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  1. jblock

    drawing not refreshing

    What do you have selected for you Navigation Graphics setting? Vectorworks Preferences>Display>Navigation Graphics
  2. jblock

    Best way to clean op imported 3D Objects?

    @Phileas You may be able to select the connected 3D polygons and convert them to a Mesh. Once you have a Mesh object, you can use the Simplify Mesh command to clean it up and make it less complex.
  3. jblock

    Snap Point Hierarchy

    @Jackmill1 We do have Master Snap points to help prioritize what is snapped to. This can help when you have a bunch of snap points in a small area. Here is an article with more information: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FBasic2%2FObject_Snapping.htm&rhsearch=master snap&rhhlterm=master snap&rhsyns= Hope this helps!
  4. jblock

    Student License Not Activating...

    @Amanda B Roberts hmmm, that is very strange. Can you contact our Tech team directly so we can troubleshoot on your machine? tech@vectorworks.net
  5. jblock

    Space Label causing non-responsive file

    @Amorphous member is this hanging only occurring when manipulating Space Labels? Are you on macOS Mojave? Can you try undocking the Object Info Palette (OIP) and then resizing it slightly? Does the freeze still occur when you work with the OIP undocked?
  6. jblock

    Door Window Style ID Tag Change

    @HWood you should be able to edit the Door Style in the Resource Manager and make the ID Tag section "By Instance". This will allow you to choose whatever Tag options you want for each instance of the Door Style that is placed in the drawing.
  7. jblock

    Is this a bug in 2019

    @Matt PanzerThis has been submitted as a bug. Reference: VB-160710
  8. jblock

    2019 Crash

    @Gaidal_Cain It looks like your graphics card is below the minimum recommendations for Vectorworks 2019. We recommend a dedicated graphics card with at least 1GB of dedicated VRAM. Your machine only has an integrated graphics card with shared VRAM. Do you have another machine you could try using VW on?
  9. jblock

    Custom Light issues

    @Josh S.The steps are basically the same in 2019 as they were in 2018. If you want to send me a copy of the file or device, I can figure out what went wrong.
  10. jblock

    Stacked-dimensions Offset not working wit Note

    @Biscontin getting the same result here. Thanks for submitting this! I sent it to our engineering team for review. Hopefully it can be fixed soon. You can refer to this number for updates on the issue. VB-160615
  11. We did a lot of work to the OIP in VW2019 to make it more responsive. I am wondering if you would get the same result in 2019. Do you have a VW2019 license or can you try working in the trial for 2019 to see if it is any better?
  12. Can you try undocking the Object Info Palette and then resizing it? If you work with the OIP undocked, is it still slow?
  13. jblock

    Student License Not Activating...

    @Amanda B Roberts You should be able to fix this by using the following method: 1. Quit Vectorworks 2019 2. Go to: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks 2019 3. Select and copy these three folders: ⁃ Gobos ⁃ Library ⁃ textures 4. Go to: Macintosh HD/Applications/Vectorworks 2019/Vision and paste them in. 5. Reopen Vectorworks. Let me know if you still have problems! Thanks!
  14. jblock

    Vectorworks 2019 Offline Update

    @apfelwerk I think it was just missing the extension. I edited the line in the article to: /Applications/Vectorworks\ 2019/Vectorworks\ 2019\ Updater.app/Contents/MacOS/Vectorworks\ 2019\ Updater update-updater Thanks!


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