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  1. Thank you, that worked. As a practice we did actually have a bespoke workspace we all got used to using and therefore we migrated.
  2. After updating to Vectorworks 2022, some of us in the office cannot access the unified view option. Any ideas why?
  3. This worked brilliantly! Thank you both, @Pat Stanford @Tom W.
  4. I am trying to create a sunken storey within my site through using the site modifier, but instead of creating a nice clean edge with a retaining wall it just creates a massive gentle slope through entire site. How to resolve this? I tried pretty much every setting there is...
  5. I actually might just found a solution to this ... using Clip Cube for horizontal planes and creating a section viewport from it seems to have worked nicely.
  6. Hello! I just started using 3D capabilities of Vectorworks for a project where one storey is a Lower Ground Floor. It is important to show the cut through the site on the Lower Ground Floor Plan as a solid hatch- but when I generate the viewport from just the Lower Ground Floor Plan it does not know I want to cut through the ground around it , as it is on the separate Layer called Site Model. How would you resolve this? See below Lower Ground Floor Plan with site showing just as topo lines, and a section showing my desired cut plane as a red, horizontal line.
  7. The reference is linked in the file and displays on layers and in sheets, however when publishing or exporting pdfs it disappears.
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