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  1. @Tom W. I turned that off as well 😕
  2. Hey guys, So I'm trying to render my model but, no matter the quality of the viewport/light options or definitions of the site model itself, these green lines (contours) keep showing on the render. Is there a way for me to render the site realistically? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I have a 3D model on vectorworks and I've created 2D drawing sheets. I now need to prepare 2D drawings to send for laser cutting - these need to be in autocad. How can I export the 2D drawings into usable 2D dwg files that I can edit? Thank you!
  4. @Tony Kostreski Yes I've got it! Thank you so much!
  5. Hello, I'm trying to create a site model. I've drawn contour lines that elevate 1m at a time. I'd now like to interpolate intermediate lines in between the intervals but I'm not sure how to do that.
  6. @Sebastiaan Well that was easy! Thank you!!
  7. Hello, So I'm creating a 3D Building and I've separated it in different layers and classes. Now, as I'm working, I'll naturally move inbetween layers/classes and this has been happening (check photos): I'm working on the tower, for instane, go from top/plan view to a costum 3D view and the rest of the building (on a different layer), as well as the 2D page remains in top/plan view. Also, as you can see I've got "Show, Snap, Modify Others" on in both layers and classes. This did not happen to me before and I'm not sure why it's happening now. Can anyone help? Thank you very much!! Cheers
  8. So usually, when editing a viewport with a camera view I press "Lighting Options" and the tab would have all of these options: "Options, Quality, Lighting, Edges and Background" Like so: But now, out of nowhere... It's just this: I need to make ajustments in the other sections as well. Did I turn it off somehow?
  9. Hello, I'm trying to place trees in my model. When I select a tree, any tree, from the list in the VBvisual tree tool, I place it and then nothing happens. It's as if I did nothing. I don't understand.
  10. @Pat Stanford Hello Pat, thank you for your reply. I've been able to solve the issue by copying my model into another file. I was trying to update the viewports into "hidden line". I forgot to type that in the post. My file is watermarked because I'm a student.
  11. So I'm trying to sort my design sheet with some plans and sections. Up until today it was working fine, the viewports took a little bit to update but nothing tragic. Today, however, despite not having any considerable changes to the 3D Model, the uptades are taking forever, to the point where it's not possible for me to work anymore. I left the programme updating all the viewports for almost two hours and it was not done. Now I have been waiting for 40 minutes for just one and it doesn't show any sings of finishing. I don't understand... Is anything wrong with my file? Winter Garden.vwx
  12. @markdd @Tom W. Yeah thank you guys as well. I also used this suggestion for something else! :)
  13. @jeff prince It worked! Thank you so much! I didn't know about the extract tool so that was very handy. I'm just now learning how to use Vectorworks for uni, so this was very helpful!
  14. Hello! I want to create a curved corner in this frame but I'm not sure how. It is supposed to be the same as the one next to it but this wall is curved. I've already converted all the lines of the frame into NURBS and they are already composed into one object. (I will later use it as a path to extrude a profile along). I'm just not sure how to do that curved bit. I created those spheres there just to visualize where the curves need to go. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
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