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    The list of fixture modes is built dynamically when the user click on the control. The only thing that is stored is the active selection. Some of this functionality for accessing the GDTF stored in Vectorworks is available in the SDK but it it not available in Vectorscript or Python due to the limits of the data structures of Vectorscript.
  2. Yes, to get a asymmetrical distribution you need to apply a custom IES file to the light, orient the IES and render in Renderworks. All lights in shaded mode will always be symmetrical.
  3. You likely need to add single quotation marks to enclose the string containing the space. You can post or attach the script here. (When you create a post you will see a list of accepted file types below.)
  4. When it's just placed as a simple symbol there is no 2D component so top 3D view shows in 2D. The seating layout adds 2D elements automatically so the 3D will be hidden.
  5. I have never tried with that many fixtures in either Vectorworks or Lightwright. We regularly test with about 5k fixtures. 15k is a lot of data if you use the default settings, You can try only exchanging the necessary fields with Lightwright and see if that improves performance. By default 15k fixtures is over 300k entries being exchanged between Vectorworks and Lightwright. I can see some potential problems if you get close to 65k fixtures.
  6. Yes, Not much has changed about VectorScript. Most information from prior versions still applies to Vectorworks 2024. The most current function reference is available on developer.vectorworks.net including a list of functions that are obsolete or deprecated. If you haven't invested in Vectorscript development yet you may also want to consider developing in python. The available functions supplied by Vectorworks in the same for Vectorscript and python but there is a larger external library available for python that you can use and more training materials available for python if you are just getting started. Training and reference materials for pascal, which is the basis for Vectorscript, are a lot harder to find these days.
  7. The "OCCC Chair 24" symbol contains no 2D. If you change to a 3D view you will see the chair. Because the Seating Section contains 2D, in plan view only the 2D elements will be shown.
  8. Yes, We are working to improve the Schematic View workflow to make it more flexible and accommodate a wider range of workflows.
  9. With the Roll Angle and Hanging Angle both set to 0 the Hanging Position should be laying flat on the ground, not vertical. Schematic Views uses this as a basis to understand what the top view looks like. When you set the Roll Angle or Hanging Angle to 90 then your structure should be vertical.
  10. The new classes are being created by the symbol. If you select the symbol in the Resource Browser and edit the 2D and 3D component of the symbol you can reassign the geometry to any class you would like. You would need to edit each symbol in your resource file to modify the classing. There are some additional methods to assign the lighting device to a class automatically available in Spotlight Preferences.
  11. Vectorworks does not "Map" GDTF fixtures to Vectorworks fixtures, we use the actual GDTF file that are part of the MVR. I think both Capture and Depense3 substitute the GDTF fixture for their custom fixture and export a GDTF fixture that is a "place holder" and not a complete GDTF file. Since there is no Vectorworks symbol selected for the lighting device make sure the "Use GDTF Geometry" option is set in the OIP for each lighting device. Try opening one of the GDTF files exported by Capture in the GDTF Fixture builder to make sure they are complete GDTF files that include fixture geometry. You can also try downloading the relevant GDTF files from the GDTF share, importing them into Vectorworks and assigning them to the fixture.
  12. The MVR X-CHANGE is not yet available in Vectorworks.
  13. It looks like you have an option selected in "Use Single Label in:" in the label legend manager. The setting should be None, or 3D only if you want to see the layout you have setup in the label legend manager. If you post a file we can take a look.
  14. A file would help. Without the file the only other thought is that you are using a soft goods style and you are editing the style which will change all soft goods that use that style.
  15. You need to have the proper Fixture Mode selected. Those tabs only apply to the visualizer and you must have the proper mode selected in order to have the correct number of color and gobo wheel slots. Rendering in Vectorworks only uses the Color, Gobo 1 and Gobo 2 values.
  16. The the structural cross section data for the sixty82 is not yet available in Braceworks so the truss is calculates as a rigid member. We are working to get the data added to Braceworks.
  17. Try exporting with the detailed chain turned on. The simple 3D geometry representation of the chain work well for Vectorworks but may not convert well to other formats.
  18. Containers do not automatically resize. If you want larger containers or different shape containers, draw the shape you want for the container and create a symbol from the shape. Place the symbol in the containers folder and the shape will be available for you to select when you use the label legend manager.
  19. Yes, Importing the new resources into a new blank file would fix the fingerprint issue. It sounds like they added resources to a resource file that was supplied by Vectorworks and then sent you that file.
  20. Do you mean fingerprinted or watermarked? Resource files supplied by Vectorworks are fingerprinted for a specific product; the individual resources in the file are not. Using a resource from a fingerprinted file will not fingerprint a new file. For a watermarked file ALL resources in the file are watermarked and using any of those resources in another file will watermark the new file and all the resources in the new file.
  21. This is currently not possible. Light always starts from the emitting from the point source of the light. It is something we are looking to add as a future enhancement.
  22. You can also use Spotlight -> Find and Modify to select the fixtures or assign to a class.
  23. Convert to Truss is designed to take an existing Vectorworks symbol and the necessary data and structural information so it can be used by the truss tool. If you convert your geometry to a Vectorworks symbol and then you can use the Convert to Truss command to add the specialized truss data.
  24. Also, those look like nested symbols consisting of a table symbol and multiple chair symbols contained in one symbol. I don't think the replace symbol command will replace symbols inside of other symbols.
  25. This is a know issue and we are working on a fix. I think the issue only happens in dark mode, the dark shading shown in the preview dialog is also present when the light is rendered.
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