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  1. Hi @mattleaf, If you see the issue after re-opening the document, that is most likely the reason why the rendering on the cloud produces incorrect result, not the cloud rendering itself. There is a Vectorworks on the Cloud that opens the file you submitted and does the Publish the same way that you would do manually on your local computer. If you could email me (inikolova@vectorworks.net) a simple test file that can demonstrate the problem, I can submit it to our rendering team to investigate further. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  2. Hi @mattleaf, That's correct - in order to Publish using the Cloud, the file must be saved to your Vectorworks Cloud Services folder on your desktop. The only requirement is that the file needs to be in the folder at the time the cloud server actually starts working on the job. After that it is up to you whether you want to keep working in the same folder or not. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  3. @Elite Exhibits Regarding the center of rotation in Orbit mode, I believe it is based on the internal origin of the .vwx file. Here is an article that explains the difference between the internal origin and the user origin (0,0). http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSetup%2FConcept__Internal_origin_and_user_origin.htm&rhsearch=internal origin&rhhlterm=internal origin&rhsyns= @E|FA, Glad to hear that you are exploring the possibilities with Vectorworks Cloud Services. Cloud Presentations are a great alternative to Web views and provide an easy way for your client to control the view. Here is the Help article about this feature: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/create-presentations/?app=WEB Viewing of a shared presentation doesn't require an account, so that makes it very easy for your client as well. Viewing of other shared files from Vectorworks Cloud Services may or may not require an account, depending on how you have shared the file and whether you would like them to see it in Nomad, or in a mobile or desktop browser. Anyone can register for a free Vectorworks account. This account type doesn't have access to the cloud processing features and has less storage limit. Here is a comparison table that can give you more details: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/faq/purchasing-licensing/#what-is-the-difference-between-the-free-vectorworks-cloud-services-account-and-the-vectorworks-service-select-maintenance-program Please let me know if you need any additional help with Presentations. I'd love to hear your feedback for potential areas for improvements. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  4. Hi Peter, Here is the latest help article about exporting the web view from Vectorworks: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FExport%2FExporting_web_views.htm&rhsearch=export web view&rhhlterm=export web view&rhsyns= I am not sure which YouTube video you are referring to. When you use the Orbit viewing mode, you can view the model from all sides. First-person mode allows you to "Walk" through the model. I hope this information helps you. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  5. Currently Vectorworks doesn't support Google drive for any of the dialogs that have Cloud storage/processing (Publish, Panorama, Animations, Web view). We will consider implementing this as we are planning for our future releases.
  6. Hi everyone, The Vectorworks Cloud Services team is very excited to announce two Machine Learning-based features: Stylize images: Vectorworks Service Select members can use Vectorworks Cloud Services to create an artistic design from plain renderings, making them more interesting with almost no effort or time. Upsample images: Vectorworks Service Select members can create a low resolution rendering in Vectorworks, and then use Vectorworks Cloud Services to upsample the rendering, to get a good-quality rendering in less time. Here are the simple steps you can take to try these features: Step 1: Sign in to https://cloud.vectorworks.net. Step 2: Right click on an image file that is uploaded to your Vectorworks Cloud Services account, or drag and drop into the window to upload, and select Stylize image or Upsample image. Works for panorama images as well! . Step 3: In the dialog box, select how and where to save the output image, choose one of the predefined styles to apply to your image (for Stylize image), or the scale (for Upsample image) and then select Done to get the cloud job submitted. Step 4: To see a detailed status, select the Status button at the top right of the page. Please try them out and let us know if you like them or how we can improve them. Have fun! The Vectorworks Cloud Services team
  7. Hello Mike, Here is some more information about Vectorworks Service Select: https://www.vectorworks.net/service-select This table describes the differences between the free Vectorworks Cloud Services account and the one you get with Service Select: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/faq/purchasing-licensing/#what-is-the-difference-between-the-free-vectorworks-cloud-services-account-and-the-vectorworks-service-select-maintenance-program There is a bug in Vectorworks 2020 that it doesn't show a dialog when you try to submit an Animation job with a non-VSS account. This will be fixed in Vectorworks 2021. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  8. @Art V, Here is a page that can give you an idea what Vectorworks Remote is: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/products/remote/faq/ Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  9. Hi @rodolphesta, As long as you have the main Vectorworks application set to accept incoming connections, everything should be working properly. If you are still having trouble connecting the Vectorworks Remote mobile app to Vectorworks, can you post a screenshot of the error that you are seeing? You can also email the screenshot directly to my email, if you prefer (inikolova@vectorworks.net). Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  10. Hello everyone, There was a problem with uploading panorama images to presentations. We have fixed it a few days ago and now everything should be back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  11. I wanted to post a reply here just for the record. It seems like the issue reported by Stu was related to the way folder deletions are currently handled. If you delete a folder from one place, it only deletes the files in it in the other places, but keeps the folder around as empty. This is a legacy functionality that no longer makes sense and we hope to be able to change it soon.
  12. Hi Stu, Can you send a screenshot pointing out the differences between your cloud and local files? Feel free to send this to my email directly, if you prefer. inikolova@vectorworks.net Thanks, Iskra
  13. Hi Stu, That's great! This is the folder that the app syncs to. Please let me know if you need help with anything else. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  14. The file shown contains ~, which is an unsupported character for Vectorworks Cloud Services. If you rename the file, it should sync. However this error should not be preventing other files from syncing properly. So, now try clicking the middle icon from the same menu (The one that looks like a folder and has the logo on it). Do you see all of your files in the location that opens?
  15. We released a re-engineered and re-designed version of the desktop app in September, 2019 so it looks different than what you may have been used to seeing before. It should look like this. Click on the first icon (highlighted in green on my screenshot) to open the status dialog. Do you see any activity or any errors shown there?
  16. Do you have the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app running on the machines that you are trying to sync between? Do you see anything on the Status dialog?
  17. Hello @Stu Wilson, I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the syncing. Are you seeing empty folders on one machine that are not there on the other? Or are there file differences as well? Is the file list on the cloud (cloud.vectorworks.net) also different from what you see locally? I see that at some point you had a second account. If you have ever logged in with a different account to the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app, the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder would be used for whichever account you logged in first. Any other account that you log in with, gets a different folder with the account name as a suffix. Please check your Users folder and look for any other folder that starts with Vectorworks Cloud Services. You can also check which folder that the app is assigned to by going to the app Settings. The path to the local folder will be in the General section. That information would help us narrow down the problem. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  18. Hello, I just wanted to post what I found out as to why the VCS Log in command is not shown in the list of “removed menu items (legacy)” in the workspace editor. The reason is that the menu command was completely removed from the application, not just removed from the workspaces. The commands listed in the legacy list are still physically existing in Vectorworks and can be re-added to the workspaces if desired. In this case, the VCS Log in command was not going to be functional at all, if left in the application, therefore it was removed entirely. I hope that helps! Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  19. This menu item was removed in 2020, so nothing will break now that you have removed it from your workspace. The sign in is now done through the Vectorworks sign in (in the top right corner). If you try to use any of the Cloud menu commands without being signed in, the sign in dialog will appear. I will follow up as to why it is not on the legacy list. Thank you!
  20. The reason why this could be happening is an old workspace that's left over from a previous version. I would make sure that you are using one of the default workspaces that come with Vectorworks 2020. If you are using an old modified workspace you can edit it with the workspace editor to remove the login menu command.
  21. Hi @Sittingducks, I am glad to hear that all is well now. I entered your suggestion into our project tracking tool. We will consider it as we plan for future improvements. Thank you! Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  22. Hi @jeremyb, I submitted this as a bug to our desktop app engineers and I will post an update when I get a response back. Are you seeing this on OSX 10.11.4? The answers to the questions that @jblock asked you would also be helpful for troubleshooting the issue. Thanks, Iskra Nikolova
  23. @STR, Thanks for posting my answer! I was just searching to find it myself, because I know I have answered the same question before. 🙂 Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  24. Hi Jason, I am sorry to hear that you are continuing to experience problems. We have tested the application quite extensively before releasing. Unfortunately, we have not yet seen the issue you are describing. We will investigate it and release a fix as soon as possible. Reverting to an older version is not very easy and might cause issues as well. I will discuss this option with the team and we will contact you if we need any additional information about your specific environment. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  25. Hello, @Sittingducks, We have released the fix for the proxy issue. The new version number is 8.0.803. You can download the new app from here (if due to the connectivity issue, the app is unable to auto-update itself): For Mac: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/download/latest/Mac For Windows: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/download/latest/Windows Please let us know if you continue to experience problems. Regards, Iskra Nikolova
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