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  1. I would like to see different models of ETC portable/touring dimmer racks in the resource library for laying out dimmer pits. Thanks, Simon Cleveland
  2. I've been using an Othermill desktop CNC mill and a cheap Chinese laser engraver/cutter for prototyping small pieces, but the most software i've been using for simple 2D & 2.5D CAM work on a MAC only takes SVG files for input. The workflow I have now is export to DXF, then convert to SVG in Inkscape, but it seems to introduce errors. Is it possible to add SVG export to Vectorworks. SVG import would be nice as well for editing files from Thingiverse etc.
  3. It could be a google drive thing. I'm the only one working on these files, but I do keep my active projects on Google Drive I'll Give it a shot.
  4. I would second that the filing of Spotlight instruments under Object Styles vs Objects-Entertainment is quite confusing and misleading. It took me until this thread to find the spotlight library in my 2017 install.
  5. I have a VWX file & Lightwright file linked via the XML file for data exchange, but as I make edits in LW, I get an alert "Cannot create Dudley's LP v2017.xml Data Exchange has been turned off" This happens even if I start a new LW file with the same data. I'm almost at the point where I can turn data exchange off, but ... it is a rather large inconvenience. This was a VWX file that started in v2016 and was updated to v2017 after the scenic updates started getting pushed to me in v2017.I'm also crossposting this in the Lightweight forum to see if anyone bites there.Thanks,Simon
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