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  1. YES! I have slowly been working on something like this using @DomC's nodes, but would know where to start with the Detail Callout Marker. Make so much sense.
  2. AND YES AND YES! Since when was it acceptable for users, purchasing the software, to become unwilling Beta testers? If I wanted to be a Beta tester, I would be. I want/need software that I know is going to work when I need it to work.
  3. THANK YOU JIM! That is the best explanation of our issues I have received in months/years. We feel like we are pushing the software and right now, it feels like it is definitely pushing back. Sometimes it feels like a lonely little island out here in the landscape architecture world of CA, but that is why this forum (and you specifically) are so important. From my interchanges and experiences, we are one of the only landscape architecture firms using VW to do almost everything (we left the rendering capabilities behind a couple of years ago) from conceptual through construction on projects of the scale as the one we have been discussing. My hope for both VW and for us is that the software's capabilities and design start to recognize this need and adjust/expand. There is a huge market there waiting for you if you figure it out.
  4. @Jim Wilson I'll just send you a link to a dropbox folder.
  5. There have been suggestions as to why there might be problems, including the origin issue, but no conclusions. I reiterate my above concern about origins...if you're asking us to change the way we do things, then please offer a best practice that accounts for all of the intricacies of the coordination issues we face. Don't just tell me that the origin is the problem, fix it. We are working on Windows. Where should I upload the files?
  6. @Aspect_Design YES!!!!! 1000% Yes! Revision clouds should come with data that can be used to propagate not only titleblock borders, but also worksheets. We are constantly asked to list out the revisions made in our plans. This would be extremely easy if the data was already there in the revision cloud. They should also somehow be linked with the Revision Marker Tool. Imagine if the Redline Tool, Revision Cloud Tool, Titleblock Revisions, and Revision Marker were all integrated into one magical tool. That would be the day!
  7. This was a different file...different problem in VW2019 than the problems we are experiencing with the 18-005_L-Project file. Unfortunately we have relied on this methodology to correctly coordinate with consultants who are using the X, Y coordinates (minus the georeferencing) for awhile now. Our problem has been with user origin control and how to manage that across a multiple reference file workflow. In the past we have had problems with origins aligning in different files across the project, essentially moving the project to dramatically different locations. At the time, our best practice was to forget about setting up an independent user origin and just always align it with the internal origin. I have been told repeatedly that working this far away from 0,0 is a problem in VW; however, I have to date, never been offered a best practice or adequate workflow that accounts for the need to correctly georeference files, work with consultants using real world coordinates, This represents one of the largest frustrations I have with VW. The software isn't developed to be compatible with real-world, large project workflows. It is heavily marketed as such, but in application, it poses problem after problem, and often no adequate solutions are provided. It's usually, "broken as designed" or "user error". I too was met with delay you speak of. I was never able to purge the file on my system in VW2019. When I converted everything back to VW2018 yesterday, it purged in 2 minutes. I can still send you all of the files, but now I have a conundrum...which version do I send. I have several in VW2019, but re-patching together all of the references will likely take me a half a day. The one I currently am running in VW2018 seems much more stable...still slow, but stable. Additionally, the multiple files represent over 5 gb of data. Where do you want me to upload those? Thanks for your time. I am glad to hear that bugs have been filed and that maybe, just maybe, someday VW2019 might be stable enough to give it another try. Sadly, I don't think it's there yet.
  8. 18-005_L-Project Thanks.
  9. @Jim Wilson Thanks for chiming in. I understand the directive. I hope that VW sees that perhaps the reason “it’s just started to get a little out of hand recently” is that many users are very frustrated with the current state of things (ie VW2019) and not just a failing social protocol. I will send the file, but it is huge and contains multiple file references, so I’m afraid the one file won’t paint a full picture. This particular file has been shared with no fewer than 5 VW tech and staff and to date no one can point me to why it is particularly cumbersome. We had it in 2019 but just yesterday saved everything back to 2018 because of a myriad of problems encountered with no solutions offered. I will send you the file later this morning.
  10. @Fahad Zafar This is not correct. The data isn't off by a factor of 1000, it is off by a factor of 3.28084 which is the decimal conversion from meter to feet. Data that is imported as mm is being read by the software as feet, regardless of the unit the document starts in. Any reports on this issue getting fixed?
  11. @Michael H. Thanks for the advice. I'm glad that these steps generally work for you. We are no stranger to new releases. We have been using VW for about 10 versions now (back to about 2008) and generally have followed the same formula you outlined...with some major exceptions. I have been working on the same project(s) for several years. One in particular has been a constant for almost 5 years now. Unfortunately, the logistics of keeping that project in VW2014 really aren't practical. Too many things have changed, let alone the memory of keeping over 5-6 different versions of the software installed on machines. Additionally, each version offers new features that have the potential to dramatically improve document efficiency (key word...potential). VW2019 is officially on SP2 and has been out for almost 4 months now...not quite up to your standard, but in our experience, previous versions have been much more stable by this point in time. We officially waited until SP2 before jumping in, but that decision is now considered a failed experiment. I function as the primary tester in the office and unfortunately, since many of our projects are so large, there is no way to adequately test functions at scale until jumping in and investing a large amount of time. It is always a risk and this time, the reward was not realized. That is a lot to ask. I get the point, but templates take time and the software should honor that time investment and not REQUIRE you to reinvest. I understand that this is an IDEAL and not practical, but that's what ideals are for, pushing the conversation. The real question is, when? I wish I knew when it was time to re-do a template, but unfortunately VW doesn't tell you...hey, your VW2017 carry over files are really the problem here. Fix those and you'll be fine. You have to find these things out the hard way and at the expense of considerable time and frustration.
  12. When I conceived this post I wanted to do a comparison of file opening times from VW2018 to VW2019. We have been experiencing dramatic lag in a couple of our files, and I thought it was because of VW2019...however... when I converted back to VW2018 and ran a test, it took 13 minutes and 32 seconds for the file to open! Proof, watch video... https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqVbFy3bS8 While I am fairly certain VW2019 is still slower, or at least close, I don't really want to take the time to find out and do the comparison This is just one example of where VW needs to dramatically improve. If you don't want to watch a still 13:32 second video of a file opening, what makes you think I do?
  13. I also want to note something about this... One file is often not enough. Our files are large and contain multiple references to other files, which could also be the source of problems. I still haven't figured out the best way to send an entire project's structure, which can often exceed 5 GB in total space...if not more, much more. It takes time and server/cloud space to transfer this amount of data...and to do it repeatedly is a large undertaking all by itself. We have individual files that top out at 1.5+ GB right now. Without the ability to purge or streamline as mentioned above, we are having a hard time managing or communicating issues.
  14. Been there...done that...4 different times with (1) file. Got nowhere, never heard back, still waiting... Mind you, the issues I am having are not specific, they are systematic. Things like Unable to open file Unable to purge when file is open Unable to save Visibility issues etc....the list goes on and on. As I mentioned before...if I spent the time it takes to accurately and effectively communicate all of the problems, I wouldn't actually have any time to do billable work. Do I get to invoice VW for my time spent troubleshooting the released software? I didn't sign up to be a BETA tester because I didn't have the time in the first place. Now I am just BETA testing VW2019 Me too! I don't disagree at all. Up until VW2019, we have been very successful with the software, but there is something dramatically different about VW2019. I have been a VW evangelist through and through...and I still am. I have presented at the VW Design Summit many times and love all of the staff and the general capabilities of the software. That doesn't mean VW gets a pass for a sliding product. @rgcnI have been on the phone and spoken to tech support at least (4) different times regarding one issue and on each occasion the problem is "fixed" over the phone to a point that it seems temporarily tolerable, but then rears its head again moments or hours later and I call again...repeat. I have asked for a follow up or suggestions on how to streamline this one particular file, but so far, nothing. Please also understand that I only use this one file as an example. We have experienced troubles on multiple fronts. VW2018 is currently far more stable than VW2019, by leaps and bounds. VW2018 was also difficult when it was first released, but by SP2, it was pretty stable. Not the case so far with VW2019. Internally, we have decided to revert back to VW2018, but for how long?...we still don't know when or if VW2019 will be stable enough to offer its benefits without significant downtime. Should we wait until VW2020 is released to start using VW2019? If so, what are we paying for? What I really don't understand is why things that have worked great for years suddenly stop working or get dramatically worse in performance. It's like reinventing the wheel every time. Trust me, I want to be a part of the solution here and do everything I can to help, not just complain. I have made suggestion after suggestion on this forum, and I understand Rome wasn't built in a day, but at some point, productivity and effectiveness wins the argument, not sentiment.
  15. Many, many times. I don't have time anymore to spend an hour each time on the phone and get nowhere...
  16. I've got an invoice in the queue myself. A brief dive by hour office into VW2019 has proven to be catastrophic in time. We are now going through the idiotic and cumbersome process of back-saving all of our converted files...if they even open to begin with. I purposely have not signed up to be a BETA tester because I don't have the time to deal with this nonsense, but regardless, I still feel like a beta tester using the fully released and up-to-date version. Not cool VW. Sick of it!
  17. @Samuel Derenboim This is a great point. We would have traditionally accomplished this by creating a page-based symbol for the callout bubble. This allows the symbol to read the same regardless of the drawing scale. I checked and this is not possible with the data tags, which is unfortunate. It is very cumbersome to make unique data tags for each scale instance and I don't think VW wants that either? +1 for your wishlist item.
  18. @Jim Smith Now that is a concept worth millions! Even MS Word hasn't figured that one out yet!
  19. One of the most frustrating and time consuming experiences in VW is the copy and pasting of database header rows and other worksheet elements. It would be an incredible if, when copying and pasting a database header row, that the paste result would remember the summarization and sort settings of the original copy. Instead, it forgets all summarization and sorting and if you have a fairly complex system of these results, you have to manually restore them on all necessary columns. This is also true with merged cells. Worksheets should remember the merge and wrap text settings of copied cells and apply them to the paste. Excel does this, so should VW. Pretty basic, but a big potential time saver.
  20. Just one of the many, many improvements in text handling that are much needed in future VW developments. Text as a whole hasn't progressed much since the early days of VW.
  21. Thanks @Marissa Farrell. I didn't know that would work on rectangles. Awesome!
  22. Is there a node that can pull the rotation angle of a rectangle?
  23. Hi @mMurrey. Are you using VW2019 or an earlier version? Just curious. Regardless of version, but especially in VW2019, we have noticed that even selecting hardscape objects takes much longer than almost any other object. I can take as long as 5-10 seconds for the software to even recognize that a hardscape has been selected. Although that doesn't seem like a long time, but in comparison to other objects and when editing hundreds of them, it is far from ideal, and very frustrating.
  24. Thanks @lgoodkind for mentioning this. This has been on my list of complaints for a long time and honestly, is yet another reason why I avoid hardscape objects as much as I can. I have found that the OVERKILL command in AutoCAD will help clean up some of this, but not all of it. We constantly have to interact with consultants using our files in different software and this has always been a big issue for them.
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