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  1. Aha, found it! Tick box in 'Edit reference' palette in 'organization/ edit'. Now why didn't I see that before?!
  2. ....I've added a drawing reference and then going to 'create a design layer viewport' to display the required reference file information, but 'select source' command is inactive...I must be missing something: any ideas?!
  3. Great! (anything like an 'add to favorites' so you can quickly refer back to useful posts)?!
  4. .. this has disappeared of late - has it moved or changed function?
  5. Thanks, that's very useful to know. Mark
  6. Thanks for the advice. Haven't had to do that with previous upgrades. Totally unrelated, just noticed the 'show direction' dialogue box for lines - there it was all along, really useful. Be good if you could do that with walls too (so you can quickly see which side is left or right for applying render texture)! M
  7. thanks for the advice. The limited space in cpu case won't accommodate larger style GPU (with the 2 fans) eg. the GTX 1080 so will look at alternatives!
  8. In VW2018, this defaults to display 'mm' in workspace. Beggining to bug me having to turn it off on every new drawing. I'm sure there's an easier way..anyone know how? thankyou!
  9. Just looking at spec for new machine; comparing Intel i7 & Xeon; got me thinking, is it worth upgrading my graphics card rather than buying new machine; slight snag is not much room in cpu case but can fit Quadro M2000. (around GB£350)? OR is it time for a full upgrade..?!
  10. Many thanks Mike, I'll take a look.
  11. Anyone had a good experience/ suggest a UK PC assembler/ supplier?
  12. Recently created some VW2018 assets using 3d IGES data as downloaded from Morgan Furniture (UK) 'Seville' range ( It took a little while so I thought I'd share the benefit. Process followed to create them: 2d & 3d data is 'as imported' from the Manufacturer (IGES/ IGS files), ie. not edited or optimized (beware, in some instances the 3d and 2d plans differ slightly in overall size) Objects & symbols on class 'none' & texture as 'Texture-1' Insertion point/ origin located to the front centre of 3d object Symbol created for each furniture item Feedback/ constructive comments very much appreciated! PS - I produced these for my own use so have tried to make them as easy to use and accurate as I can. If you decide to use them, please satisfy yourself that they reflect the products; you use the data at your own risk. 20181117_Morgan_Seville.vwx
  13. It must be there somewhere.....can anyone point me to it? thanks!
  14. Creating furniture, eg. sofas etc. as native VW symbols/ assets; Manufacturer provides 3ds, igs & dwg, and Revit. Previously used 3ds files which worked reasonably well but wondering if igs is more effective?
  15. interesting floor finish.. ...with a pattern generator tool that creates a jpeg download