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  1. Dear Sir and/or Madam. I endorse this thread whole-heartedly. Ideally, at least some basic spreadsheet functionality should be present in worksheets. You should be able to cut and paste more easily, you should be able to extend a value or series of values along rows or columns (for example type 1, 2, 3, and highlight further with it automatically filling in the subsequent series - or at least it should be able to populate a single value along a column). Failing this, I believe a reasonable request would be to at the very least be able to copy and paste between worksheet and standard spreadsheet of your choice. Currently, we are halfway there - cutting and pasting does preserve values and cells from worksheet into spreadsheet. Unfortunately, cutting and pasting back the other direction results in all values being paste into ONE cell in the worksheet. - If multiple cells with the same number of rows/columns are selected when you paste, then all the source information is pasted into each one of those worksheet cells. I hope the worksheet gets the love it deserves.
  2. This looks really great. I'll look into it, thank you.
  3. Hello all. I was wondering if there is a way to copy information from one record in one field to another record in another field; and if yes, if there is a way to be even more advanced and possibly take information from two fields and combining them into another field in another record. Specifically, using spotlight, we have all our lighting instruments with dmx addresses (let's say "A") and dmx universes (let's say "U") in separate fields; we would like to take those values and put them into a third field as "U.A". In another case, we have all these lighting instruments named in a custom record field as "Fixture Number", and we would like to straight copy that value into the "Dimmer" field. Thanks in advance, Peter.
  4. Thanks so much - i'll try this Monday back at the office. Our team really appreciates your help.
  5. Thanks Sam - Here are physical photos of the stuff we use (my actual symbols are just crude 3d cubes of appropriate dimensions. I've made them Symbols, and converted to lighting Accessory (maybe this is where the problem is?), and attached a screen grab of the simple custom record i made. The 'IN" and "OUT" fields are text to designate where things are going to or coming from "Generator 1", or "Location 3" or whatever.
  6. Hi All, I'm working on Power Distribution plots for TV and Film in Toronto Canada - we have some pretty standard equipment that I'd like to be able to use (but it's rather specific to our region and niche industry- which i supposed is why it's not in the vectorworks library). These include -T-Towers (1 set of 5 wire 3phase camlok in to 3 sets of 5 camlok out) - I guess these would technically be cable connectors/splitters -4A box (2 phase camlok in to 6 x 60 amp "JOY wire out") -3x20 box (60amp Joy in, to 3x 20amp edison receptacles). I've made objects for each of these, and also some custom records have been attached, but how do i make them into "appliances" that I can use for cabling? I've been to plugins>Jumper Cable VW, which i think i will be able to modify as is appropriate for our needs, but i can't figure out how to assign the plugin's record to my objects. Thanks in advance. Peter/.
  7. Thanks Rob - Yes I'm using the workaround you suggested - put mode to none and then just manually enter the number of channels.
  8. This seems like a bit of an oversight. -Users should definitely be able to add modes to their own custom fixtures. -Users should definitely be able to add "missing" modes to existing fixtures (ARRI Skypanel S60-c, for example has only 2 of its almost three dozen modes in the database); -and "unrelated" modes shouldn't come up in the dropdown menu for certain fixtures (it looks like every single available mode for all fixtures in the database are available to be assigned to any lighting instrument- but obviously nobody will ever need modes from fixtures X Y or Z to be assigned to lighting instrument W for example. The current way is just a lot of clutter).
  9. Thanks all. Yes, I've figured out that i can change the lighting instrument's (Any symbol's) record data from the 2 or 3D editor. I'm just trying now to figure out how to edit (and add) my custom modes into each fixture. Any thoughts on that ?
  10. thank you, tried it - it doesn't work if "none" is the only mode selected - but i DOES work if I also add another mode to the dropdown and then pick 'none". I guess that's solved then so long as i put a "dummy" mode into the field too. Still - that only seems to solve the issue for specific instances - i'm looking for an entire lighting instrument resource.
  11. Hi All - I'm trying to figure out how I can change the number of (dmx) channels taken up by my custom lighting instruments. They appear to default to 1, and it's a field that doesn't appear to be able to be modified via the properties pane. (it's there but grayed out) On other fixtures, it looks like changing the fixture mode changes channel numbers - but I can't seem to make custom modes (although it would allow me to select from all the other modes by manufacturer, which is not very helpful). can anybody offer any tips here? thanks so much in advance.
  12. I have made a Custom Record that contains 5 fields (Let's say AA BB CC DD EE). I am trying to make a label legend for my lighting instruments that use these fields, but they don't appear for me in the label legend manager's edit fields. How can I use my own records' fields in a Label Legend?
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