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  1. hey Mark, I've tried putting this fixture request through your link on this page as well as through the service select portal but neither seem to be going through.. so here is my request: 

    We need to add all three PRG Ground Control Followspot fixture profiles into Vectorworks as well as Vision please:
    Bad Boy
    Best Boy
    Super Ray

    Currently, none of these are in the Vision profile library so you can not export them to Vision







  2. Mark Eli

    GLP GT-1

    Hey Dan, As a guess, there's probably an antivirus or firewall somewhere blocking the update. It could also be the user account control. Microsoft has done a lot of weird things with permissions and a lot of settings can get changed when they update. If you could, send me an email tech@vectorworks.net and I can send you some instructions for updating manually.
  3. Mark Eli

    Showtec Sunstrip Active

    Hey Robert, You're using the Sunstrip Active, which doesn't have dmx controlled rotation. You want the Sunstrip Pro which does. Easy fix though, you should be able to just change the fixture mode in the OIP in Vectorworks and reexport.
  4. Mark Eli

    How to get media server into Vision

    Hi Anthony, unfortunately because of the issues currently present with visions capture card functionality, we don't have any verification on which cards are working and which aren't. For the moment, because I can't say capture is working for everyone, I'm going to say, this isn't working at all. As much as I hate saying it, I'd rather tell you that, than send you down a rabbit hole that you might not find the bottom of. I've been told it's on our list of priority fixes, but I have no information on where exactly they are in the process.
  5. Mark Eli

    Feature Request: NDI Support

    Daniel, I totally get it. There's like to have and need to have, and we need to have video steaming back in vision in some form, we're on the same page there. Honestly, I'd love it if we could support both or everything really, but again there's only so many hours in a day. On the up side NDI is cross platform, and at least on the concept level it seems simple enough. The converters though may be a little harder sell, if we looked at this as a full replacement. As for spout and syphon, we've been asked several times about them. Spout is in a lot of stuff now, so it would be cool to support it but, it's windows only. Same thing for syphon. Everything in vision is cross platform. As it is now, I don't know that it would be considered because of that, I could be wrong though. If there was a library that rolled them together so we could use a single call for either in vision, that might be something to be considered. On the up side, the library we use for capture actually has support for a lot of hardware, including black magic. It's just a matter of running down why it's not working. Which we are working on. I've personally put in more hours than I can count looking at this one thing. That being said, while I can't promise anything, I will be doing some deeper research into NDI once I get their SDK.
  6. Mark Eli

    Feature Request: NDI Support

    Daniel, Believe me I understand your frustration. I probably get more upset than you do, when vision falls short. I along with others have years of our lives in this product, so it’s something we very much want to be good. As for what media servers support the protocol, that’s my fault. In my head, when I said media servers I was including software with that. What I’m really asking is, how many people would I make happy if we put the time into this, over fixing the existing system. We only have so many hours in the day, so we want to make the most people happy with that time as we can. To justify putting time into changing the existing system, I have to be able to say I’m going to make more people happy adding the new thing, than I would fixing the old thing. Honestly, I like the idea, but I do have some concerns. Glancing over their website I saw they have a VLC plugin, which is super awesome but, their download links are broken so I couldn’t check it out. Same thing for the SDK. If you happen to have good download links to those, please DM them to me so I can give it a look. One of the major things I’m concerned with is you said it uses converters to deal with other protocols. Are these converters hardware or software? How much do they cost? Who makes them? With capture cards there’s lots of venders and price points, can we say the same thing about NDI? These are all questions we have to ask when we’re trying to figure out where our time is going to be best spent. So, the more detail you can give me, the better.
  7. Mark Eli

    Feature Request: NDI Support

    Hey Daniel, While I must point out that, integrating something new into existing code is rarely as easy as it may seem, this is interesting. I've seen similar in use with large video walls in the past. Which media servers are using this protocol I haven't looked at them in a while so I'm a bit behind the times.
  8. Hi Andy, This is a known issue that unfortunately effects several fixtures. We have a bug report on it, so at this point it's a matter of tracking down the cause. Thanks, Mark
  9. Hi Andy, This is actually operating as intended. The photometrics of this fixture were never published, and had to be estimated at the time of creation. This is actually fairly normal for fixtures that have been around for a while. As a tip, any time you notice something you think might be off with a fixture, you can check in Vectorworks. Just open your drawing, select the fixture in question and go to Spotlight>Visualization>Edit Vision Data There you'll find the comment section for that fixture, where we put any notes about the fixture we might have. Any time you see the word estimated in the comments, that just means the manufacturer didn't tell us, so we've had to make an educated guess.
  10. @cwinterLD Not sure what's going on yet, but I did notice I got better results when loading a file from vectorworks as apposed to the add instrument tool. Give that a try and let us know if you still see the same thing
  11. Hey Brendan, Which mode of the cosmopix is that?
  12. Mark Eli

    Mac Demo Crashing

    Hi Tom, Unfortunately, this is a known bug. I've heard it is being worked on and will hopefully be fixed in the near future.


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