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  1. Can you outside VW: write a file, rename a file and delete a file with your user account in the same folder?
  2. Yes, but our problem is that it is not our script. So we are not in control what happens in the case of our PIO, which is very unpractical, as not all data should be simply duplicated.
  3. No, I am not trolling. If updating an OS breaks vital software for one's business, then I would not update. And curiously that argument is always applied to VW, seldom to macOS.
  4. For such kind of arguments, I still fail to understand why macOS has to be updated the day it comes out. Why must VW wait 6 months, why not macOS?
  5. VW2018 does not support macOS10.15. So you will have to downgrade to macOS10.14 or update to VW 2019 or 2020.
  6. We use the functions SetStyle and SetColor only when creating the controls.
  7. Ich have checked in our code base. In 2019 VWStaticTextCtrl does not work with styles. In 2020 it was corrected. In 2019, you have to use ISDK::CreateStyleStaticText instead of ISDK:CreateStaticText (as VWStaticTextCtrl does) to been able to have style.
  8. As for subscribing of online services, unsubscribing too can be achieved by malicious third parties. Therefore it is always better to inform the real user that he is in the process of being unsubscribed.
  9. Python recommends using 4 spaces: https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/#indentation However the most important in Python is to avoid mixing spaces and tabs, as mixing is the way to get discrepancies between what the human sees and the Python interpreter understands. (Python is picky on indentation.) I have checked quickly (on VW 2020): indenting works for me, if I use tabs or spaces. Of course be careful to set the VW code editor to "Python" *before* you edit any Python code in the windows or you risk mismatches. As you use IDLE, here two tips: - use Run/Check module (Alt-X) to be sure that the indentations are right - Edit/Tabify Region or Edit/Untabify Region. can help you in case you have to correct the indentation.
  10. I am not sure what you mean. Assuming that the first code has not been corrupted by this forum, you have your code indented by tabs. So it is 4 spaces width in the VW code editor but much larger displayed in this forum. Indenting with tabs is allowed in Python, even if not recommend. As for how to change it in VW, I do not think it is possible. (The VW code editor has just the basic tools to edit code.)
  11. I suppose that you have to call DoMenuTextByName using 'Site Model Processor' and using an index. (Probably you need to experiment a bit to find out which index it is). http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:DoMenuTextByName
  12. However I am checking the VWSDK 2016 (the oldest I have still available here) VWTransformMatrix.h seems to declare that function, but I cannot find a definition for it, neither inline in VWTransformMatrix.h nor in VWTransformMatrix.cpp. I suppose that it was already the case in 2015. It seems to be still the case in 2020 (even if there is a function more, but that exact signature is still only declared not defined.) Therefore I suppose that you will have to compute your rotation another way, for example using matrix multiplication.
  13. VW SDK 2015? I cannot remember having such a problem back then. Does it compile when you rebuild everything but not when you compile it thereafter? Or vice-versa? Can you post the complete LNK 2019 error? I would like to see if the C++ mangled name correspond to the signature.


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