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  1. Hey everyone, Has the console connectivity instructions for ETC Eos been updated? That link is now three years out of date, and I am having some issues connecting Eos Offline (with Previz) to Vision (both are running on the same computer). When I bring up channel one on the console, channels 1-7 (all identical fixtures) come up as if they were patched together. Same thing happens on sACN. And the Vision DMX Viewer is showing no output even though those lights are turning on and responding (albeit as one fixture as opposed to 7). I should also note that if I try and bring up those fixtures by address, the problem persists. It's as if they were all addressed the same, even though they are patched correctly in both VW/Vision and in the console. Thanks
  2. So was looking for a solution to this exact problem, and here's a quick hack. If you drop a helidon anywhere in the same layer as your lighting fixtures, it will essentially replace the ambient lighting at more or less the same values. It's not *exactly* the same but it's pretty close. Just make sure shadows are turned off on your OpenGL rendering settings.
  3. Hey @jeff prince - curious which way you went. I'm in the same position; my iMac is approaching end of life (late 2013 model) and I'm torn between a fully loaded iMac (core i9, 32GB Ram, 1TB SSD, Pro Vega 48) vs a base model 8-core iMac Pro (32GB ram, Pro Vega 56, 1TB SSD). The new iMac comes out to $3675, and OWC has factory refurbished iMac Pros with those specs for around $3800. Especially curious if the Xeon processor + ECC adds any stability. FWIW, I do very little rendering, although I do spend a considerable amount of time in flyover/OpenGL.
  4. This this this this this. In my ideal setup, Vision would be a viewing mode just like Renderworks. I want to incorporate Vision into the design process more: if it worked like this, Vision could be used to check and compare angles, positions, etc. How does this light look on the boom versus on an electric? Where should I place this moving light so it's most useful to the overall rig? Where's the best place to hit this piece of scenery from? Vision + something like @JBenghiat's Beam Draw tools could revolutionize the layout process for a lot of theatrical LD's. But right now it seems to function best as a "OK, I am *completely* done with this plot, absolutely no more changes, here we go to Vision" tool, and that's not how I think it's most useful to the most people.
  5. Thanks Raymond - this is exactly what I was looking for!
  6. Hello Marionette gurus: Is there a way I can get Marionette to draw me a line using a start point, a point on the line, and a distance? This seems to be giving me more trouble than I had expected. My current workaround is to draw a line from the start point along the X axis of distance D, then draw a line between the two points, get its angle, and rotate the first line to match. But I know there's probably a more elegant solution.
  7. Hi Doug, Are the files exactly the same? If the lighting object (or position object, if you're using them) weren't made from 3-D symbols, Vectorworks won't allow a Z value to be attached to the light. -Bradley
  8. Regarding the new "Number Instruments" dialogue: Is anyone else driven completely insane that "Unit Number" doesn't default back to 1 after number a position? I can understand why it might be useful for *anything* else, but don't you start at Unit #1 99% of the time when labeling a position? Has anyone figured out a work-around? Thanks. -Bradley
  9. Awhile back I posted about Spotlight resetting my origin; I've nailed down what's causing it: -Select any symbol and then click on the instrument insertion tool -Click once in the workspace to set the coordinates/rotation but DON'T click again to insert the object -Instead, interrupt the process by clicking any other tool or hitting the ESC key. The origin will shift. The 6 of us working in the lab today were all able to re-create the above (thanks to John McKernon for helping me nail it down). Also of interest is that the origin seems to reset to the same point each time, but was different for each user. Not sure why, but this seems like it should be an easy fix. -Bradley Vectorworks Designer 2008 SP2 Powerbook G4 1.67gHz
  10. Yes: you have to fill the blank fields with "-" because, I believe, VW doesn't recognize a blank space as a field entry; it'll just skip it. Also, I highly recommend Sam Jones's Autoplot Tools for Spotlight: http://www.autoplotvw.com/APSL_Download.asp The entire package is fantastic, but the macros for import and export to lightwright (he includes automated actions for LW as well) is alone worth the $35. I have rarely, if ever, had a single export/import error when using them. _____________ Bradley King Powerbook G4, 1.6ghz, 1GB Ram - OS 10.4.9 VW 2008 Designer SP2
  11. All of NYU has mentioned this to John, and we know its on everyone's wish-list, but just to reiterate so it's not forgotten: Real time updating between Lightwright (maybe v5?) and VW. I, for one, would pay double for both programs... -Brad
  12. Has anyone experienced a problem with Spotlight randomly resetting the user origin (I touched nothing in the way of either the "set origin" menu option or the set origin button). I haven't yet been able to pin down exactly what I did before it happens; but I have had it occur about half a dozen times when working with Spotlight files in '08. I'll keep looking to see if I can find the action that triggers it, but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon. Thanks, Brad Powerbook G4 1.67 1GB RAM Mac OSX 10.4.11 VW 2008 (13.0.0)


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