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Some 3d Furniture

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Hahaha…..interestingly, the person who posted that IS British….I won’t hold that against Tom W ! 🙂

Pat & Jeff…thanks for your thoughts on my meager offerings.  I simply thought it would be nice to offer up some furniture items that, with all due respect, was perhaps a cut above some of the native VW furniture .

Plus….I did have fun creating some of it!

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4 minutes ago, Kevin K said:

You thinking it is a bit too hidden down here? 🙂


Yes, as soon as the thread disappears, so does the info.  What you posted is good stuff.  It was smart to post on Saturday and Sunday where it will be visible for a while.  I broached this subject once, but was more or less dismissed.

If there was such a place I would upload models all the time, including construction details just to keep busy.


Nice work....Paul

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28 minutes ago, Kevin K said:

but then decided it may not have been appropriate. 

I would be fine.  Anything that helps elevate the level of modelling knowledge across the board should be welcome, expectially if you included the construction curves, etc.  But, in the end it will still get lost.  VW really needs a central repository.

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Yes, and related somewhat to your thoughts, I was also thinking that it may be a good idea to have a sort of “VW Store” where folks could make available to other VW users items that require a bit more complex VW tool useage that many users do not possess when new to VW. 
Over the years,  I won’t tell you how much money I have spent on the Turbosquid site purchasing some really nice, tasteful furniture items to use in my renderings. One caveat with that is that when you import those items into VW the file size is always at least 5 times larger than the original !!  Which is why I normally default to using c4d as my go to rendering program.

Plus, because those imports are usually meshes, the textures and materials can many times not map correctly to an object.

But….if these types of furniture, etc are created directly in VW, that problem usually becomes moot, and the file sizes become more manageable.

Again, just a thought pertaining to a potential “VW Store”, where those that take the time to create these items would be compensated a bit for their time.

Perhaps our friend @Pat Stanford could bring this idea up to the powers that be??


Maybe if I type louder he will hear this 🙂

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A VW store.  Yes, that would be better than a repository.  There would have to be something in it for VW's though before they would put resources on it.  The one thing I can think of for them a sort of reverse training.  Showing new users what can be done in VW's would be a bonus.  It could also be a place for tutorials, etc.


Perhaps some users might simply put a request in for a model and those who feel they could build it, quote the client.  Many possibilities.  Perhaps a question should be posted to the Forum on this issue to see how users feel about it.



I have not rendered anything in VW's since about 2016 and that was only for a VW tutorial.  I have rendered in C4D for over twenty years.  In the early 2000's, I put together a set of "hooks' based around DXF to bring my files into C4D.  They came in as good or better than the 'Send' to C4D" button.  One day Nemetschek Germany got in touch with me and asked me how this worked.  We came to an agreement and I worked with them for about two weeks explaining how it worked and that is how the 'Send to C4D'" command came into play.  I wrote the tutorials for Cineversity on how both methods worked.


VW and C4D 2001

To give you an idea of how good that transfer was, this architectural project was done in 2001.  Everything except the ornate column tops was built in Vectorworks. 


Grand Trunk Union Railway Station





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Some very good thoughts you brought up pertaining to a possible VW Store with all the fixings 🙂

I really like the idea.



I am humbled by the video example ! 

Can I have your autograph??  🙂

I had no idea you were a c4d guy.

These days I use it with Redshift...beautiful and fast rendering!


But....that said...we here are still in the VW universe, as are the regular users, so we also have to play in this sandbox too, hence my thought about a VW store of sorts, so folks can download VW items instead of importing other file formats, etc.

I better shut-up now....so this thread doesn't irritate people 🙂


One more little 'gift' I just finished a few minutes ago....for you and the world. Version 2022 per usual.

Lots of ' 3d fillets' !



Table & Chairs-Craftsman.vwx

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I am based in the UK and ben told that if you send a request to VW UK, they might be able to draw up 3d symbols out of furniture collections from certain manufacturers and furniture design companies. The outcome is to enlarge the VW libraries (wether Premium or available to all I don't know). This is certainly helpful but it is a very time consuming process and it doesn't capture the "B-spoke" element.


I often find myself having to spend some time to model the "show pieces" within my model and this is now a process I quite enjoy and I am getting faster with, it also reduces the number of meshes in the file, leaner documentation & visualisation, etc. It would be great to have a place where all these resources could be shared (a 3d warehouse for VW?) as I am sure this topic has been discussed a lot before

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