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  1. you can also buy speakers and ignore the monitor speakers. Save your money for a new APPLE DISPLAY.
  2. If you look at the Book libraries in Illustrator you will see there are lots color systems. PMS could find it self fading away. I got my first Mac when design companies were still ordering type set from type houses. Type houses disappeared over night along with STAT machines and rubber cement. PMS has been going a long time and most designers have a book at their desk but that could change. If the price gets wacky new standards will arise to fill the void. We will choose the one we can afford. I will probably die from exposure to rubber cement and thinner.
  3. We have VWX lite it’s called Fundamentals. It lacks lots of tools like sectioning, wall tools and many more but works fine for my needs. Side note: When you travel through Europe you have to marvel at the work of architects and builders who built masterpieces with out the aid of computers and software. Those were the days.
  4. I just got the notice about upcoming charges for PMS colors. Another $15 per month for pms is not cutting it here. We will just have to get proofs and go back to sending samples via Fedex. They broke the bank.
  5. As I remember Minicad was the only decent CAD software for Mac that you could run or afford. It also had tools that worked like Illustrator, Freehand and others so it was easy to learn. It took 20 years for Autocad to run on the Mac and you have to take a college class to get certified. Really… Sooner later professional software will exceed the cost of what designers can charge or the time needed to learn.
  6. As I remember there was also software called RAM Doubler that could create fake memory using the hard-drive. I used it and it actually worked.
  7. Adobe Illustrator CS or something that resembles it runs on my iPad Pro m1 with 1TB SD. The controls are so different from what I am used to on my Mac desktop that it is not that useful for me. It would take relearning tools and key commands that I know by heart. However having a CAD app to record measurements would be a great start. SketchUp for the iPad looks fun. Not sure if the info would translate to Vectorworks. Has anyone tried it?
  8. PMS yes. Pantone color chips are essential to controlling printing output. It’s the standard.
  9. It would be great to have an alternate option for developing graphic information. So I will see if my clients are interested in experimenting. However we have millions of Adobe documents that we would like to have access to. So if we wanted to break the chains of Adobe domination we would have to leave a lot behind. When a project goes out for production, they go to a Adobe dominated world. It would be like having all houses built with a special Adobe hammer that you had to rent.. It's good that there is another player in the image creation business. I will check it out.
  10. Does Affinity V2 open Adobe Ai documents? All my clients deal in Adobe CS documents. It’s the standard in the package/product design business. Ever since they allowed Adobe to buy up Aldus, Adobe has dominated the design business.
  11. Good morning. What metal support? I must be doing something wrong. With Activity monitor open and Vectorworks 2023 rendering I have all 20 cores of the 3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W CPU fully pegged out. No activity is showing on Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB GPU. My iMac Pro is faster than my old Mac Pro 5,1 but not a big wind sucking wow. I tried redshift final and renderworks final. So I thought a external GPU with a decent card would be a work around.
  12. Ok. What affect would a eGPU with a different GPU?
  13. Since I do not use Redshift rendering the compatibility list has has left out a lot. I am running OS 12.6 and having issues. Will the problems go away in OS 13 except for Redshift which I don't use? (10/24 said "Vectorworks 2023 SP1 - no known issues" with OS 13.)
  14. I am presently running 2023 VW Fundamental on Mac OS 12.6. Since VW2023 crashes randomly with OS 12.6 could OS 13 Ventura really be any worst? NOTES: 1. Crashes seam to affect old projects opened in 2023 more than files created in VW2023. 2. Viewports sometimes remember objects deleted in the design layer. The fix requires that you delete the bad viewport and redo. 3. Dimensions from the design layer sometimes do not show up in the viewports when opening an old file. So if I you save ever 15 to 20 minutes so as not to loose work due to random crashes. Then what the heck why not go all in to OS 13 Ventura.
  15. After at 13 CRASHES I think I found a work around for my projects. Process: 1. opened the original old document. 2. copied all the objects from the design layer. 3. make a new document in VW2023-SP1 with the same scale and units. 4. paste in place the objects into the design layer of the new VW2023 document. 5. make a new sheet layer with the same DPI 6. copy the desired view ports from the old document into the new sheet later 7. save and close NO CRASH. So the objects, lights and views are good it's something I have no control of that's is very bad. Since most of my projects are simple it's not a tragedy. However for those of you who are doing complex structures with multiple design layers you may have to allow for time to convert old projects. Or - This may also be some VW rule I broke years ago building the original files that is now showing up in the new feature rich VW 2023. Cool features that I have to retrain myself to use.
  16. I just updated VW2023 to SP1 and then I opened an old file to make some modifications. Then I saved the modified file as a new name. Then hit the red close button and VW2023 SP1 CRASHES. Repeated this several times with the same result. I have been testing by opening the original file and deleting things in the file to see what is causing the issue. Tests: 1. Purged all used stuff. 2. Deleted views 3. Deleted lights Still cashing on close. The answer is don't close documents. Machine info: iMac Pro running Mac OS 12.6
  17. Try this workaround. 1. I was crashing when closing when VW23 was saving the document. I save first then quit and don't let VW update. Save yourself the loss. 2. Another other issue I have found is viewports don't update properly when textures are modified in the original object. Now I just delete the viewport and create a new one with the new colors and textures in place. Appears that viewports remember past iterations. System is Mac OS 12.6 - iMac Pro.
  18. Sent crash info yesterday. I have activated save reminder and I am am saving first before closing VW. Therefore avoiding any possible issues. I have had no issues since.
  19. Yes. according to console they were sent to vectorworks. That file type is not accepted below.
  20. Vectorworks 2023 CRASHING on simple files. First time it when I was saving a document. The second time VW crashed when I was just building a simple 3D model and it froze. I guess I will have to revert back to VW 2022. When will VW 2023 be safe to use? iMac Pro running Mac OS 12.6 Monterey. 3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB
  21. I agree it is actual work. Some of the drawing dimensions are off by 6". May be a iRobot robot vacuum could be set up to go room by room and scan directly into Vectorworks. That way the only humans needed would be furniture movers and the the guy with the coffee.
  22. I have built 3D proof of concept mockups that included screws. When the 3D stereolithography models came back we used real screws to assemble the parts. The 3D fakes were used to get quotes from vendors and discuss assembly issues with the team. It was one product not a building. We would never waste our budget on building unnecessary parts into our drawings.
  23. I prefer to think of VWX as a big picture tool. Rather than drawing screws and nails you would have to include adhesives. I keep that stuff in the notes if needed. I also have a long standing policy to insist that the contractor take responsibility for their work. and if a roofer wants to a hammer and another wants a nail gun then OK. Just do-it the best way. In any case if you built files and included nails you would need a super computer to work with the files.
  24. So I think the answer NO. The migration manager only migrates basic stuff. That's why we need to download the resources one would need for NEW documents. The old docs have the resources used built in. I will do as ZOOMER suggested make a folder with custom resources. It’s not really migration like Font Doctor which can sort fonts and put them in order. Amazing!
  25. Every VW update I run Migration Manager. Does Migration Manager transfer all the old stuff (textures, trees, vehicles, chairs, appliances) into the updated version?? Do I have to go through and look through the resource files and check? If yes then why do I have to download content with Vectorworks Package Monitor after every update. Seams like a waste of time. I have an old versions of VW 2021 and 20 sitting in my application folder waiting for me to go through it to make sure I transfer useful content.
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