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  1. Andy, Thank you! I'm trying it now. Peter
  2. So, some how I seem to have fixed that. But can anyone tell me ow to correct a link for a text field? I need to change my 'Sheet Title' from 'S_SHEET TITLE" to 'Sheet Title_SN' but I can't figure out how to access the records Thanks
  3. I had a working title block that would position correctly and data fields would fill in correctly. Had to get a new computer and somehow messed up the title block. So, decided to start from scratch and make a new one. I followed video tutorial in KB. After much trouble, got it working but the titleblock comes in positioned wrong. I tried editing it in Resource Manager but just can't get it. Hard to see in this screen shot but the title block is positioned with lower right corner on the 0,0 crosshair. But when I insert it, it comes in displaced: any help would so appreciated.
  4. Jim, Just realized I didn't really answer your question. i don't normally look at the mode. I just do the keyboard shortcut and pull. If I hit the push/pull from the tool set at left, it shows I'm in the second mode. I just tried it again and although I see the red rectangle, it seems to be working. Must be me!. I'll keep watching. Thanks
  5. Jim, It's something I only just noticed in the last day or so. To try and answer your question more directly: When I use the push/pull tool on an already created face, it works just fine. The action in question arises when I draw a new face on top of another face (generally smaller) with the intention of push/pulling to create a new solid object. I hit the Shift-R keyboard shortcut and get the red rectangle at the cursor. The new face is selected but nothing happens. But if I go up to Extrude and key in a value, it extrudes just fine. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'll keep a better eye on the behavior unless you or someone has some input. Thanks,
  6. Can anyone tell me why I get a red rectangle @ my cursor sometimes when I want to do push/pull(see attached first image). If I move the cursor to an adjacent face on another object, I get the expected highlighting of that face for the push/pull operation. In the first case, I can still get what i want via the Extrude command under Model. In this case, I have draw the highlighted rectangle on the edge of the strip with the intent of creating another strip running perpendicular to the first one. Thanks
  7. Answered my own question: I forgot I had simply renamed one document to a new name and had deleted the model. The Sheet layers stayed behind.
  8. I have two documents going: Door 112 and Door 113 with models in both documents. I have made my viewports on several sheet layers for Door 112 and all is well. I went to my other document: Door 113 and started making viewports and sheet layers within that document. Q: when I go up to the Layers pulldown menu, I see all the sheet layers for Door 112 while I am in Door 113. Is it normal to see sheet layers from a different document? Both are in my VW window with tabs. Thanks
  9. Didn't realize you could do that. I'll try it. Thanks
  10. Thanks Alan, I was starting to doubt myself!
  11. Thank you Benson! I was getting 'agitated' at my inability to make it work. I gave up for the night. Try again tomorrow. Peter
  12. Alan, I don't want to overstay my welcome. But I can't make the automatic working plane work if I'm inserting a fastener. i don't know you do it. I use the back slash key and if I'm drawing a rectangle or a circle, it works like a charm. but if I have my block, hit back slash, hover over a face, the face selects but as soon as i click on the fastener tool, the Layer Plane is selected.
  13. Thanks. i guess I don't know how to explain my question adequately. I now see how to snap the fastener to a point but I'm still wondering if my rotate process is correct. If so, I guess the answer to a previous question about is there a way to insert a fastener normal to a face upon insertion, is no. I appreciate your help
  14. Thanks for all the help Alan. I guess I am doing it correctly. So in your last video, to get the eye bolt normal to the surface, would you then use the rotate tool and select the correct face to use as a plane to rotate in?
  15. okay, I just tried that but the bolt still goes to another plane am i doing the whole process wrong or is it a multistep thing of inserting, then moving, then rotating?
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