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  1. Lilah- I have seen excel spreadsheets invert text when using an older 32 bit Microsoft Office on the new 64bit Macs, Catalina and newer . The problem may be there, and not in Vectorworks specifically.... Tali
  2. Thanks to @Tom W.and @zoomer - My work is mostly small residential projects, many of them slab on grade foundation. Typically I do not need a raft - the concrete is poured into a perimeter trench with rebar. Up til now I was adding the footing/thickened edge as a 2D line on each individual section, (I create a symbol for it) and was hoping that I can model it as part of the building to save time (and work more accurately in clip cube). I have been fortunate to work in mostly flat-land projects, so haven't had to deal with sloped terrain at all, and I was hoping its an easy flow. So I learnt that I can do an EAP addition - I should just do it at one of the later stages of design. That would make my wall sections, using attributes of original objects, look really good right at the first cut. Can the slab perimeter be used as the path? (without drawing a polygon over it). I also tried adding a 15" thick CIP wall below the slab on the same design layer (can't bind it to the slab...) But even if I select both first level framed wall and CIP footing wall and drag to enlarge the room, only one of the walls moves. I don't work in Stories - is that the difference? Thanks again for your time responding to this - on a Saturday.... Tali
  3. HI- I'm wondering what workflow will allow me a thickened slab that would be bound to the walls? The hope is that as I develop the design, and move the walls, the slab edge will stretch with them. I drew a a concrete slab on grade w/gravel (from library) and bound it to the walls above. It does what I need, and stretches as the walls move. I tried binding a second perimeter of concrete walls below the slab, but can't bind it to the same slab. I tried adding an EAP to the slab. (thanks @Tom W. didn't know I could do that! learnt something new) This looks great in sections, but does not 'stick' to the slab - when the wall moves, the slab moves with it, but the EAP stays in the original location. Is there a trick I'm not using? Thanks Tali
  4. Hi- Is there a way to publish to pdf without nested bookmarks? My City department does not accept nested bookmarks (huh) Is the workaround to export each page to pdf and then combine them? Thanks Tali
  5. Hi- Using hyperlinks for the first time... How can I change the Hyperlink font and style? It does not conform to the class defaults. Is it possible to use the hyperlink inside a callout - or is it a separate object that I need to physically draw an arrow to the object? Thanks Tali
  6. Thanks both- I changed to Very High setting which worked great Tali
  7. HI- To model a barrel vault, I went to front view, drew an arc, offset and closed open curves extruded. What i got was a segmented barrel vault...... What settings do I need to show it as a smooth arc in section (hidden line) and interior renderings? Thanks
  8. Thanks - Can I move the topic to another forum or do i post a new topic? My settings are with the intent that the title will be above the line and the elevation below the line. It was fine for a while, and now the elevation has creeped up. In the drawing label tool there used to be a place in the OIP to determine the placement of the scale below the line.(no longer there - you need to edit the label for style now) I was wondering if there is a similar way to style the elevation benchmark marker.
  9. HI- How can I position the text so the elevation is below the line, not on the line ? Thanks
  10. In 2021 you can undock the saved view palettes from the navigation palette. dbl clicking gets you to the view you need. (I think..) Tali
  11. Hi I'm trying export to web-view for the first time. I copied the relevant model layers to a fresh file, and ran thru the first couple of steps then got an error message - and not sure what to correct or do differently Thanks This is the message-
  12. Hi I'm trying export to web-view for the first time. I copied the relevant model layers to a fresh file, and ran thru the first couple of steps then got an error message - and not sure what to correct or do differently Thanks This is the message-
  13. Hi- I had a similar problem last year, (12Mb vwx went to 60MB pdf). Turned out that publish to pdf had an option to rasterize text - For each sheet that is published, select options next to the 'Publish to pdf' , and try the opposite of what your default is. That seemed to do the trick for me. (in 2020 - can't select all sheets, need to do it one at a time) Tali
  14. Thanks - Fantastic! Great help. I tried it out. Rasterizing pdf of all 3 sheets - down to 8MB (Even though rasterizing usually increases file size?) Rasterizing text only on all 3 sheets - down to 4.6MB (Rasterize pdf remains unchecked) Its still a mystery to me - but its working!!!! (Viewports were not modified in any way. exact same content. The Building Dept changed its requirements and need some blank space on the cover sheet so they can now add electronically things that were stapled to paper copies before. So I moved some of the viewports to a 3rd sheet.)
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