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  1. Hi Katarina, yes that would be great if you can let me know how to make a bespoke set of data. Thanks Laura
  2. Hi Jeff, I have found the density under 'rate' in VW2020, didn't spot it before because it was in with the pricing info. I have been inputting into worksheets the data I want. My gripe is that there is way too much data, the vast majority of which I will never need for a given project and this slows down my workflow when setting up a worksheet or adding into in the object info palette. It would be very useful to be able to limit the data that VW displays in drop down menus etc for a given drawing. Hi Unearthed, I've been doing a similar thing - have a worksheet called 'plant numberer' which I usually use to calc numbers for my custom plant records. I think this is the only time I have shown individual plant outlines, new client, I hope in future they will trust me to get the densities right! I think if I was going to swap I might use landscape areas instead. The other thing I've noticed is that VW's placing of individual plants is a bit wonky, often off to one side, due to the way the spacing has been programmed, so I am having to move them around to make them a bit more realistic. Something like this would be great! Laura
  3. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the files I know some people will use spacing, but Planning Conditions will almost always require a schedule with planting density (this is the case for the project I'm working on). I notice your file does include distribution rate, I am currently on VW 2020 and that option is not coming up for me when I create a report. I know some people will want the option of all of those records, but it would be good to be able to edit it for each drawing. Just finding and picking the fields for a report at the moment involves a crazy amount of scrolling and if I was adding the info into the object info palette it would be even worse. Laura
  4. Started using plant tool just in order to show a particular client spacing graphics and was looking at possibility of using it for plant scheduling. There are a couple of things that don't work for me at the moment: Spacing - even when I have a plant style set to plants per sq m (this is surely the most usual way of expressing it in schedules?) the record available when I create a report will only return the spacing expressed as a distance. The number of fields in the records is huge and the vast majority are completely irrelevant for my purposes. I really only want National Plant Spec data plus number and density. This makes the whole thing pretty unwieldy when trying to enter data or to create a report as a plant schedule. I can't seem to find any way of editing and deleting the fields, this would be incredibly useful. In the meantime I think I'll just use it to count plants and use my own plant info databases on the surrounding polygons. Laura
  5. I have been constructing an extrude from two concentric arcs to transform into a subdivision object. I keep having issues with the resulting polylines and polygons not having points evenly spaced along the arcs. I've been forced to add the 'missing' points myself before extruding but this is pretty time-consuming. I am using 'low' 2D conversion, but changing this doesn't seem to help and gives me a very complex subdivision object. Any ideas why it's happening? File attached 2DConversion.vwx
  6. Even stranger, if I mirror the bund to the north VW calculates it perfectly Laura PondCutFill.vwx
  7. Thanks, I have tried that on the RHS bund, but still not getting the right result - see attached. The pads are a workaround but feel the contours should work in a future update. Laura PondCutFill.vwx
  8. Anyone have any idea why it is making such a mess of the bund on the right? Laura Stone PondCutFill.vwx
  9. Thanks Tony, I have found a workaround by dragging a new node and placing it on top of the first, so the contour is still open but works like a closed one. Would be good to have contours reflecting reality though. Laura
  10. I am trying to create a cut & fill model where the proposed contours are closed. VW2020 doesn't seem to close contours, when I click the final node on the first one it just creates an open contour. If I convert a closed shape to a contour it creates an open contour. Clicking the 'close' button on the OIP has no effect. Any ideas? Laura
  11. Thanks! I thought the icons were just illustrative
  12. Hi Tamsin, I can't find the option for 'by instance' or 'by style' when I edit the style plug-in object. Can you tell me where to find those settings? Thanks
  13. When I create a new sheet layer and drop in a title block style the title block border settings for margins and grids in that style are not copied through, resulting in tedious changes to each individual sheet. Am I missing something?
  14. Nearly 8 years later and Vectorworks still haven't provided a solution to this. The paving texture has chosen to render at about 30° to where it should be, so there isn't even a way to rotate the texture image as a workaround.


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