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how to add second c-clamp to a moving light without changing the inserting point


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Hi hi

 I'm trying to assign a second C-clamp to a moving light with the Accessory tool but after manipulating the second clamp to it place the center inserting point of the fixture is changed in 2d plot view?

what is the best way to Attach a double c-clamp to a moving light? 


thank you.

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8 hours ago, Scott C. Parker said:

paging @Sam Jones

Although AutoPlot Tools for Spotlight will allow you to specify the location of a clamp accessory, the @jcogdell method seems to me to be another good way.  However, if you are planning on counting clamps, you will need to be careful with specifying the counting criteria and/or being sure that the double clamp symbol contains to symbols to count.  (I think.  I haven't played with this method.



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I do @jcogdells method. Every model of moving light has it's own clamp width though, which is important for checking you're not clashing with a truss node. So I have 'MAC Ultra Performance Clamps', with the correct height omega bracket and clamps at the correct spacing for the fixture. This is pre-attached as an accessory in the symbol to minimise drawing time, but can be removed with the Accessory tool in remove mode if replacing with an alternative clamping method.


IMO always better to do the work once on library content than have to add clamps each time you use the fixture. No time for that!

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