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  1. Is it possible you are in open gl in your design layer, but have the viewport set to wire frame? Check the background render option list in the viewports object info and try a different render setting. You'll get a red box around the viewport and have to hit the Update button. e.
  2. Well done. Thanks for everything you do around here!
  3. Hi Jim, Yes, I'm on 10.9.5 on my main workstation. I have Firewall on and I added VW2016 to "Allow incoming connections" with a green light. I still get the prompt every time. Like Zoomer - this also happened with VW2015, but I just complied My second workstation is El Capitain, but I can't test that right now. I'll follow up.
  4. Any way to default our choice so we don't get the pop up on launch every time? I just started getting this with SP3 every time I launch.
  5. I use hybrid symbols for almost everything I draw, and I have to do this conversion tens of times a day and it is maddening! Why does this not work as expected.....
  6. There is a button for looking directly at the workplane. I don't have it open in front of me, but I think the icon is a face with an arrow looking at the workplane grid. Be sure to open the workplane palette. You can save particular workplane set ups to get back to them easily. AFAIK, going back to top/plan resets the workplane to the default position. You have to specifically choose to look perpendicular to it once you've set it.
  7. I teach it to my students this way: Layer plane is your sheet of vellum on your desk Screen plane is the glass of your computer monitor Automatic gives you an active working plane that will snap your tool or command to the surface that is purple. Sounds easy, right...but... Automatic can only be selected when you have a tool or polygonal tool (rectangle, Line, etc) selected - not always in the menu. They have added in other "Plane" options which confuse and make trouble... 3D, Screen Aligned, Symbol definition. Also, not in the drop down menu. I don't know why they made it so convoluted, but it is easily the hardest single concept for my students to grasp when I teach them this program. Frustrating. Glad you understand it better!
  8. No Worries - I feel your pain and hope this gets addressed.
  9. Similar to this? https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=216388#Post216388
  10. Santa is bringing me one this year - very excited to try it out.
  11. Is the text somehow a symbol inside of your other symbol? When you select it, does it say "Text" at the top of your object info pallet? Or... Is the stroke color (pen) set to class color instead of solid?
  12. 3D objects default to Wireframe view mode. As Zoomer said - you have to convert it to a hybrid symbol or view in a different shading mode.
  13. If you go to VW preferences>3D tab - there is a drop down menu there for quality. Try upping it to medium or high and see if that works better for you. If you are using OpenGL - there is also a quality pull down menu in the Open GL options for on screen display. Hope that helps some. e.
  14. I go with Zoomer's C everytime - The cameras in C4D are just so much more sophisticated and easier to set up and adjust. Though I realize you may be trying to match views....
  15. I do this with Layers, but I do wish VW had a Hierarchal Layout system for Layers similar to Classes, so you could essentially have sub layers in the visual organization.
  16. Same here and it's super annoying! I do this as a shortcut for making hybrid symbols and besides the paste in place issues, it usually doesn't pick up as a hybrid unless I change the plane mode of the 2d geometry to Screen manually - otherwise, it just creates a 3d symbol with the 2d data trapped inside of it. I fall for this every time. I feel that screen/layer/symbol definition/3D plane is the culprit of a lot of this. I also teach vectorworks at New York University and this one function alone trips up all of my students.
  17. Quoted for agreement! I'm in a different field (music/entertainment) using Vectorworks as my main tool, but I really appreciate your work and videos digitalmechanics. I have learned a lot from them and I hope that the developers and engineers are watching as well - you have a lot of good ideas there. Know that it is noticed and appreciated.
  18. HI, There is no built in reverse workflow, other then .3ds as you pointed out. This is my unscientific understanding of this: VW is a NURBS based parametric modeler that creates objects using computations to create most objects (not all) - draw a rectangle, extrude it into a cube and off you go. You can edit this parametrically - alter the original 2D rectangle and the 3D cube changes on the fly. Math. Cinema 4D is a polygon based modeling program. Yes, it has a strong spline system, but objects that are brought into Cinema are converted to polygons (and usually triangulated). It seems impossible to convert polygonal geometry into nurbs based objects on the fly if you were going the other way. Not sure if that helps any. Anytime I have to return objects to VW from Cinema via .3ds, I rebuild them in VW to clean them up and stay consistent with VW standards. e.
  19. Hi, I have this same base tower and I love it. Still use it as my main machine everyday for Vectorworks, Cinema 4D and Photoshop. That said - I have upgraded it's insides a bit: I've upped to 64 Gb of RAM from Other World Computing. I've installed a nVidea GTX 680 4Gb Video Card from MacVideoCards.com. I used to run a Radeon 5780 but didn't feel like it was cutting it. The 16Gb or RAM in your machine is pretty good, but I would up it if you can. That can happen later if you find you need it. Easy to swap in/out. The video card you spec isn't going to do great things and I think that is the weak link in your setup. Hope that helps some. e.
  20. Art - are these renders happening on different sheet layers? If so, do you have different DPI settings for each sheet layer?
  21. Thank you Jim! Happy to provide real world examples or videos if that will help. Wasn't totally clear if this is renderworks related or just VW in general (or MAXON)... Thanks! e.
  22. Thanks Zoomer. I agree with some of your additional points. And thanks for the bug submit! I'll admit, I don't do any texturing or lighting in VW - I save all of that for Cinema, so the interplay of textures and lighting in regard to classes and import/export isn't an issue for me because of my workflow. I only ever am interested in getting geometry out of VW and into Cinema. I feel like the axis center wasn't a problem when I was using the old plugin provided by NVW and it's a newer development that everything is at 0,0,0. Thanks for the plugin link - I'll look more carefully at that. e.
  23. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct part of the forum for these questions - I assume this is Renderworks related - Mods, please help me out if I'm in the wrong section. I have a bunch of questions, but let's start simple: 1. I export, using Export Cinema 4D (3D ONLY), when I open the file in Cinema, every object (or group, or symbol) has it's axis origin at 0,0,0, not in the center of the object. Is there anyway around this. I can move the centers in Cinema with teh Axis center functions, but it's more work then should be needed. 2. If I open the native .c4d file that VW creates, I get all kinds of culling (I think) issues - mainly, If i zoom out, items disappear from the viewport. When I MERGE the .c4d file into a fresh scene - I don't have this issue. Not a big deal, but curious, all the same. 3. There is a dialogue when I merge into a new scene asking me what I'd like to import (Materials, Geometry, cameras. lighting, etc.) no matter how I set this up (I only ever want geometry) - everything comes in anyways, ignoring the dialogue check marks. Again, not a show stopper, but curious how to alter this behavior. 4. Symbols translate to instances nicely, unless I mirror the symbol, or use Duplicate array - then each one comes in as separate geometry. Any way around this limitation? Not sure if these are bugs or user error and was wondering if others had experiences with any of these before I reach out to the company. Also not sure if this would be raised with NVW or Maxon.... Thanks for any feedback. e.
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