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  1. scottmoore

    Symbols not showing in sheet layer viewports

    Glad that solved the problem. I should note that there are times that spotlight fixtures disappear for no good reason. “Refresh Instruments” ( command / ) will solve this. It’s a little frustrating when that happens.
  2. scottmoore

    Image prop failure

    I thought I had replied to this but I am not seeing the reply. The solution was to copy the audience props from the reference file into the main drawing. Not at all what I wanted, not ideal, but it works. I did try deleting ting and re-asserting the reference file and that actually made things worse. I suppose I could copy and paste the audience into a dedicated drawing and then reference that in.
  3. scottmoore

    Image prop failure

    No glow texture. I am going to try and delete the reference and the reinstate it. Here is what is happening currently. The disappearing people in the main seating area are in class in the reference file. The people in the upper suites are in another class in the same reference file. The people on the ground are in the primary file. B712EC16-DE2F-4C31-ACE6-2D19515890B3.MOV
  4. scottmoore

    Image prop failure

    All the ones that are currently disappearing are on a single class in a referenced file. Other props in other classes on that red file work correctly as do props in the master file.
  5. scottmoore

    Image prop failure

  6. scottmoore

    Image prop failure

    Greetings. I am having some issues with image props in a rendering. There are LOTS of them. (Thousands) I’ve used this same concept on many projects successfully but have also run into this issue and don’t know what to do to troubleshoot it. Basically, the props are there in wireframe and in OpenGL. Whenever I render unsung Renderworks, they disappear. They show up for the OpenGL preview, but they disappear with each processed block. What is even more odd is that it is just sections of them. Some still remain. Anticipating that this issue might show up, I’ve been rendering from time to time and all was well. Once everything was done and ready to start actual renders, this issue popped up. Any thoughts on what I should check? Is it possibly an issue of quantity? It’s about 7,000 props.
  7. scottmoore

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    I think we often get too focused on the parametric tool sets. Those can be great assets but they can also be a huge time suck leaving one with less than satisfactory results. Case in point; I needed a curved I-beam ladder truss for a project yesterday. I thought I would give the curved truss tool a go which I generally never use but I do know how it works. I spent about ten minutes futzing with it trying to get something like what I needed. I punted that and drew my own in under five and it was precisely what I wanted. Point being; for every parametric tool set, one has to learn how it works, where the buttons and appropriate fields are located how data manipulation returns what kind of results, etc. Now that is all very cool when you can quickly turn out something that is exactly what you wanted. On the other hand, one can learn one set of tool sets for direct modeling and that one set of tools that work the same way everytime (or at least they are SUPPOSED to) allow one to draw pretty much anything you might ever need. Modeling is really not all that difficult. It’s a skill that will serve you well. And yes, VW is still slow and buggy....
  8. scottmoore

    Renderworks memory cache

    I posted one a year or so ago that was rock solid in it’s failure 100% of the time. I’ll try posting this one, however, I am sure the problem will go away as the file will have been re-started. What is even more frustrating is that I will often start a new, blank file, create some geometry, render it, get a screen snapshot to make a texture and move on. No need to waste time saving files and all of that. When this happens, I now have to stop, save the file as something, somewhere, close it and then re-open it. All of which probably takes as long as it did for me to create the necessary texture in the first place.
  9. scottmoore

    Objects "moving" in Final Quality (render cache?)

    More of the same two years later... I posted a short video on the Entertainment forum, but it doesn’t want to load here.
  10. scottmoore

    Renderworks memory cache

    I know there have been posts about this in the past and I ha e started at least one of those. Regardless, this issue of Renderworks not being able to track changes is completely out of hand in my opinion. This is just another example of simple things VW should be able to do without the user giving it another thought, but apparently it cannot. Infuriating!! 8959869E-680B-4BF9-A1EE-78CA53A515D3.MOV
  11. scottmoore

    Basic Band Setup

    I do more or less the same thing. I use realistic instruments but non-descript silhouettes for people. It’s not necessarily ideal, but I also find that it is better to either use a silhouette or an image prop of the actual person than using a non-descript model. I tried figures years ago and the first comment I would get from clients was some joke about how different the model looked from the actual person. I’ve also messed around with mannequins. This is nice because you can see the effects of back light, side light, etc. but it does slow down the render process and often the gains are just not worth it.
  12. scottmoore

    Exporting Spotlight 3D objects to DWG

    Smarter people than me will respond to this. As far as I know, using DLVPs (which I do all the time) is a fantastic tool in VW, but they do not translate to exports. I am not aware if this is an issue with VW > Cinema4D, but it is an issue when exporting to many other sources including Vision. I would assume that would be an issue with DWG files as the angled geometry is really not angled geometry at all; just a picture (for lack of a better term) of standard geometry that has been rotated.
  13. scottmoore

    And another duplicate along path....

    This is another example of a great use for a design layer viewport.
  14. scottmoore

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Jim, What is different between 2010 and 2018 is that my drawings have become more complicated. Certainly more viewports. That said, I would seriously disagree with the idea that 2018 is any way comparable to 2009 or 2010. There was no way that I ever sat around and waited for over 10 seconds for the program to allow me to change the active class. I timed that particular issue at roughly 15 seconds this morning. I do recall 2008 being a bit of an issue, but what I am seeing now is really unacceptable. Certainly, 2010 was nothing like this.
  15. scottmoore

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Troy, Vectorworks was just like that about 8 years ago. It was lightning fast, rock-solid and I always looked forward to working on it. Now.....not so much.