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  1. I have been constructing an extrude from two concentric arcs to transform into a subdivision object. I keep having issues with the resulting polylines and polygons not having points evenly spaced along the arcs. I've been forced to add the 'missing' points myself before extruding but this is pretty time-consuming. I am using 'low' 2D conversion, but changing this doesn't seem to help and gives me a very complex subdivision object. Any ideas why it's happening? File attached 2DConversion.vwx
  2. Even stranger, if I mirror the bund to the north VW calculates it perfectly Laura PondCutFill.vwx
  3. Thanks, I have tried that on the RHS bund, but still not getting the right result - see attached. The pads are a workaround but feel the contours should work in a future update. Laura PondCutFill.vwx
  4. Anyone have any idea why it is making such a mess of the bund on the right? Laura Stone PondCutFill.vwx
  5. Thanks Tony, I have found a workaround by dragging a new node and placing it on top of the first, so the contour is still open but works like a closed one. Would be good to have contours reflecting reality though. Laura
  6. I am trying to create a cut & fill model where the proposed contours are closed. VW2020 doesn't seem to close contours, when I click the final node on the first one it just creates an open contour. If I convert a closed shape to a contour it creates an open contour. Clicking the 'close' button on the OIP has no effect. Any ideas? Laura
  7. Thanks! I thought the icons were just illustrative
  8. Hi Tamsin, I can't find the option for 'by instance' or 'by style' when I edit the style plug-in object. Can you tell me where to find those settings? Thanks
  9. When I create a new sheet layer and drop in a title block style the title block border settings for margins and grids in that style are not copied through, resulting in tedious changes to each individual sheet. Am I missing something?
  10. Nearly 8 years later and Vectorworks still haven't provided a solution to this. The paving texture has chosen to render at about 30° to where it should be, so there isn't even a way to rotate the texture image as a workaround.
  11. Also so that 'top' rail can be below the top of the pales (frame verticals) e.g. like a picket fence
  12. Thanks very much for that, looks like a good workaround I do think Nemetschek need to up their game on this one, we have been using the fence/railing tool because it is quick to use and very handy for giving an accurate layout, including post positions, in 2D whilst allowing us to share IFC models with other consultants on BIM projects. To have a tool that can't produce a normal railing type like the above without lots of workarounds is really poor and I would want it to be able to follow site contours using send to surface or similar. Laura
  13. How does the railing/fencing tool create a standard vertical bar railing like this one?
  14. More for the fence wishlist: Top rail, bottom rail and intermedate rails all individually contolled please! Ability to offset the 'frame bars' (this is a really poor and misleading name) from the rails like a real fence As others have posted, ability to follow slope either by stepping or sloping


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