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  1. Yes, it is surely tricky. May-be users having migrated from AFP to SMB can give you tipps. (I can only re-iterate the theory... like a parrot. 😉)
  2. It has little to do with project or non-project VW files. The root problem is the different lock types between SMB and AFP. Of course, as you are supposed to share project-type VW files, the risk to have a real damage is higher. That is why the "one protocol only" way is recommended, for all VW files.
  3. If you want mixed environment, you have to use SMB as network protocol, as you should only use only one protocol (and Windows cannot do AFP). See what I had written and referenced in a previous thread. (Probably you can read that entire thread too)
  4. Nicolas Goutte

    Mac OS 10.15 Catlina

    Then at least wait for the official go, which has not been given yet (as @Tamsin Slatter has already posted similarly in this thread):
  5. Nicolas Goutte

    Looking for list of XML error codes

    Would the list documented in http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:InitXML be what you search?
  6. Nicolas Goutte

    Mac OS 10.15 Catlina

    I suppose that Python is delivered as both 64 bit and 32 bit.
  7. Nicolas Goutte

    Need help with license activations

    For resetting the serial number, you have to contact your VW tech support with your serial number (do not post the serial number here).
  8. Nicolas Goutte

    Nurbs to polyline

    Polylines are indeed better... just be careful that a polyline can also contain Bézier and cubic... which not all CNC can handle.
  9. Nicolas Goutte

    Registation for product

    I have found a previous official answer by Tamsin Slatter on such a kind of question:
  10. Nicolas Goutte

    Registation for product

    If I remember well, just do not use that computer for a certain time (a day or so). If it does not work automatically, I suppose that you have to go through support to reset your serial number.
  11. Nicolas Goutte

    How To Convert A String To A Number In Python?

    Just to be picky: that is print from Python 2. In Python 3 you need parentheses: print(int("1") + 1) As for tutorials, I would start with the official one of the Python documentation (here the Python 3.5 version, as VW uses Python 3.5.2): https://docs.python.org/3.5/tutorial/index.html
  12. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks 2019 Offline Update

    The post in the German forum I have quoted earlier gives this command line for checking the last available version /Applications/Vectorworks\ 2019/Vectorworks\ 2019\ Updater.app/Contents/MacOS/Vectorworks\ 2019\ Updater cli check
  13. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks / MacOS Mojave

    That is the difference between Windows and macOS. Windows tries at great pain to keep compatibility to old software, macOS does not. (Also the 2017 hardware was surely not delivered natively with macOS 10.14.) As for the fact that this is "annoying", see other threads in this forum.
  14. Nicolas Goutte

    Windows GPU-1 Not Working

    Have you already tried out VW 2019 SP5.2. (There is supposed to be fixes for Nvidia GPU inside. May be it would fix your problem.)
  15. Nicolas Goutte

    Vectorworks / MacOS Mojave

    VW 2017 and older are not guaranteed to work on Mac OS 10.14. Only VW 2018 and higher were adapted.


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