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Found 13 results

  1. The below image is from a new blank file and shows 3 "spaces". Anyone see the issue when using them to show room sizes? Hopefully the same issue doesn't happen for windows, columns and other objects.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't use the data tag that much, when you press the reshape tool when selecting a data tag nothing happens. The reshape tool gets activated but you can not reshape the data tag. Why don't make it so that the reshape tool gets activated for the object associated with the data tag? This can be a space, but also a wall or window or whatever. So bringing back the reshape possibility when selecting the space label (like VW 2022 and below). And also improving the workflow for other objects.
  3. Please make it so that when we input the value in the pop-up of the data tag that this info gets changed in the associated space.
  4. Is there a way to get Space Labels auto centre when their geometry is edited?
  5. Current behaviour: Changing the name of a Space Label Symbol results in it being decoupled from the Space Style; it treats it as missing. Wanted behaviour: Changing the name of a Space Label Symbol results in the Space Style seeing this change and keeping it assigned as the Label Symbol. The Space Style is complicated enough as it is (with so many levels: Space Styles, Label Symbols, Text Styles, Edit Layout, etc.) without also losing these associations.
  6. I am trying to do a simple thing: have space tool elements different attributes via classes. Class assignment is working fine, however, it seems like pen and fill cannot have different attributes, namely, I am trying to have fill @ 5% and label @ 100% opacity - space sits on top of everything else with label being 100% sharp and area fill color coded but showing furniture etc behind. Is it just me or is the label tool working that way.
  7. I have been using multiple space tags in my 2018 file. All space tags and their tag symbols where in different classes and visibilities were controlled in viewports. I just converted my file to 2019 and it shows all space tags even the class is turned off. This is how it should look like: This is how it looks in 2019 with 2nd tags showing (though the class is off): I know that the space tag tool is remade, but this bug doesn't help in smooth conversion of existing files. I would like to keep some of old system in place till we have time to update drawings with ID Tags. Plus other things: - Using Space Styles crash the file. - Applying Space Style to an existing space it change all space info (Space ID, Occupancy etc) to default Space Style info, though the parameters in those fields are set By Instance. Besides it changes Space class to 2D Boundary Class not to Space Object Class which is set in Space Style. - Space tags Data Tag doesn't allow to change space name with a drop down list offering just Custom or Edit List - Space name or other dropdown lists of Occupancy info in Schedules doesn't work either.
  8. Hi all, I find that the space tool reads nonexistent geometry in an empty room. Please see attached. All classes are on and other DL's invisible. Anyone else?
  9. I am using space tool with associated label. One of the purposes is to control the SF and some other dimensional info. I am using it as an overlay with label 100% opaque on one class and rectangle @ 15% on another class. Opacity is controlled via class settings. Sometimes the opacity defaults to 100% even though the item has the same settings as the other ones that maintain the opacity, it seems like the class enforced link is lost. Just wondering is anybody has faced this issue.
  10. It seems it sometimes isn't possible to select spaces when view is rotated.
  11. Running Vectorworks 2016 with Renderworks Specs for laptop and graphics card attached. Having reviewed the forum for related subjects, there appear to be several similar topics from many years ago regarding the Space Tool and it's many bugs and glitches. However, I couldn't find any from more recent relevant or related posts (2016 onwards), so am posting this. I use the Space Tool to collect take offs of surface areas for input in to PHPP. I realise Energos has a similar feature, though have discovered that the area takeoffs in Energos are not accurate and have resorted to my own system of takeoffs using the Space Tool. This has worked fine for the past few years, however, since using my own Space Label symbols and several of the Additional Data fields, even the simplest shapes cause significant hangs and delays. See the attached video for a minute or so of this in action. It's in real time and the key hang is represented by the background going black and the dreaded (Not Responding) words appearing in the Vwks title block (upper right). Even for the simple rectangle in the example, I find the hangs and delays excessive and am looking for alternative methods of area takeoffs (most likely through polygons and bespoke records and worksheets etc.) It is worse when moving vertices etc. post Space boundary drawing.The hangs are shorter (slightly!) when I complete the Additional Field data prior to drawing the Space outline, however, they are still present and a real frustration. FYI - Following advice from a post RE: improving performance, I made the following adjustments with the hopes of improving performance though with no change to the hangs whatsoever: Turned off : Vector caching GDI and antialiasing Enhanced Navigation Three questions: Is anybody else experiencing such hangs when using the Space tool? Given my laptop and graphics specs, are there any performance issues I should be aware of? Could anyone recommend an easier way to obtain surface area data from a 3D solid model? Many thanks. Vwks_space_hang.mp4
  12. Most of the time spaces (rooms) are rectangular. It would be handy to be able to input space dimensions manually, for initial space planning and programming. Just like one does with the rectangle tool. Edit 2017-08-27: Added text and images below To clarify the above wish: The space tool does have a manual size input option, but it does not affect the actual dimensions of the space object. As to why, it's a bit of a mystery to me. I find it often that I know one limiting dimension for a room, but not the other. Therefore it would be handy to input this dimension into the space object manually as a prerequisite, or afterwards. To take things further, even more handier would be the ability to first input one of the dimensions manually and also enter the desired area, and the space tool would adjust the remaining space dimension accordingly. I know one can make spaces from polys and there are scripts for creating spaces from a room schedule, but that is a bit different from what I'm after here. I think this functionality would be easy to implement into the space object, programming-wise.
  13. Hi, I feel I'm spending a lot of time on here reporting problems at the moment! Latest issue, after installing SP2 my file seems to be crashing whenever I send to print. Its a pretty instantaneous crash, as opposed to a lock-up or similar. At least one other person in my office has had this problem with a different file too. Anybody else suffering from this? Edit: Trial and error shows this only happening on certain sheets, but happens consistently on those sheets. Also turning off 'Reset all plugin objects which need resetting prior to printing...' option appears to stop the crashing, so looks related to plugins (of which I don't have any additional non-vanilla installed).
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