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  1. Thanks this si a good system but this is still separate from creating a Position out of truss objects. I do also find that now I am hearing that Truss Positions created in Spotlight do not transfer to Braceworks, this needs to be looked at so that positions can be created and used and transfer to the rigging side of jobs also.
  2. IS there a way to reverse the "don't ask me again" choice of having the create position within Spotlight to go to not creating symbols for each, I did this on my laptop and realized this is not how I normally operate on my desktop and want to revers that.
  3. Kevin Sort of, I didn't know that function so just watched an example of it, the "Paste in Place" still depends that coordinates are exactly setup the same between files. Copy with Basepoint would allow the user to pre select the From and then the To for copy points. Which is more versatile for copying within a document also.
  4. Requesting there be a separate prompt in Spotlight for Hanging Positions to not only Label the Hanging Position but also under that label to list the trim height. Currently I am using separate text on it's own and would look a lot better if those 2 items lined up consistently in some way throughout the plan rather than me having to nudge a separate piece of text around under the Hanging Position Label. Alternately if not only text maybe an option to read the data from the Z position listed for that hanging position to use as Trim Height.
  5. Requesting a duplicate of a much missed AutoCAD feature, Copy with Basepoint - when copying would choose a point in the FROM to be then selected in TO drawing to maintain alignment of items. This would also be useful to me for copying multiple items at same distances without have to use Duplicate Array.
  6. I hear you all saying there should be another version of M chip coming hadn't thought of that as I too have been mulling over the last Intel machines. In terms of the Intel machines I am only trying to figure the real performance difference in 8 vs 10 core chips with rendering, it seems from what I dee online there is maybe a 10 percent to 15 percent boost only between the 2 processor options. Anyone have real world experience with both to weigh in between them?
  7. Would there be some way to tag to the drop down scale selector of a viewport to then update the scale of that specific drawing Titleblock page in the future? I do find myself sometimes when having multiple pages forgetting to check when I have multiple scales between Viewports to update by hand the scale for that specific TB
  8. Align and Distribute does not seem to work in that there is no dialog box that pops up once I select that tool after selecting my fixtures in Spotlight - it does my default to just align but actually wanted to align and distribute in this specific case - either way it is not behaving the same way in 2020 that it has in the last 2 versions
  9. I can only see a USITT accessory as a boom base - this doesn't make any sense to associate a boom base with a fixture - is there not just a plain 50lbs boom base we can then specify the upright and possibly the horizontal(s) on it for hanging positions?
  10. I would like this feature also - you don't always copy from a point on the object you are copying - feature I used A LOT in ACAD and miss
  11. Yes bug = not working so add it - SP1 did not add it to the Mac version - read your thread still does not work - shouldn't have to do a workaround
  12. It would be great to Tab between the fields on the Project Data within a Title block - could be made universal throughout all settings for Title block but the one I use multiple times daily are my Titleblock Project Data and always find myself thinking I can tab between field to enter the next data field
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