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Stair Arrow Direction?



How do I actually get the stair arrow to point in the correct direction?


For "Break, Dashed Above," whether I select "Pointing up" or "Pointing down," it points down.


For "Above Break Only," whether I select "Pointing up" or "Pointing down," it points up.  


(VW2022, SP5)   VWIS235

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So... am I missing something?  Or does no one actually use the stair tool?  (I avoid it, but a client uses it).  Or do we all just do Escher stairs because that's what our software dictates?


It looks like this was an issue back in the year 2008:




And even then, it had been an issue for several years.  How does it take 14+ years to not fix this?...


If ever the stair arrow is fixed, it would be helpful to have the option of "Up" and "Down" labels.  Arrows are meaningless unless either they're labeled or there's a convention (such as stair arrows always point up, which appears to be the case for many parts of the world (probably those parts of the world where they don't measure with a combination of sixteenths, twelfths, thirds, and 5,280ths... ... ...)).

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Not sure if I got that with the direction correct.


Here in middle Europe,

The Stair Arrow starts with a Dot/Circle at the bottom of the Stair

(where the first Tread starts ?)

and ends with the Arrow Angle at the top of the Stair.

(where the last (virtual) Tread ends ?)

So it always points upwards.


The Stair Tool was developed in our region.

So it should be able to make the Stair Arrow point upwards for sure.


AFAIR I have seen Stair Arrows pointing down which I thought might

be a standard in the northern part of a double continent.

So I thought, in VW's Computerworks Stair Tool it would be able to

switch between world standard and the other standard with fractions

in dimensions.


So if it really does not work anymore to make the Arrow point up in Stair Tool,

this would surely be a terrific Bug or Regression in VW 2023.


But it seems to work for me in VW 2023 SP2 :



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@E|FA It helped a lot, actually.  I saw that you had markers at the breaks, the lack of which I was just starting to realize was a problem.  Then I saw that you had "Show markers at break" selected... who would've guessed?  So that headed me in the right direction, and now I've got it through my thick skull that there are markers available at both ends of the walkline... and I'd recently set the attributes to use my "Stair Arrow" class... ...which has the same arrow markers for both ends.  So it really didn't matter if I was pointing up or down... Vectorworks was obligingly giving me the same arrow either way.  Guess I can't blame this one on Vectorworks...    Thanks!


@zoomer I honestly don't know if there's a standard here, or what it might be!  I've always just labeled my arrows "Up" or "Down" to be clear.  Thanks for your response.

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4 hours ago, willofmaine said:

I've always just labeled my arrows "Up" or "Down" to be clear.


Sorry, misunderstood the whole question.


Got it,

it was not about wrong directed Arrows, but missing Text Labels.

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Here in the UK the modern standard is also that arrows always point upwards (I find reading north american style drawings quite confusing for this reason).


I seem to remember being taught at some point that labelling arrows with "up" and "down" was bad practice because "up" is liable to be misread as "dn" on a rotated drawing.

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6 hours ago, zoomer said:

Sorry, misunderstood the whole question.

Nope, you didn't misunderstand; I've never really used the Stair tool and I just wasn't getting it right.  The labeling was secondary.


@line-weight Yes, I always spell out "down."  But I gotta say, I like the standard of arrows always pointing up and not having to label the arrows.  So now I'm thinking a general note on drawings that simply establishes that convention. 

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