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  1. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2018 compatible with Mojave

    I can only put together what I see in the forum. The feedback for VW 2019 SP2 is unfortunately not in this direction, therefore I would not expect that the situation is any better in VW 2018 SP6, which is supposed to have the same level of support for Mojave.
  2. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2018 compatible with Mojave

    As far as I understand, especially with VW 2018, you should avoid updating to Mojave if you are not forced to do so. Just search "Mojave" in this forum and you can see that quite a few people have still glitches, even with VW 2019 SP2 and macOS 10.14.3. See also:
  3. Nicolas Goutte

    VWX 2013 SP5 and Mac OS Mojave

    The official compatibility list is there:
  4. Nicolas Goutte

    Time in vectorworks log

    Thinking further, the picture you have shown does not look like the content of a typical VW user folder. Is it really the folder as defined in the VW preferences?
  5. Nicolas Goutte

    Time in vectorworks log

    I have just tried on my Mac. It does work for me. The file named "Vectorworks Log" contains: 11.02.19, 18:56:31 Turned logging on. 11.02.19, 18:56:40 Closed "Untitled 1". 11.02.19, 18:56:41 Quit Vectorworks.
  6. Nicolas Goutte

    Time in vectorworks log

    Check your user folder. See this old thread (as far as I know, it has not changed since 2016).
  7. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks and "Intelligent/Predictive" Tools

    Vectorworks comes with its own installation of Python 3.5. However I do not know how to install third-party Python modules, as I have never done it.
  8. Nicolas Goutte

    Student edition file file won't open

    It depends on the type of serial number of the student, how VW saves files and on the type of your serial number if VW is allowed to open such a "student" file.
  9. Nicolas Goutte

    Dropdown notifications menu no longer working in Safari?

    Works for me. Safari 12.0.3 but macOS 10.13.6
  10. Nicolas Goutte

    Accessing Object Data in another file

    VW is very oriented on the current opened file. From what I know, you can only import and export from/to another document.
  11. Nicolas Goutte

    How to rename plugin files?

    I meant that your plug-in should have code like: const char* DefaultPluginVWRIdentifier() { return "XGShelf"; }
  12. Nicolas Goutte

    How to rename plugin files?

    Could it be that the VWR associated to the VLB is hardcoded as being "MyPlugin2018"?
  13. Nicolas Goutte

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    If you do not see changed libraries in the resource browser after copying files by using Explorer/Finder, you can try to "Refresh Libraries" in the Resource Manager. That should avoid you to have to shutdown and re-start VW.
  14. Nicolas Goutte

    Can VWX 2017 run on OSX 10.14 ?

    No, older versions than VW 2018 will never be supported for macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  15. Nicolas Goutte

    Service Packs as a Download

    In 2019 you can revert to previous SP with help of the Updater. See that post:


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