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  1. To your question number 3: Go to https://cloud.vectorworks.net/accounts/profile/ and change the 3D conversion resolution to what your local preferred setting is. You navigate to this page on the Portal by clicking the Person icon in the top left corner > Manage account > Preferences. These settings are used when you use the Generate PDF command by clicking the link on the .vwx file thumbnail or by selecting the file from the Status dialog (local files tab) and clicking the Generate PDF button, or when the .vwx file is submitted for PDF generation by schedule. If you are using the Cloud Publish command, there seems to be a bug, (or not implemented yet) that it is using the default Vectorworks server value. I filed a request to the engineer to see if this could potentially be implemented in a way that it is using your local Vectorworks setting, or at least using the one that you have set in your Vectorworks Cloud Preferences.
  2. To your second question (two questions here actually ): Part 1: I filed a request to our Portal engineer to see if there is anything that could be done to display the full file name, or at least truncate the file name in the middle, like iOS Nomad does currently. Part 2: Are you uploading a newer version of the file via the desktop app? If yes, you would need to refresh the Portal page with the Browser refresh button in order to see the new file timestamp. Also, not sure if you might be experiencing this, but I should mention that if a .vwx file that you are modifying is still open in Vectorworks, it won't be uploaded automatically until the file is closed or until you click the Sync Files command from the app menu (or the Sync Files button on the Status dialog). If you upload the new file version via the Portal upload, the page should be refreshed automatically to display the new timestamp. Does this help?
  3. Hi Kevin, I'll post answers to your different questions in separate posts, otherwise it will be too lengthy. To your first question: With Dropbox integration: Limited access: A dedicated “Vectorworks Cloud Services” folder is created inside Dropbox > Apps folder. Vectorworks Cloud Services has access to only this folder. If you Delete this folder, the connection will break. If you rename it or move it anywhere within your Dropbox folder, the connection will be preserved. Full access: Vectorworks Cloud Services has access to your entire Dropbox folder. Moving, deleting or renaming the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder doesn’t affect the integration at all. No matter what kind of Dropbox integration you choose, Vectorworks Cloud Services will always have access to all files that are within the folders with the provided access. If you want to provide Vectorworks Cloud Services with access to only specific files from your Dropbox folder, the Limited access integration is better for you. However, keep in mind that Dropbox does not currently allow app folders to be shared, contain shared folders, or be placed in shared folders. If you need to share the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder, use the full access option. With or without Dropbox integration, the /Users/yourusername/Vectorworks Cloud Services folder is required for the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app to operate. The folder you select there will sync to a Vectorworks Cloud Services storage, where you have 20 GB storage limit if you are a Service Select member. This folder should not be confused with the Vectorworks Cloud Services folders inside Dropbox. The Vectorworks Cloud Services folder inside Dropbox syncs to your Dropbox cloud storage. It is also not a good practice to choose the Vectorworks Cloud Services app inside your Dropbox as a folder to be used by the Vectorworks Cloud Services Desktop app (especially when you are also integrated with Dropbox), because you will be duplicating your files that are already on Dropbox storage into the Vectorworks Cloud Services cloud storage. We realize that having more than one folder named the same way can be confusing. We will be considering changing this in the future. In the meantime, we will see how we could update our documentation to make this more clear with the current implementation. I hope this helps, Iskra
  4. Hi Kevin, Are you available for a voice chat? I'd like to continue troubleshooting as I see your screen. Iskra
  5. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your response. We will take out the abbreviation from our instructions. Also, the plug-in installer should have been signed, so we will look into this issue. Looks like it is a bug. My next suggestion for you to try changing the default port, to see if there may be aproblem with the default port being blocked for you. To do this, follow the steps below: 1. Open the Vectorworks Remote Setup dialog and click on the Advanced settings button. 2.. Change the Server Port number to 8080. (Make a note of the IP address shown in this dialog as well, as you would need it for step 4.) Save your change by clicking the OK button. 3. Open the Remote mobile app and choose to connect with the Manual Connection option. 4. Type the IP address and port that appeared in the Advanced settings dialog in Vectorworks (example: and click OK. Are you able to connect this way? Thanks, Iskra Nikolova
  6. Hi Kevin, Just to add to Alex's reply, I assume you may have already tried troubleshooting your connection using our troubleshooting guide, since you mentioned pinging your desktop from your phone? But if you haven't seen it, this article may provide you with some ideas as to why the connection may not be successfull: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/products/remote/connection_guide/ I think, since you are successful with the Ping, I think the only thing to look at would probably be your firewall settings and making sure Vectorworks is not listed as an application which is not allowed to communicate through the firewall. Thanks, Iskra Nikolova Quality Assurance Vectorworks Cloud Services
  7. @rDesignWe are currently investigating your login issue.
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