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  1. Hi Andy, This is actually operating as intended. The photometrics of this fixture were never published, and had to be estimated at the time of creation. This is actually fairly normal for fixtures that have been around for a while. As a tip, any time you notice something you think might be off with a fixture, you can check in Vectorworks. Just open your drawing, select the fixture in question and go to Spotlight>Visualization>Edit Vision Data There you'll find the comment section for that fixture, where we put any notes about the fixture we might have. Any time you see the word estimated in the comments, that just means the manufacturer didn't tell us, so we've had to make an educated guess.
  2. @cwinterLD Not sure what's going on yet, but I did notice I got better results when loading a file from vectorworks as apposed to the add instrument tool. Give that a try and let us know if you still see the same thing
  3. Hey Brendan, Which mode of the cosmopix is that?
  4. Hi Tom, Unfortunately, this is a known bug. I've heard it is being worked on and will hopefully be fixed in the near future.