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VW 2023 and Mac OS Ventura or bust.

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I am presently running 2023 VW Fundamental on Mac OS 12.6. Since VW2023 crashes randomly with OS 12.6 could OS 13 Ventura really be any worst?


1. Crashes seam to affect old projects opened in 2023 more than files created in VW2023.

2. Viewports sometimes remember objects deleted in the design layer. The fix requires that you delete the bad viewport and redo.

3. Dimensions from the design layer sometimes do not show up in the viewports when opening an old file.


So if I you save ever 15 to 20 minutes so as not to loose work due to random crashes. Then what the heck why not go all in to OS 13 Ventura.

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11 hours ago, Peter Neufeld. said:

Please read this Knowledgebase article


Apple macOS 13 Ventura Compatibility





Since I do not use Redshift rendering the compatibility list has has left out a lot. I am running OS 12.6 and having issues. Will the problems go away in OS 13 except for Redshift which I don't use?  (10/24 said "Vectorworks 2023 SP1 - no known issues" with OS 13.)

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