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  1. I've been mucking about with this stuff for ages, but to be honest, until now the software had so many bugs, that it didn't worry me that much. Now, that more stuff works nicely, expectations rise.
  2. So Vision just ignores the main colour parameter? That sounds like a mistake that should have been fixed long ago...
  3. No, I'll try that, thanks. It is a strange thing though, that models of conventional fixtures have a multiple color wheels, instead of a simple color slot. What is this supposed to be used for?
  4. That is what I'm currently doing. I was hoping for a less tedious solution.
  5. I'm not using GDTF yet, but rather "Send to Vision" function. While VWX can recognize the color assignment, it just doesn't map to the color wheels in Vision. Moreover, it is quite tedious to use the edit function to assign colors, as it will only modify one fixture at a time, even if multiple are selected. Is your suggestion to switch over to GDTF anyway? Does it support the merge function? Cheers
  6. I find that gel settings do not map to fixtures when sending to Vision and I have to do them all again. What's the trick to have them map properly to fixtures in Vision?
  7. As long as you are working on it, I'm content. I don't want to explain to any more clients, that the weird bass player with dreadlocks is a stand in for a ballerina. Cheers.
  8. I've been using Vision for a few years now, mainly in dance and theatre and I've always been puzzled by lack of normal mode people in the object section. There are a bunch of scary looking rock musicians, and a hockey player that looks like a serial killer. So, dear Vision developers: can I have some normal looking folks, walking, leaning, pointing and standing please?! If you are feeling creative, one them can have a finger up his nose. You choose the nostril. Thanks. Jake PS. I like the Hockey Killer. I put him in all my models.
  9. Hi Tom Here's what I'm working with right now. As you can see in the picture, this is the closest I could get to covering the stage floor. Focusing the actual lights I angle the barrel to the middle of the hardest cut and adjust the other shutters around that. Warp 800 system might be somewhat overwhelming for users that aren't familiar with the Warp 800, as it gives too many options. Another solution would be allowing each shutter to angle 180degrees from original position. While it is unrealistic, it would allow for almost any cut with a simpler interface. In any case, I'd appreciate if the default angle of these shutters was at middle of rotation range, rather than 0 as is now. Same as with focusing a real leco, it would make my job much easier. Also, the sliders in the software console could be a bit larger to allow for touchscreen operation... P.S. When sending a file to Vision I noticed that some lecos start with shutters in to middle position or a closed iris. I'm adding a file that I saved before focusing. Note that some shutters are half way in and some irises are closed (channels 3-5 for example).I didn't do that... Cheers Jake LeelaVIS2.zip
  10. If they had 180 degrees of movement, I wouldn't mind, but the shutters are limited in their angle of movement as in the actual light (minus barrel). This limits the cut when shooting at an angle to the stage. The show I'm working on right now has a bunch of lecos cut around the stage floor from all kinds of angles and most I was unable to do precisely. And another thing: if the shutter angle had the default position at the middle, that would make focusing much easier.
  11. I checked a few different models, but there's no option to rotate the barrel, so precise cuts cannot be done. I'm quite sure that the option was there before in the software console.
  12. In Israel we use a unique type of mains plug - H type. I'd like it to be available in the cable tool options. Thanks.
  13. You can use the Export to PDF function, just check "Rasterize text"
  14. Does anyone have a library for Manfrotto stands? Windups with variable heights should be very useful... Thanks in advance!
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