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  1. I have this issue and it is causing major disruption. I have tried saving copies to new locations; rmeoving as many veiwports as possible; rmeoving as much other data hungry items too and still the files in question become almost unusable and crash regularly. This appears to have been an issue for well over 10 years (if going by the dates in other threads that cover the same issue. Has there been any useful feedback from Vectorworks on how to resolve this?
  2. Hi - I am a long-time Vectorworks user (currently on 2016); based in the UK and interested in purchasing a legacy license for: Windows version of Vectorworks 2018 with Architect and Renderworks. Regards, Eric Message here or direct: info@buckrose.co.uk
  3. Having recently discovered the usefulness of creating a symbol based and record-linked label for Spaces and also used the "Linking Text to Record" approach I am interested to know if such approaches can be expanded to the point of applying a Space Label to a non-Space object. The "Linking Text to Record" approach only works for a single Record field and it would be great to be able to link a block of text to a series of Record fields for general labeling purposes. Is anyone aware if this is possible or if it's been done? Many thanks.
  4. Having recently been delving into Marionette more, I too have discovered that a node for the "Extract 3D" would be extremely useful. Although my confidence in editing existing nodes is growing, I am not yet at the point of creating new nodes from scratch. One of the tasks I am aiming to automate is the extraction of areas from 3D wireframe models and then labelling and scheduling these in a worksheet. The ideal work flow for the as yet un-created tool would be: Extract all faces from selected (simple) 3D model. Rotate all to be on same plane. (This step could be skipped if something like an ID label could be applied to the faces of the model) Apply a pre-determined label (from a symbol - as is possible in the Space Tool) Schedule the areas in a worksheet. I think I could just about manage steps 2 and 4, though no 1 is non-existent and although label creation nodes appear to exist, I'm not sure how to "fix" them to a 3D surface. Any thoughts or ideas welcome. Thanks.
  5. Running Vectorworks 2016 with Renderworks Specs for laptop and graphics card attached. Having reviewed the forum for related subjects, there appear to be several similar topics from many years ago regarding the Space Tool and it's many bugs and glitches. However, I couldn't find any from more recent relevant or related posts (2016 onwards), so am posting this. I use the Space Tool to collect take offs of surface areas for input in to PHPP. I realise Energos has a similar feature, though have discovered that the area takeoffs in Energos are not accurate and have resorted to my own system of takeoffs using the Space Tool. This has worked fine for the past few years, however, since using my own Space Label symbols and several of the Additional Data fields, even the simplest shapes cause significant hangs and delays. See the attached video for a minute or so of this in action. It's in real time and the key hang is represented by the background going black and the dreaded (Not Responding) words appearing in the Vwks title block (upper right). Even for the simple rectangle in the example, I find the hangs and delays excessive and am looking for alternative methods of area takeoffs (most likely through polygons and bespoke records and worksheets etc.) It is worse when moving vertices etc. post Space boundary drawing.The hangs are shorter (slightly!) when I complete the Additional Field data prior to drawing the Space outline, however, they are still present and a real frustration. FYI - Following advice from a post RE: improving performance, I made the following adjustments with the hopes of improving performance though with no change to the hangs whatsoever: Turned off : Vector caching GDI and antialiasing Enhanced Navigation Three questions: Is anybody else experiencing such hangs when using the Space tool? Given my laptop and graphics specs, are there any performance issues I should be aware of? Could anyone recommend an easier way to obtain surface area data from a 3D solid model? Many thanks. Vwks_space_hang.mp4
  6. No worries, thank you for the information. FYI - Your Introduction to Marionette videos have been very useful - many thanks!
  7. Running Vectorworks 2016 Architect w/ Renderworks. This and the other similar environmental design MOs (wind rose, sun path, temperature and precipitation) look like a great use of Marionette. I've tried downloading and opening them and receive the dreaded window below. I assume I am unable to open the files as you are using a more recent version of Vectorworks. Would it be possible to upload versions compatible with Vectorworks 2016?
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