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  1. Still some bug in Framed Fronts. I separate the box and do left door and right door. I can't get door triangles on framed fronts either.
  2. That shaker profile still does not seem to be working correctly.
  3. Hey thats my shaker door profile! I changed the door to glass panel. Shaker profiles.vwx
  4. Ash Go to your XG Resources folder and edit the data there. Program Files>Vectorworks 2021>Interiorcad>xg>XG Resources>Materials. Then in interiorcad go to settings, preferences, database, and chose the table to be updated ie boards, edgebandings, etc. I'm still working out how to edit door profiles in the latest version.test1.vwx
  5. Hi I had the basic profile set already. I will duplicate and edit one of them.
  6. I put a Classic shaker profile drawing file in our Dropbox folder.
  7. Whats the process for modifying/ creating new profiles? I have a standard shaker style and rail profile I need to make for my profiles folder. Do I need to modify both profile and counter profile? The Leitz profiles are complex with the radius eased edges. Should I start fresh?
  8. I have this working, but could use advice on modifying.
  9. So things are improving with the new InteriorCAD Cabinetmaker. Scribes are working well. Framed fronts are working also. The face frame tool has not made it into the New Cabinetmaker yet, but it is coming soon. I am in the process of migrating to 2021 from 2019 Classic. The new Cabinetmaker has been missing necessary features while in development the last 4-5 years. I think it has led to confusion around what the software can do.
  10. I am trying to set up this feature as well. It's close...
  11. Hey yeah! I’m nesting my parts in Enroute. The parts need to get tool path figured out, so might as well do it all in post processor. Are you doing the CNC work, or is it being sub’d out?
  12. Stephan I am always happy to give feedback on InteriorCAD. The top three features I need to switch over to the new cabinetmaker are a qualified mortise and tenon for nested based CNC, framed fronts, and face frames. I would also like to see a nested based dovetail drawer connector option. Since shifting to nested based construction cabinets sides that run to the floor and are notched have become very attractive. I have not seen this option in the new plinth tool. Grain Matching is also very important. There are other items for the wish list, but this is a good start. You might know by now I have been working with Megabits to set up their Quantum plugin for the Classic cabinetmaker. I could not wait for Extragroup to come out with a solution. It would be great if you would bring on some of the features they have developed. I am sending my DXF files to Enroute to nest and create TAP files for WinCNC. Lets continue to work on this.
  13. While I know this is an old thread I wanted to update my progress. I am now using Vectorworks and InteriorCAD 2018 running on Windows to produce files for my new CNC. It took a bit of training, but I am having great success with it. The new cabinetmaker still has some areas that need to be completed, so I am using the Classic version.
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