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  1. Hi @zoomer thanks for chiming in.. I’m on the Ventura PB and 2023 as well.. at least so far, it’s been completely normal.
  2. @Christiaan Still on Ventura? Have you had a go with 2023? Impressions?
  3. just to comment, I’ve been using an M1 mini, over a year, set up dual monitor for quite a while.. no issues of any kind..
  4. How are folks feeling about the Max vs Ultra question at this point? More RAM more important than the better processor? ornot?
  5. it’ll be interesting to hear about RAM usage during a long work session..
  6. Hi Ed, David from Seattle (bike group) my bad if this is a different Ed Wachter.. Chiming in on 2022, performance is far better on my M1 mini, invisible object bug seems rare.. I did get some locking or crashing, but that was on early builds, that seems much better with the updates..
  7. Is your firm shifting away from Vectorworks to another package, or just selling spare licenses?
  8. UPVOTE.. on a 30" screen.. the snapping palette is really out of my field of view.. it'd be really nice to have a movable/dockable palette available again.
  9. I actually had the command in "object context" right click.. I've moved it, now works as you describe.. I've noticed that you can select any viewport to modify visibilities. That's a nice touch.
  10. @Jesse CogswellThank you for making this available to our community! This is a great tool.. definitely should be core functionality of VW out of the box. Completely non-modal would be even better, but I don't think that could be done with scripting, unless I'm mistaken.. but I digress.. I'm using it in my document context right click, and I've found that when I'm in a viewport annotation it'll appear only if an annotation element is selected.. not when simply right clicking in an otherwise "empty" part of the viewport. Is this expected behavior? Now... how about restoring the snapping tools to a palette.. is that a possible customizaton?
  11. I (probably) agree with you.. but I can't help but hope that the rumor mills are on to something.. An M1 Max Mini would be a super hot seller.. so there's that..
  12. I'd snap up a Mini with an M1 Max and 32-64GB RAM in a heartbeat.. my M1 Mini (with Monterey) has been so great, I'd love to see what even more headroom could do..
  13. YMMV... Running Monterey beta 21A5534d (hardware below) Everything is smooth, dual monitor, 2022 works 99% as expected.. in many cases exceeding the stability of 2021.
  14. The best Macbook for Vectorworks is always whatever Apple is going to release 6 months from now.. (said tongue in cheek)
  15. @halfcoupler, @Kevin K Both of these methods are helpful, true, but what I was getting at was something a bit different, which would be similar to the "purge" function and I'm really not sure it could be accomplished given the constraints of how we interact with the library items that are saved within a particular project file, i.e. only being able to show one object at a time with library objects.. What I was lamenting, proposing, whatever, was the idea of being able to automagically go through an entire project and set all of the screen plane items to layer plane.. I'm guessing that whatever the method, this might result in a lot of fiddly work with viewports etc. and as I think about it more, not positive what the benefit would be, except to be able to move forward with a legacy project in "layer plane only" mode. Thoughts?
  16. I also am pretty impressed with the stability and snappiness of 2022.. that being said, I’ve had some glitchy behaviors with OpenGL (now “shaded”)’in which materials rendered incorrectly.. also one weird spinning beach ball that I had to eventually force quit to get out of.. it would be nice to have a tool to root out screen plane assets in a file to convert to layer plane.. in files with many symbols etc.. it’s a bit daunting to think about going through and checking everything which probably ends up being hundreds of small items including library items that were created in previous versions of VW
  17. @KrisMyour screen recording seems set to "private" unable to view here..
  18. I for one, would like to see an option to have snapping as a floating or dockable palette return to the interface. I find that with my setup, dual monitors, main monitor 30", the snapping palette is way less usable and much harder target to mouse over to than it was before. For me at least, it's a significant decrease in usability.
  19. @unearthedCan you cite some examples of the "many of the norms in the CAD world" which you deem to be missing?
  20. After many years of the pattern of having info released in August, the lack of "teaser tuesday" material.. make me worry that the release is undergoing some problems and delay.. be nice to get some information.
  21. Will 2022 be native on Apple Silicon?
  22. I have the same question..
  23. @zoomerAre you testing on the M1? Thanks for posting..
  24. Hi @Sidge, yes, I'm on a Mac Mini M1.. enjoying it a lot.. migrated from a 2013 Mac Pro. Never bothered to find out if I could pan without the space bar.. since that motion is so natural.. mouse in the right hand, left thumb on the space bar.. I'm guessing what you want is probably possible.. maybe map the middle mouse button or another button to that function...
  25. Opening this file.. obviously I can't comment on why this happened in the first place, and why the various circles and lines cant be "force selected" and why the scale of the circles is so large etc.. lots of idiosyncratic behaviors here.. This should be addressed by staff. The affected class is "paradiso".. this was by process of elimination.. There is a line type in the file that includes the circles.. (Line Type 2). The giant circles are part of the line type.. If this line type is deleted, the problem graphics go away.. When doing the delete.. you'll be prompted to either delete completely, or choose another line type to substitute for the deleted one.. I chose to substitute a simple solid line (Type 1).. file seemed to display normally from my limited sense of what it should look like.. Seems like the display of the circles was caused by the use of this line type..
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