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  1. scottmoore

    Truss Tool - which chord?

    That is actually a very loaded question. I try to minimize my usage of a lot of the functionality that Spotlight provides. That functionality is very useful and powerful, but it also is the major culprit in what slows the application down. My priority, with my typical work load, is to spit out information as quickly and efficiently as possible while still maintaining a consistent look to my drawings. It is always a question of whether I want to follow the Spotlight process or use my personal workflows. That involves an entire library of custom symbols, a ton of unique saved views, design layers, sheet layers, etc. It’s just a question of how you want to work. The VW world in general has decidedly opted for a “Spotlight-centric” workflow; basically using it as a plug-and-play solution. I suppose I am one of the dinosaurs that is marching to the beat of a different drummer. Where I really run into problems is when I have to start mixing the two workflows by either dragging in a Spotlight symbol or collaborating with someone outside of my workflow.
  2. scottmoore

    Truss Tool - which chord?

    There is a reality that much of the way that Spotlight works is based on theater lighting design. This is a prime example. The way the label legend works is another. Nothing particularly wrong with that, but you have to decide if you are going to completely stay in the Spotlight mindset or move forward with workflows that are more suitable to one’s particular discipline.
  3. scottmoore

    Spotlight Numbering

    I’ve not thought enough about this to really make a recommendation to the engineers, but perhaps when one checks a box, it should automatically highlight as well, assuming this is the next item you would want to modify. If you simply clicked on the item text and not the check mark it would highlight the selected item allowing for modifications as needed for any item.
  4. scottmoore

    Gobo texture on dance floor

    Agreed on the falloff settings; both of which are mildly dismal. I highly recommend setting up a new file and just spend a bit of time working with lighting. Keep the geometry simple so the renders don’t take forever. Experiment with floor surfaces you might want to use such as high gloss. Experiment with intensity, falloff (again...ugh, but you should know how those work and what effect to expect). Experiment with ambient lighting which often means turning it off but can sometimes be useful in a dark color and/or at low intensity to fill some shadows. Try gobos. Create your own gobos. Experiment with turning on reflections which dramatically increase rendering times but also increase realism. The more time you spend doing this, the more intuitive the process will become. It is very similar to theatrical lighting, but there are plenty of techniques to improve the look, reduce rendering times, etc.
  5. scottmoore

    Gobo texture on dance floor

    As James said, raising intensity beyond 100% is often necessary. I’ve had plenty of instances where I was well above 300% for that matter. Nice modeling by the way.
  6. scottmoore

    Bedoin / Strech tent

    I generally use the interpolated surface for those kinds of “organic” 3D shapes. Sean O’Skea has a great YouTube tutorial for this.
  7. scottmoore

    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    I am not sure I follow Sam. DLVPs and SLVPs are not used exclusively. Often, they are used together.
  8. scottmoore

    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    I see. So still presenting paperwork of some sort. I do understand that process. That is my argument for using DLVPs; you only draw once and can present anything you want however you want. Thanks for responding. Much appreciated.
  9. scottmoore

    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    I am curious as to how you present information to vendors without a plot. I can imagine a world where all we need is a 3D model, but thus far, I’ve not seen that workflow in actuality.
  10. scottmoore

    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    This is a great example of why lighting fixture symbols need at least a plan instance and a “yoked out” instance. I know it is too late to consider adding this to existing symbols, but perhaps moving forward? I do that with all my symbols and it’s not that time consuming.
  11. scottmoore

    VW 3D Basic 101 Tutorials

    Evan, I’ve not yet viewed the tutorials, (I will at some point) but I would imagine they are stellar. For anyone that has limited or no experience direct modeling in 3D, I would HIGHLY recommend learning to do so and I can only imagine that Evan’s tutorials are fantastic as he is really quite talented. Having someone walk you through the process is typically a much quicker method to learn than figuring it out with a manual on your own.
  12. Since the beginning of using 2019 I've had a recurring problem. I typically keep my navigation, visualization and resource palettes docked together on a second monitor. Occasionally on launching the program, the navigation palette will take up my entire window on whichever display I try to move it to. When I say the entire window, I mean all of it; to the point where I cannot even grab the vertical bars to resize it. I can drag the window to one side and see my other palettes, however, as soon as I let go of my mouse, it snaps back and takes up the entire screen, basically, rendering the application useless. I am on service Pack 3 on Mac os 10.12.6. Any thoughts?
  13. scottmoore

    Rotate truss rig Vectorworks 2018

    Mario, For what it is worth, you should assign your focus points to the layer you normally use for these. There is nothing special about the DLVP when assigning focus points other than the points generally would NOT be on the DLVP layer.
  14. scottmoore

    Folding Seating Bank

    The seating tool does allow for raking. I frankly don’t use the tool as I generally need something quite accurate and I find the tool gives me something “close” which leaves me spending far too much time adjusting parameters when I could have just drawn what I wanted. Someone else might be helpful with that tool. For me, I would draw a simple polygon for each flooring level and then duplicate them in place. That way you can extrude one instance and leave the other for creating a hybrid symbol. Of course, you need to set your elevations correctly. Then add your seating symbols, move them to the correct elevation and you are done. Once you get the hang of it, this kind of direct modeling is pretty simple and extremely worthwhile.
  15. scottmoore

    Folding Seating Bank

    Seems like the question might be, what is it you are wanting to accomplish with your drawings? When I’ve encountered this in the past I’ve modeled the seats in the “out” position in one class and then “retracted” in another. Takes just a few minutes to do and would accomplish pretty much anything I would think you would need to do. Perhaps I am missing something?


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