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  1. scottmoore

    People/Band Symbols

    Here are some images of the symbols in my library. All drawn in VW, all drawn on the "none" class which means no added class structure in your drawings, and all drawn to render quickly. All are 2D/3D hybrids. I am finishing up a new website to make these available. You can add your own bass drum head logo, or change the color of drum kits or grand pianos easily.
  2. scottmoore

    People/Band Symbols

    I am working on making my library available. I’ll post some sample images soon.
  3. I am always a late adopter in whatever the new VW release may be; possibly to a fault. I generally wait for 2-3 service pack releases before diving in. To that point I updated to 2019 about a month ago and have found it to be much faster to load, faster on re-draws and generally more stable than 2018. (I am a Mac user as well). The primary annoyance with me is that occasionally executing a simple command can cause app to lag for 20-60 sec. Typically it’s a simple execution such as drawing a straight line or running the dimension tool. It happens on design layers, sheet layers and when annotating viewports. It is VERY annoying. Aside from that, I’ve found 2019 to be a vast improvement over 2018 and very much worth the upgrade. I am a pretty adamant complainer about the yearly upgrade so that is saying something.
  4. scottmoore

    Shuttering Spotlights in OpenGL

    Unfortunately, the best way to accomplish this is a custom gobo and adjusting the field and beam of the specific light. I’ve made an entire library of hard edge and soft edge gobos, including soft edge circles and rectangles specifically for that kind of thing.
  5. scottmoore

    Shuttering Spotlights in OpenGL

    I understand that OpenGL doesn’t respond to transparent textures in VW, but it has always been my understanding that Vision uses OpenGL and it renders gobos and shutters just fine in real time. Is the difference the way Vision fixtures are made/how gobos and shutters are implemented or is it how OpenGL works in Vision? I had posted a couple of years ago how helpful it would be if VW offered a really simple “console” that would allow you to focus a light, add a color, add a gobo, add shutters and set intensity. Pretty much what Vision has had for years. Even if that was an extra expense for end users it would be quite useful to a lot of designers that just want to set up scenes for rendering.
  6. scottmoore

    Hoists and Design Layer View Ports

    I don’t use BraceWorks yet but I would suggest that this is probably one of those instances where one cannot expect functionality with all aspects of the VW environment for every end user’s necessary output. I am sure you could affix the hoists to the truss on it’s design layer to achieve weight calculations though the calcs will only be accurate when the truss is flat. I am not aware that BraceWorks calculates loads on angles. If you were to do that, I would class those hoists separately as you would never want to see them in the view port. (Chains hanging at all sorts of odd angles) I always add hoists in plan view to account for any rake on the DLVPs. Since I don’t use BraceWorks I do not care about connections.
  7. scottmoore

    Video Projector beam

    That is pretty cool!
  8. scottmoore

    Spotlight Numbering

    I did notice that and it’s certainly a much more useful tool. I do miss the ability to see all of your numbering selections displayed at one time, but that is certainly not a huge deal at all. Just what I am used to I suppose. Much appreciated.
  9. scottmoore

    Spotlight Numbering

    Ahhh, it was the highlighting bit I wasn’t following. Certainly not as intuitive in the GUI as 2018 and earlier, but more flexibility. Very much appreciated.
  10. scottmoore

    Spotlight Numbering

    Can someone point me in the right direction in how to use the new numbering tool in Spotlight 2109? I am apparently far to dense to figure it out!
  11. scottmoore

    Trouble Texturing Cor-plast

    I often see Open GL previews where the lighting looks better than what you actually get in Renderworks. It frustrates me a bit. Have you checked your ambient light level? It’s under the “view” menu “set light options”. If what you are are looking for is presentation renderings then I would highly recommend not trying to light a semi-transparent object. It can be done, but you will spend forever trying to make it look right by adjusting light levels, texture transparency, light placement, beam spread, etc. The end result, if you can in fact achieve what you want, will be a huge resource hog on your renders. On the other hand, a picture of what you want will appear correct and will render effortlessly. Something to consider.
  12. scottmoore

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    I am on Mac. 2014 MBP, 2018 MBP and a MacPro tower. I did just realize yesterday that I apparently have lost 8mb of RAM due to a failure so more is on the way.
  13. scottmoore

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    I am working on a project where I used all my own symbols to create the presentations. It is a fairly large arena show and I have been flying around it with very little difficulty. I’ve now replaced my symbols with Spotlight lighting fixtures and Braceworks truss as I am sharing this with collaborators. It has immediately become an intolerable sloth. Waiting 60 sec to change views, seeing lighting fixtures completely disappear (even “refresh instruments” won’t bring them back), and beach balls for days. I spent about 25 - 30 min just rotating six viewports. It’s amazing how much better VW works when it doesn’t have to plow through countless unseen processes
  14. scottmoore

    Hoist Problem

    Sorry I was not more help. I’ve not used the Spotlight hoist tool.
  15. scottmoore

    Trouble Texturing Cor-plast

    Check out this thread. I use Coroplast all the time.


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