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  1. Nicolas Goutte

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    If you do not see changed libraries in the resource browser after copying files by using Explorer/Finder, you can try to "Refresh Libraries" in the Resource Manager. That should avoid you to have to shutdown and re-start VW.
  2. Nicolas Goutte

    Can VWX 2017 run on OSX 10.14 ?

    No, older versions than VW 2018 will never be supported for macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  3. Nicolas Goutte

    Service Packs as a Download

    In 2019 you can revert to previous SP with help of the Updater. See that post:
  4. I can only support the recommendation that GOTO should be avoided. Also I think that describing about how to use GOTO should not be in the documentation. New users should not even think about following that path. (Luckily at university, we had to use a Fortran 77 compiler that supported structural programming. However I know GOTOs from a few BASIC versions.)
  5. Nicolas Goutte

    Crash when calling constructor VWParametricObj()

    For your information: the German VW 2018 SP5 uses again the regular SDK.
  6. Nicolas Goutte

    2018 SP5 3rd Party Plug-ins

    Try to use VW 2018 SP4 again for now.
  7. Nicolas Goutte

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Yes, that is why I wrote "around a decade": from ca. 2007 to ca. 2019.
  8. Nicolas Goutte

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Or you can compare it with the situation with Carbon. For a 32 bit application, it is still available. For a 64 bit application, it was never available: Cocoa must be used. As 32 bit applications are still supported in Mojave, that makes a conversion period of around a decade.
  9. Nicolas Goutte

    Quiet Crashes

    Are there more .dmp files in your user folder? (According to your signature, you use Windows, don't you?)
  10. Nicolas Goutte

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    You should probably ask ComputerWorks.
  11. Nicolas Goutte

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    You can check the "Vectorworks Operating System Compatibility List" for what could be considered "typical" support of operation systems. (Windows is far more stable, therefore supported back to Windows 7).
  12. Nicolas Goutte

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    The aforementioned article reads at the end: "In addition to the release of Vectorworks 2019 SP1, we are also working on a macOS Mojave service pack for Vectorworks 2018. We hope to have it available later this fall." I suppose that this quote was meant by @Neil Barman
  13. Nicolas Goutte

    2019 SP1 unknown error

    Ah, OK, file right issues.
  14. Nicolas Goutte

    Folders in VW 2019 Installation

    Yes, I had it once. Installing again (in another folder) had solved it for me, as the new installation did have all the correct files.
  15. Nicolas Goutte

    2019 SP1 unknown error

    As nobody has answered you yet, I will give it a try. - have you enough free space on the destination volume? - perhaps you should try to repair the installation to VW 2019 SP0 and then try again to update. For going back to VW 2019 SP0 see the following post:


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