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  1. @LenLindhout Yeah but it doesn't work well in other views such as ISO view. In general, the auto connect / magnets doesn't work that well, especially on vertical directions.
  2. Hi @JustinVH Do you have a solution to make the attached file work? I want to keep the 2D part on the top plate, so i've made a duplicate with the correct magnet and cross section info (I think), but it doesn't auto connect. When adding the truss to the top plate, it worked, but when adding the plate to the truss it won't connect. Please advice.Snapping top plate.vwx
  3. Hi Mark, I copy... but that will mean I have to make a lot of copy's per fixture with different base heights. See example: Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi Mark, Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately that didn't work out for me a s hoped. I've tried it before but maybe i'm doing it wrong. Can you maybe send a example back base on the attached VWX file? Bracket conflict.vwx
  5. Hello users, On all my moving lights in our personal library, i've added brackets to all fixtures. The bracket accessory is a separate accessory symbol including a parts and info record. So for this example, the bracket symbol is as followed (z height is based on a 50mm tube): And it's added to the fixture as followed (not double clicked, but drag an drop): As you can see, the connecting point of the bracket has a different height than the bounding box of the fixture. This results in a wrong inserting of the complete symbol when adding the fixture to the drawing. I had this issue also in 2021. When just using the add accessory tool, it does the same (of course). Does somebody has a workaround to fix this? It would be helpful if it should listen to a loci point for example.
  6. Is there any update already? Still missing bumpers for GSL, KSL, Y etc.. in the VWX library.
  7. Hello Vectors, Recently I had a file where I wanted to overrule the class settings because no symbols were set by the class. At that point, I tried clicking the checkbox hoping that all classes were set "by class". Unfortunately nothing happens. Now I'm currently working with an other file where I did the same thing, and yes, I finally had the popup I needed. Can someone explain to me when and when you don't get this popup?
  8. Hi Andrew, Thanks for the quick reply. My post was focused on the secondary bumper. I also thought of the workaround, but in the case like my example, that won't work. If you are using a main bumper and 3 speaker types, you will need a fourth speaker type for the underhang bumper. The secondary bumper would be a very nice extra feature in the tool.
  9. Hi All, When using the speaker tool, you can only add one main bumper within the speaker array tool. It's kind of weird that you are able to use three speaker types with no bumper between them. For example, a configuration with a 4 x K1-SB, 16 x K1, and 4 x K2 underhang. The K1 and K2 connection officially needs a underhang bumper. Would be nice to see this feature in the new service pack or the software release.
  10. @JustinVH Well... that's making sense... thanks for the quick help! We made a copy of the VWX library (prolyte / eurotruss / interall) 2 years ago and implement this in our workgroup for the whole company (16 licences). We did made some adjustments to line weight, copy full library in a black version, classes etc. Never looked at the connection types, but it's clear that we have to adjust this. We're also not using any coupler sections except on spacers, specific tube parts and base plates. Connection type neutral on all situations will work the best. I tested it with truss and plates. I have some work to do... Thanks!
  11. VWX file attached. Base plates 30x30.vwx
  12. Hello, I'm trying to make a Prolyte H30V top plate 30x30cm. I already made a base version, and that works fine. Now i'm trying to make a upside down version which not work properly. When trying to connect to the truss, the plate automaticly rotates with the pins facing up. I was already playing with starting / endpoints but unfortunately it doesn't work out. Has anybody a solution or experiences on this subject?
  13. Hello! Does somebody know if VWX will update their Speaker tool of Landru? Or will make VWX their own? Hope to hear!
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