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  1. Hi, yes that's roughly what I do now but it is pretty time consuming. Thanks for looking at it Laura
  2. I want to have styled walls of a fixed height (300mm) below the top of the wall and to be able to move the top of the wall using the reshape tool so that the top slopes but the base remains 300mm below the top. It's possible to set offsets in the components of the wall but I can't find a way to fix the height like this. Does anyone know how to do this?
  3. Hi Tom Thanks for the reply, I've checked and it doesn't seem to be working for me. In fact strangely I have a landscape area style where I can see one instance is changing the DTM and another one isn't. All of the settings for the 3D display are by style, so I'm stumped as to what is causing the different behaviour. The ones that are altering the site model aren't on the Site-DTM-Modifier class, so don't think it's that. Laura
  4. From VW Help: "When a landscape area with components is set to modify a site model, the components below the designated datum component modify the proposed site model and affect the cut and fill calculations. However, the site model contours display across the top of the landscape area normally, indicating the final surface as specified by the datum" Where can you set the landscape area with components to modify the site model? I can't find this anywhere. Laura
  5. 15 years on is there any way this could be automatically incorporated into the parking space tool? A bit like linking text blocks in inDesign perhaps.
  6. My workaround for this in the meantime is to have leader and marker as by instance and for the ones where you really can't get them in the right place switch them off and draw your own leader line.
  7. Hi Jeremy Thanks for this, yes it is in the yellow pretty consistently when I'm working on that drawing. Swap is 4.15. I think I'll live with it as future drawings should be smaller and tidier - this one's gone on for years and just added more and more on. There is also Cineware using a fair bit but assume that is part of VW? Was more keen on lightness than speed for my laptop but something to bear in mind for a new desktop, 32Gb would presumably perform a lot better. Laura
  8. This is particularly bad for planting plans, there are often areas of planting where you literally can't get the tag attachment point on the plant you want becasue of others overlapping. Also seems to default (with multiple attachment points) to a rectangle around the item, rather than the boundary.
  9. Hi Jeremy I'm using VW2022 on a 2020 M1 MacBook Air with 16Gb RAM. I thought my profile had that, but did I post in the wrong section? Thanks Laura
  10. I have a drawing that is pretty large and on the slow side, but noticed that it keeps pausing whilst the green bar at the bottom of the window moves across with the text 'caching graphics...) This is just revising text in a top/plan view viewport, so not anything I would have thought was putting strain on VW. Any ideas how to prevent it doing this? Thanks Laura
  11. I think this is the same issue as I reported here
  12. Just a bump for this one. Unless I've missed something the landscape area tool only gives you a staggered hedge if you draw each section of hedge at 45° and then rotate it into place so a bit of a long workaround and means lots of labels.
  13. Hi Katarina Did you have that recording? Also how to do custom tags - the default ones aren't what I'm after. Thanks Laura
  14. It would be good if the plant tag settings (or at least 'right' and 'left') could be independent of the plant style. I know it's possible to use a separate data tag but if there is a plant tag built in to VW surely it should be more useful.
  15. I would like to be able to set a custom label position for stakes. I prefer to have the labels in the 'corner' of the cross that I'm using as a marker and it's very time consuming to have to change it after inserting each one.
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