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Change Attributes in Title Block based on Title Block Value

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Hi all, here's a fun one for you.


We would like to indicate Suitability in our Title Blocks, and have a traffic light indicator for an at-a-glance indication:




I have a field set up in Sheet Data to choose the suitability:



How can I make the traffic light change to reflect the chosen suitability? S0 = Red, S2/S3 = Amber, A1 = Green. I can't work out how to make this work, short of a script, which I'm not familiar with yet.


Maybe something with class visibilities, or three different symbols...I don't know.


Any inventive ideas appreciated.



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I can't think of a way to get a TBB object to do this.


What I'd probably resort to is removing this field and geometry from the TBB entirely, and instead, make it all a SYMBOL. You'd have 4 different symbol definitions, one for each status, each containing the text, the three cells, and appropriate color fills. Make sure the insertion points match between all four symbol definitions (and I'd probably put the insertion point in a corner so I could snap the Symbol to the TBB easily for perfect alignment).


Then when switching Statuses, just use the Replace Symbol command in the OIP to swap symbols.


The disadvantage with this approach is that your Status is no longer connected to the TBB so if you're pulling this data anywhere else (worksheets) or trying to use the Title Block Manager, you're to of luck.

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I've come up with this symbol which you could add to a design layer. It would be much nicer if one could link to data in a the Title Block Border sheet data, but that option is not available to boilerplate users such as me.


The file includes a Data Vis as well as a symbol which would accomplish this but the issue with Data Vis is that it is only available on Sheet Layers via viewports. Go to the Data Tab of the Symbol in the Object Information Palette and you will see a pop up with four conditions. Each are aligned to the Traffic Light Data Vis which should change colour depending on the condition.

Hope this helps a bit.

Traffic Light Symbol.vwx

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How about this proof of concept.  This is a Data Tag that uses IF statements to show a solid circle emoji or an open circle emoji depending on the setting of the Drawing Stamp.  This one only uses Preliminary (Red), Not For Construction (Yellow), Approved (Green).


Thanks to @markdd for the emoji kicker.  You might actually want to use a font like Zapf Dingbats instead of the emoji as I had a hard time finding open and closed circle emoji that are the same size.



Traffic Light Symbol. 2.vwx

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Thanks everyone for your help, some great ideas. I had arrived at Andy's idea before posting, my original image is a symbol with hidden loci in each corner for easy alignment, but I thought a drop down would be even slicker.


I've got the emoji option working quite well by trial-and-error of different fonts, but running from a drop-down in a Record rather than the drawing stamp.


The emoji option is easier to operate, but the symbol option allows better control over what it looks like, so I'll run with them for a while and see what sticks.


Thanks all!

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