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  1. Pro versions of VW cannot load student files. If you want to convert files, asks your VW support for the conditions.
  2. Well, I suppose that if it was documented in the help, then the menu entry would not need to be hidden. So somebody somewhere seems to have made a decision that a normal user should (or is only able to) use the online update. For power users, admins, support and similar there is the hidden menu entries, like going back to older version or handling an off-line installer. And for those users there is even a command line. (No, that too is not officially documented.)
  3. That was the old system, where there was not an online update as nowadays (since VW 2019).
  4. The VW 2020 system requirements do list macOS 10.15:
  5. I am not sure that the offline updaters are to be publicly available. However they constitute a fallback level for support.
  6. You can convert the files afterwards too. When the files are converted, best is to run the "Update Libraries" in the cog wheel menu of the Resource Manager.
  7. Can you outside VW: write a file, rename a file and delete a file with your user account in the same folder?
  8. Yes, but our problem is that it is not our script. So we are not in control what happens in the case of our PIO, which is very unpractical, as not all data should be simply duplicated.
  9. No, I am not trolling. If updating an OS breaks vital software for one's business, then I would not update. And curiously that argument is always applied to VW, seldom to macOS.
  10. For such kind of arguments, I still fail to understand why macOS has to be updated the day it comes out. Why must VW wait 6 months, why not macOS?
  11. VW2018 does not support macOS10.15. So you will have to downgrade to macOS10.14 or update to VW 2019 or 2020.
  12. We use the functions SetStyle and SetColor only when creating the controls.
  13. Ich have checked in our code base. In 2019 VWStaticTextCtrl does not work with styles. In 2020 it was corrected. In 2019, you have to use ISDK::CreateStyleStaticText instead of ISDK:CreateStaticText (as VWStaticTextCtrl does) to been able to have style.
  14. As for subscribing of online services, unsubscribing too can be achieved by malicious third parties. Therefore it is always better to inform the real user that he is in the process of being unsubscribed.


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