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  1. scottmoore

    Raked Hanging Position Truss

    I totally understand that and agree that it would be pretty unreasonable at this point.
  2. scottmoore

    Raked Hanging Position Truss

    A couple of things. Wesley, I too have run into the “all hell breaks loose if I did a final save in top/plan view” bug. I’ve never had it happen before but it but me hard on a project a couple of months ago. LX1, you should place all of your focus points on your “master drawing layer” or whatever layer you use for standard drawing. Do not place focus points on your DLVP layer. You should now be able to focus your instruments in the DLVP. The fixtures will mostly likely be below 0 but will still attempt to focus where they should. Once you are back in your standard drawing layer your viewport fixtures should point correctly at the focus position without an issue I will say that I have seen some oddities when using the rotate fixture options from the OIP. I’ve always felt that every fixture symbol should have a hanging version, a floor version and a yoked out version so as not to need to utilize the rotation feature. It also solves the problem of accurate 2D representations of yoked out fixtures. All my custom fixtures are made this way, but when I have to use Spotlight fixtures, I have run into some issues because of this.
  3. scottmoore

    Showing gobo texture in lit fog

    Gobos in lit fog do work. Once you get that sorted you will have to drastically increase the light output of your fixture. They can be set to intensities much greater than 100%.
  4. scottmoore

    Greyed out lighting fixtures

    And, for lit fog to work, you need to create a background that enables it.
  5. scottmoore

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    I’ve not really checked them in Vision. I used to be a Vision user in the early days of the product and I did use these or earlier versions of these symbols and I recall them working. Most of the textures are indeed images. Some utilize images with some amount of reflectivity to create gloss or lacquer appearances. A few are simply reflective “gloss” surfaces. I don’t believe Vision supports any kind of reflections but I would imagine they should work pretty well.
  6. scottmoore

    Using Spotlight Numbering - Selection Holds

    Usually when this happens, it is because I forgot to double click on the last fixture and instead defaulted to the old “click on an empty space” process. Next time this happens try command Z and run the process again.
  7. scottmoore

    lighting for interior rooms

    Agreed on all the above. The thing about lighting and glow textures is that you simply have to dig in and experiment. Everything impacts everything else. Brightness, color, location, rendering styles, ambient light, number of reflections, camera effects, the texture onto which light is projecting, etc. I used to wonder why, in the credits of an animated movie, that they listed personnel for “lighting”. Typically a lot of personnel. I don’t wonder that anymore.
  8. scottmoore

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Good catch. I’ll update that.
  9. scottmoore

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Glad you like them!
  10. scottmoore

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Thanks! I’ve been using silhouettes for my renders or occasionally image props. Seems like anytime I’ve tried using 3D models of anything, the first thing a client says is a snarky comment about that! I’ve started a process of adding both a silhouette and a mannequin directly to specific symbols and then using classes to turn on or off the one you want. But then we are back “classing” which I know drives many people nuts. Myself included.
  11. There seems to be a constant request for decent quality musical instrument symbols on this site. To the end I’ve made my library available for purchase. You can find it at: edgelightrgb.com These symbols are 2D/3D hybrids, all direct modeled in VW on the none class so there will be no unexpected classes inserted in your drawings. The symbols are designed with as few surfaces as possible to be efficient in their rendering times. Since they are hybrids, they are very useful for creating detailed stage plots. Enjoy.
  12. scottmoore

    People/Band Symbols

    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. The backline symbols are now available for purchase. edgelightrgb.com Navigate to the VWX tab and you can download from versions 2015 through 2019. Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. scottmoore

    Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

    Actually both. I set my template file up with ten pre-made design layers specifically for DLVPs. Each design layer already has a viewport created on the primary design layer and classed accordingly. All I do is draw the structure, lights and what have you in the appropriate design layer, go back to my primary design layer, turn on the class and rotate into position. I often create additional VPs for sheet layers to accommodate printing. The goal is to always have a clean plan view print for the shop.
  14. scottmoore

    Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

    I use Design Layer viewports as, to me, I can utilize that seamlessly in my workflow.
  15. scottmoore

    Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

    Could it have anything to do with the default focus angle in Spotlight Preferences? Just spit-balling.


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