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  1. As 3/4 of 25.4mm is 19.05mm, I would suggest that you duplicate one entry having 19mm. If you would like to show grain, I would suggest, you take one having grain, not any "Chipboard". Yes, all the data is in metric, as internally VW is in millimeters. Decimal separator is a comma (,). That historical, as the German decimal separator is a comma.
  2. The material text files are in the program folder, in interiorcad/xg/XG Resources Metric/Materials ("Imperial" instead of "Metric" if the XG Resources are set to be in Imperial mode.) You can copy the whole Materials folder (yes, the complete one) in the corresponding place in the XG Resources of the user folder (as identified by Versioninfo), so that you modify the files more easily.
  3. Then the easiest way to reset the material is probably to go the the VW user folder, sub-folder "interiorcad". There is a file named materials.db that has the material data (It is a SQLite3 database). To re-read the material text files, you only need to delete that file (when VW is not running). The file will be recreated when VW starts again. I would suggest you copy. a line containing mostly what you need and that you modify it.
  4. Officially you need at least VW 2020 to run on macOS 11:
  5. To be pedantic: radius and corner vertices only. (interiorcad does not support arc vertices)
  6. If. you mean, when in interiorcad 2021 will be release: from our side interiorcad 2021 F2 has been released. If you mean, the next versions, see our RoadMap on our distributor web pages. (I cannot paste an URL here, as the RoadMap is not meant to be public.)
  7. macOS10.13 should work for VW 2017, but not macOS10.15, according to
  8. If you mean just the door, without cabinet, just disable the parts in the corpus, the back and whatever might be generated. Be careful of your measures in that case.
  9. As far as I know, macOS deletes only files in the standard temporary folder on reboot, which according to the screenshot above is not the case. Yes, sure if they are kept, it is that something is wrong. Something is refrain the files to be deleted. On Windows, it might be an antivirus, permission (You can set delete permission separately on NTFS) and a few others. Curios that this happens on macOS, however, and not even on a folder on a server.
  10. I think I have written it somewhere in this forum already (but I have not time to find it) VW saves first a drawing to a temporary file, delete the destination file and then moves the temporary file to the destination file. In case something goes wrong in this process, files may stay behind.
  11. I do not think that it is possible. One way is perhaps use notifications to be notified what is happening currently in VW, but I am not sure if you could achieve what you want through the notification mechanism. (I know too few of it to know its full potential.)
  12. As far as I know, the license is per computer. Therefore you might need to register the data for the new user, but the activation should work fine. (Anyway you cannot deactivate by yourself, VW support would have to do such a thing... if/when needed)
  13. It mainly depends on the third party libraries VW uses, starting with Parasolid.
  14. Translating Intel machine code into ARM machine code will always be costly, whatever the technology used for it. (I do not think it is worth to try to do any optimization on the Intel version of VW, if in the long-run VW will be compiled for ARM directly.)
  15. Have you check the classic stuff for VW? That the right GPU is really used and that its driver is up-to-date.


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