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  1. Stored in the cloud. If stored locally, will this not cause issues for anyone else who opens the file? It's not a project sharing file and we're not a huge office, but we always have more than one person working on a project. @Christiaan - I'm not sure about selective sync but fairly recently the googledrive location has switched (I believe something to do with MacOS?) and I haven't yet fully understood all the implications, it has caused some problems already! Thats for the other thread, will take a look. In the end my notes database appeared to get corrupted somehow (I could open the file in TextEdit and it was completely blank) so I just gave up. I really like the idea of the Notes Database but it's so difficult to like in practice. There is no way I could get the rest of the office on board with it in it's current state.
  2. In my experience the dashed value means there are two of the same items with slightly different values. For example the walls could be called the same thing but have slightly different descriptions - even just one having a space on the end will give a result like this.
  3. No, a brand new database created in that drawing file - interesting that yours doesn't behave in this way. Do you mind me asking how you set yours up?
  4. I use a custom workspace yes. Previously when I have mentioned this on the forum the advice has been: - close vectorworks - open a blank vectorworks file - change the setting - close vectorworks - reopen and begin working I've done this but it's never really solved the problem once and for all. I also think that you shouldn't need to do this!
  5. Yes - it's infuriating. I've had it on other versions of VW too, seemingly totally random.
  6. Ok now it's broken completely and I get the error "Cannot open database for reading". Get stuck in this error message continually popping up and in the end I have to force quit. Vectorworks, why do you make it so hard to love you?
  7. I use the previous generation Logitech Master MX2 and have the buttons customised to VW through their Logitech Options app. I use the 'forward' and 'back' thumb buttons as "Layer Up" and "Layer Down" and the scrolling toggle button as "Fit to Page" - it works very well.
  8. Every single callout I double click to edit I get this - surely this is not working as designed? I can click ok, go into the "edit callout" window and access the database by selecting it from the "Database:" dropdown at the top, it just adds 3 annoying extra clicks to every edit. Is it related to having it stored on a cloud drive perhaps? Does anyone know who the notes person is at VW?
  9. Retested with my trusty stopwatch - 18:40! Assuming the computer was ~£2,000 i guess it works out as 56p/second. $0.69/second at today's exchange rate. - Don't think the maths is quite right there!
  10. 18:16 2021 MBP M1 Pro, 16GB, macOS 13.2 VW2023 SP3
  11. I corresponded with Tech Support about my issues and the suggestion was that referenced files were far from the origin. Rookie error! The file does seem more stable since rectifying this. The same file worked without issue with VW2022 however. When I put this to Tech Support they said: "This may not happen in 2022 as the amount of RAM required to run the software is lower than the amount required in 2023." Interesting. I also ran the "repair" function again today to see if there was anything that needed fixing. How do 50 files "break" in 8 days?!
  12. We have used a workgroup folder stored on our Google Drive to share a file of office resources for a while now. We linked this to each persons computer through Vectorworks Preferences > User Folders > and adding the file path there. Google Drive has now changed its location as it switches from Mirroring files to Streaming files, i believe this is because of a change Apple have implemented. As a result, I can no longer see the workgroup file, even when I relink it to the new Google Drive location. I haven't changed anything else, and in accordance with the VW documentation, the structure of the workgroup folder is exactly the same as the Application folder. Has anyone come across this issue or have an idea of how to fix it? We previously shared our resources file manually and people would add it to their "Favourites" folder in their application folder. It would be a step backwards to return to this. EDIT: managed to resolve it by just deleting and re-adding the file path. Feel free to delete this or tell me how to delete it and I will do it!
  13. Update: Ran the VW2023 updater's "Repair" featuer under "Advanced options+" and got the following, fingers crossed it works
  14. Thanks for getting in touch, @JuanP. My error reporting is already set to "Error reporting is set to Send crash details and verbose patterns". How is it best to send the crash logs to you? I tried via direct message on here but it wont accept an .ips file
  15. I'm having the same issues but with materials reverting back to the Vectorworks defaults. I agree with the advice that the best solution seems to be to export the model, without using the Datasmith Direct Link, and not go back to Vectorworks once you're in Twinmotion. This is completely against the point of the Direct Link though! Really frustrating and it feels like another half baked feature. Like you I am running VW2023 SP3. I have been working in Twinmotion 2022.2.3 thinking that this would be more stable. It's not easy to keep track of which version of Twinmotion you should use with which version of Vectorworks. I know it's much easier said than done, but it should just work. Increasingly feel like Vectorworks is too complicated for its own good - I have this enough with the buildings we make, I don't need this with the software too!
  16. Still experiencing multiple crashes a day, I haven't had an issue like this with any version of VW or any service pack for as long as I have used VW. Running VW2023 SP3 on 2021 Macbook M1 Pro.
  17. @DomasK did you ever find a solution for this? I am having the same problem.
  18. Is anyone experiencing far more frequent crashes in SP3? I have gone from zero crashes when using SP0, 1 & 2 to having 3 crashes today in SP3 (having upgraded yesterday). Tends to happen when orbiting in 3D, but has also occurred when just clicking back into VW from another programme.
  19. I'm getting the same errors as above - it would be great if this tool could be updated and incorporated into Vectorworks. The 3D aspects previously mentioned would be good additions too.
  20. Oooooh! Thanks @markdd! That is pretty much exactly what I had in mind, albeit it outside of the target tool itself. Arguably it's better that way anyway.
  21. It could be handy to have an eyedropper/pipette tool as part of the Wall Tool to speed up the selection of wall styles. Often when working on projects and I would like to amend something my current process is: 1. Hit '9' to select the wall tool. 2. Move mouse to top bar and click the "Wall Style:" dropdown menu. 3. Navigate around the resource browser and select the relevant wall style 4. Draw what's needed. What I would prefer is a way in which the wall style can quickly match wall styles of what is around it, which could look like: 1. Hit '9' to select the wall tool. 2. Hold down shift/alt/option (doesn't matter which) to bring up the eyedropper/pipette. 3. Select a nearby wall style which then becomes the active style 4. Draw what's needed. So often I find the resource browser really interrupts the flow of working and making amendments and often times I don't really care what the wall style is, it just needs to be the same as the one next to it or nearby. Particularly with how Wall Styles are at the moment, whereby we have many variations of essentially the same wall (internal timber stud wall in 100mm, 130mm, 150mm etc.), it's not the smoothest path to be searching through this. The same principle could obviously apply to other tools, but Walls came to me first.
  22. I think the Graphic Legend tool is a great first step and I can see it becoming very important for us in the future. Below are some things that I can think of to improve it. 1. Better splitting across pages It's easy to see how a graphic legend could contain a lot of information that may not fit on a page of any size. It would be an improvement to be able to split the same graphic legend up across two pages, but they remain linked. I am aware that it is possible to turn off the display of certain cells through "Cell Visibility and Sorting" but I think this would make it too easy for things to slip between the cracks in a changing project. 2. "Cell Visibility and Sorting" When i've used the Graphic Legend for a window schedule and tried to turn off certain fields, the names of each cell are not very intuitive. In my opinion the "Summary Value" should be the name/tag of the window so that you can quickly understand what you are turning on/off. 3. More options/ability to customise auto-dimensions It would be good to have the option for "Structural Opening + SO Sill to the Floor". Sill to the floor is an important dimension for windows in the UK as it dictates the threshold for when toughened glass must be used vs. normal glass. Failing that, the opportunity to create custom dimension arrangements would be useful, particularly as in the image under item 4 where you have a variety of sizes such as Structural Opening, Window Unit Size, Finished Opening and sizes of individual units within the same window. 4. Ability to show items in context I've previously posted images (below) of our current window schedules here (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/88055-how-to-create-a-legend/&do=findComment&comment=406592) showing how we arrange them. We prefer to show the window in elevation and plan, but importantly the plan shows the window in context. This is important as window manufacturers often deduct different tolerances for different materials (12mm for brick, 20mm for render etc.). It's much clearer to just show this on the plan rather than have to write it out in text or ensure it's a field that's populated in the window data for the Graphic Legend to pull.
  23. I also don't get why they are so convoluted an have wondered if there is any point in having a hyperlink tool over just making the functionality part of the text tool instead -
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