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  1. hi Guys, i need to create a circular stair with a hob detail and metal balustrade. I can create a circular stair, but not sure how to add the hob details. Any suggestions? thank you
  2. Victor S


    Hi All, I was wondering if someone could please explain the visibility options and settings to me? Say, I have a structural beam in my project. I want to be able to see the beam in section with a hatch perhaps, but only dotted in my floor plan. How can I set the settings to achieve this? How do I override the settings for one particular viewport? Thank you TEST.vwx
  3. Hi Guys, A quick question: How do I create a slab set down along the edge. Say a set down of a 100mm on a 300mm thick slab? Thank you
  4. Hi All, my VW file is set to mm in UNITS and therefore my Benchmark Elevation Tool refers to 175300 for example. I was wondering if there is an option to set the Benchmark Elevation to 175.300 (to insert a decimal point for meters) for example without changing the documents settings? Thank you
  5. Hi Guys, I am using VW Architect and noticing a very slow performance. When i create elevations for example, it takes a very long time to update the viewports. I do not work on huge developments and I have a powerful PC. Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Any suggestions? Thank you
  6. Hi Guys, could some one please explain the opacity and transparancy in VW? Lets say I have some buildings on site I want to show at 50% opacity? The buildings are created with extrusions. The opacity should be shown in 3d and some of the viewports(and only for a particular building, not the whole viewport)TEST.vwxTEST.vwx but not on my 2d floor plans? Another situation would be the joinery. In some of the projects I have to show the joinery with a 30-50 % opacity to focus on the architecture. Obviously joinery objects have different classes, however is there a way to set all classes to a certian opacity level? thank you
  7. Hi Guys, I am trying to change the thickness of my grid lines, however when i change the settings, only the buble and the grind number change to the set thickness. the grid line itself remains unchainged. Any suggestions? Thank you. Gridline.pdf
  8. tahnk you so much Wes
  9. Hi Guys, sorry for asking so many questions. I need to create a ramp as per attached file, any suggestions? I tried the ramp tool, extrusions etc, but failing at the moment. Thx Ramp.vwx
  10. Thank you Wes Gardner!
  11. Hi Guys, my stairs appear without a black fill in sections. Any ideas how to change this? I tried to overried the settings but the stairs changed to black on my floor plans as well as in sections. Obviously I want the black fill only in my sections. StairSection.pdf
  12. hi all, is it possible to create a curved roadway with different curb width? Say 300mm wide on the right and 600mm on the left?
  13. Hi All, I have to provide evidence of min. 3 hours of sun light on a particular day of the year to an apartment building and I was wondering what would be the best way to do so? I am using VW Architect 2019 and Helidon tool for shadows.
  14. Hi Guys, what would be the best way to create a circular ramp to connect parking floors? Thank you
  15. Hi Guys, what is the best way to control display settings of objects in view ports or 3d Model. For example I have objects i want to be displayed red on floor plans but green in sections etc Thank you


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