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uncased opening in wall


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How do you create a simple uncased opening in a wall?  Been looking for hours and can't find a solution.  Attached is a simple example of what I want.  In front view on the left you can see the polygon I want to carve through the wall and have uncased edges.  On the right I used a plain door modified and saved in my RB as "opening".  My work around seems really kludgy but maybe that's all there is.


Basically its this shape cut out of a wood framed gyp brd wall with gyp brd finished edges.  I'm pretty sure I saw a video of someone doing this but I cant find it.  Also, my door and window options in VW library in RB don't have an option of for a plain opening.  I had to choose a flush swinging door then modify it to uncased opening to get the plain opening.  I then used the interactive mode to place the two openings so they touched to appear as one.

uncased opening.vwx

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away fron keyboard right now, but I think these are all the steps:

Select your “opening” symbol definition - the one in the Resource Manager. 

  • Right click, Edit 3d
  • In the edit bar, choose Edit Wall Hole Component
  • verify that the extrude is desired shape and size
  • Exit the wall hole edit screen (return to the 3D edit screen)
  • if the wood casing or other geometry is shown, delete any elements not needed. Add a 3d locus to help future placement of symbol instances.  
  • exit the edit pane
  • if desired, edit the symbol 2d components and delete all geometry. This should also make the symbol instances identify as 3d symbols. 

Or create a brand new new symbol from a 3d Locus. Add the desired 3d object as the wall hole component. 

Either way, to use the cutting object,  place an instance on the drawing and drag it into the wall. 


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@ddcpe I don't think there's anything wrong with the way you've approached it (using two opening-configured Doors side by side). See attached: I've changed the Wall to timber framed + added Wall Closures to the Doors to wrap the plaster into the openings.


Another approach is to use a dedicated 'wall hole cutter' symbol as Benson mentions. An example of this too.


uncased opening-TW.vwx

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12 minutes ago, Gadzooks said:


Are you sure? (I'm VW2018 so can't speak or show for latest)




Or is that not what you wanted? Or Have I not understood?


I think they meant a preconfigured 'Opening' style. Just make your own + save it in Favorites if that's what you want. Will take all of 2 seconds 

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