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  1. Thanks Kevin- I will try this out. Tali
  2. I would like to export/send my model to a structural engineer who uses Vectorworks. How can I share just the necessary info, without giving away any customized stuff? I'm thinking I don't want to share content in my resource browser - eg, details, worksheets, render styles, etc. Also no need to send over irrelevant layers or classes Do i need to create a separate file where I've copied just the model? Is there a way to create a reference file? (I know how to bring in a referenced file, but not how to send....) Thanks Tali
  3. taliho

    3D Structural Grid

    I am trying an elaborate work around... Grids are on a separate DL Horizontal and vertical lines are classed separately. I then do a second viewport under (or on top of) each section viewport I align those once and lock in place If I need to rearrange the placing of viewports on my sheet, I need to remember to take the Grid viewport with them. But for now, everything is in sync. Copying and pasting the grids into the viewport itself won't update if (for any reason) I need to add or change a grid line.
  4. taliho

    Greyed layer "dot-screen"

    Just found out - the document set to black and white only. This causes fill and pen colors to show as black. This is also causing the dot screen effect of grayed layers. Just go to File > Document Settings > Document Preferences, then under Display uncheck Black and white only. Because it didn't affect the rendering colors - I didn't think I was B/W...
  5. Good morning- My greyed layer shows as if dot-screened, not solid lines. In design layer and sheet layer This is only in one file, so it is not a Vectorworks preference, but must be something in my document. I don't know how I did it - in case I ever want to do it again..... But for now I need to revert to solid lines in greyed layer. Any ideas? thanks Tali
  6. taliho

    Pivot door PIO

    There is a pivot window PIO. I can modify to make it look like a solid door (very wides sashes!) but only center pivot... Please - can this be made into a door option as well? Thanks
  7. taliho


    mendezarcediego May I share this with my Vectorworks user group in Mountain View CA? thanks Tali
  8. taliho

    Pivot door PIO

    Thanks - I'll give it a try Does win-door have it? Is it still possible to get win-door? Do any subscription libraries have it? Tali
  9. Yes - add me to the "love to have it" list....
  10. taliho

    Pivot door PIO

    Hello- Where can I find a pivot-door PIO? (The last time this was answered was 2007, and it was a make-your-own-symbol directions.) Thanks Tali
  11. Thanks so much - I am up against this again. I have a full set of drawings - 18 design layers 20 sheet layers numerous classes. My landscape designer needs only 2 of the drawings and only some of the info on each... I did open a new file and copied and edited and deleted - but boy, there's gotta be a better way!
  12. taliho

    auto join walls

    Hi Some basic things I was able to do in 2014 are now beyond me. * I would like to drag a wall to a new location, and have the connected/joined walls extend to continue the join. * I would like to bring the cursor to the wall, see it change to a white arrow, drag the white arrow to a location somewhere on the drawing (usually a wall in another room ) and see my original wall align to the new location What is actually happening is that my wall breaks the join. Is there a new preference setting for this? Thanks
  13. taliho

    Filling walls

    In 2014 I could edit wall attributes in the wall style to fill by class. not no more in2015... e.g.: The workflow is to draw all interior walls the same 2x4 with 1/2" gyp. Some are classed to walls-existing, some to walls-demolition, some to walls-new. Walls-demo attributes are no fill and dashed outline, wall-new are hatch filled. I can make a wall demo or existing by changing its class, and it will show accordingly. Has anyone seen how to do that in 2015? Thanks Tali
  14. taliho

    Wall Assemblies

    I agree with Josh- I always use the complex wall in the model layer, then turn them off in the sheet layer for clarity. But it allows me to dimension to face of stud. It also helps very much in section and details, when all the complex information is visible
  15. Hi- Im working with an interior designer that would like just my sheet layers of interior elevations. She happens to be using an earlier version of vectorworks. Can sheet layers be exported without also including all the model layers that generated these elevations? (my understanding is that its not possible) I am hesitant to spend the time cleaning up my file of 20+ model layers in order to send just those needed for the elevations. Some info may not transfer accurately between my 2014 version and her 2013 version I sent pdf, but I was wondering if there is another format which would make it possible to work with individual drawings on the sheet I also tried converting the drawing to lines before sending - is there a better option? Thanks Tali


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