. This is one of the better and more informative threads about Rendering settings I've seen. Threads like this can be so helpful for those of us using Renderworks, whether beginner or advanced. Thanks, Zeno for initiating it (great work!) and thanks all for the terrific information concerning ways to improve and speed up rendering time.
  8. My error....I let slip you are using the Framing Member tool. I don't really use that tool for my work. Maybe some others will chime in if there's a way for you to alter texture direction. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Pavol. In the "Object Info/Render" palette is a rotation slider that should allow you to change the direction of the texture you're working with.
  10. I deal with this daily and yes, is very frustrating. It does seem like the Renderworks cache is creating the problems. I can edit, make changes, then "custom render" and the old model pops up with none of the changes I've made present. I have found going into the custom Renderworks settings, changing that randomly, then trying again, can sometimes fix this..the key word here is "sometimes". Restarting often does the trick but I think we can all agree that's not exactly the solution anyone wants.
  11. Hi. As far as I know, VW no longer has any type of downloadable manual but instead uses this online help area for guidance and reference: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FLandingPage%2FWelcome_to_Vectorworks.htm
  12. Thanks for the file, Alan..that's always helpful.
  13. Thanks, again Kevin. I can work with this for now.
  14. Thanks, Kevin. I see now. The square extrusion is not a problem. I needed to do this on both a square extrude and a rod-like one. I might be able to get away with adding the square twist to the rod extrusion..will take a look at that. Is twisting the rod, with proper appearance, not possible?
  15. Hi, Kevin and Pat. I"m still having trouble creating the desired form and wondering if you could elaborate a little on proper technique here. The Deform tool is one I don't have much experience using. I extruded the rod and then selected the end with the deform tool. As I rotate (twist) it does this within itself so really nothing changes. How does one end up with the screw like spiral I'm trying to achieve? Thanks again for any help on this.
  16. Thank you, Kevin. I'll check this out later, Much appreciated.
  17. Hi, All. I need to create this twisted steel detail on some furniture I'm working on but not sure how to go about it. Can someone point me in the right direction to do this in regard to tools and technique? As always, thank you for any help on this.
  18. Thanks, Matt. That worked. Layer off/Layer on/ All good. Much appreciated.
  19. Can someone explain to me why some odd rendering sequence is occurring? I took File A and "saved as" File B. Then deleted the current vanity and copy and pasted in a different one. When I got to render File B, the vanity that was in File A returns. I've purged the file, rebooted, in 2d all looks fine but then that first vanity keeps showing up each time the file is rendering. The attached screenshot gives you a sense of what's going on. The rendering starts out fine (white one in the screenshot) but as it progresses, the wood one appears. It's as if it's stuck in some VW cache..or something like that. As always, thanks for any help/advice on this.
  20. I opted to finally upgrade to Mojave yesterday and have been working all morning with no issues (VW19 sp2). I'm mostly developing 3d furniture models, not any complex architectural work. I think Andrew nailed it..no official announcement but Jim did post confirmation that VW has worked through the majority of Mojave conflicts other than some printing issues.
  21. Thanks, Andy. Mark's technique worked well for this but, for the next phase, I need to add different colors (like attached pattern) to each drawer front. I think converting to Nurbs will be helpful for that. Again, much appreciated. This forum has helped me so much over the years. I feel fortunate to have access to the wealth of knowledge offered here.
  22. Hi, All. I’m trying to apply a different color to the recessed pattern area on these drawer fronts but not really sure how to go about this. Is there a simple way to achieve this? Any help from the forum would be great. Thanks in advance.
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