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  1. Hello, Is there a way to make a report of only the viewport? Now the report gets everything of the design.
  2. @JustinVH Hi Justin, i don't get it, try everthing put ratio 1:100, have made different sizes .... Also strange if i put the VW Colorbars 1x1.89 is works perfect. Try to find out wat size it is, try to copy it ...
  3. @JBenghiat Hi Tnx for the answer, it works.
  4. Hello, I made a floor in VW2019 for a stand. From Top/Plan: 1) Rectangle tool 2) spotlight- architactual - floor 3) tab render - texture - wood The problem is het puts the texture under see picture 3 I tried flip / rotate etc ... Is there a easy way, or what did i do wrong?
  5. @JustinVH Hello, i dont see the check boxes "repeat vertically" and " repeat Horizontally" ..... and set by image does not work. See the file. 4006223 - BOOM - EMS.vwx
  6. Hello, I want to put a logo on a screen, but whatever I try, whatever dimensions, he continues to publish in the box. What do I wrong or what should I do?
  7. @JustinVH Other question. How can I turn the doughty, I have tried everything (I think ...) flip, rotate and rotate tool Thanks.
  8. @JustinVH YES it works, very nice. thanks to you! See the picture. A detail, now the FD44 CS1-DC10 is also square and in real he is round. Can you explain to me how you do that, how you make those symbols like you did that with the BOB. A video would be nice. Many thanks.
  9. @JustinVH Many thanks and the video makes so much clear, that helps me a lot! If i set the bold-on in render open Gl they stay in square, is it possible to get them round? (When you have time to spare, would you like to make a video about how you made the symbols?)
  10. @JustinVH Many thanks for it and your speed for helping me. I'm not yet an expert so i don't get it. I see the new symbols but still don't get them right ... sorry. Can you make a video .. ?
  11. TNX, but the client wanted HD44 (now i am using FD44 because there is no library of HD44..) I looking forward to you answer.
  12. @JustinVH, that would be very helpfull, last time you made a nice video so I understand complete what you did. I made a new file, above you see a part of the imported DWG sketup file, i wanna build the same in VW. The blue is Sketup and yellow VW. TNX !! Example VW Corner.vwx
  13. Hello, using VW2019. I want to create a box corner HD44 with bold on connector Bob 100. I understand it is not really possible with: insert truss tool. The orginal drawing is from Sketsup see file 1. Now i draw a FD44-BLK and i want to put 4 x Bob100 a side. With align is get the at the box corner .... but i has no snapping ? I also dont get the 'round' in 3D. Is there a easy way? Next project is the 50cm truss with slimline doughty hook on it ...
  14. I would like some advice When i put a lighting device in the drawing and i get the 3 d presentation the hook is not correct on the truss. (see image) What do i wrong? Is there a simple way to solve this? The truss is a hanging point. I use the lighting instrument tool. Tnx.


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