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  1. Luis Thanks for looking into it. Much appreciated. And yes, it would be helpful if that could be facilitated in the future. Like you, it usually takes me 3-4 tries before I get the results I want. 🙂
  2. Stéphane I found the problem.... You need to select 'use original' NOT 'use class' in the advanced properties, attributes options. Try it in your file....
  3. Perhaps, if the file is not too big, you could send it to one of us and see how it appears on our end. Or, just create a new blank file and copy and paste the items(s) that are causing the problems which would be a much smaller file size.
  4. Stéphane Vous parlez très bien anglais! :-) Yeah, I created that same scenario and used a hatch with sort of an orange color, and it seemed to work fine, associating that colored hatch to the texture, when rendering in hidden line, on a design layer, as well as a viewport on a sheet layer. Do be mindful that you do NOT need to select 'hidden line' as a 'foreground render' but only using the 'background render' option.
  5. Luis Did you have time to respond to my question about rotating an HDRI hemispheric Pano in realtime? I thought since you were a VW employee, that you may be able to run that by someone there at VW, if you did not have the answer. Thanks -Kev
  6. Speaking of HDRI Pano backgrounds.... Is there a way to rotate the Pano in realtime to get the alignment you want? It is always a crapshoot to know how the HDRI will orient itself when imported into a file. Honestly, it drives me nuts having to mess with it hit and miss. It can be rotated, fortunately, after importing it, but you never really know how that rotation will affect the view. It is kinda trial and error. Thoughts?
  7. You might try creating a viewport for what you are wanting to render in Final QualityRW or Custom RW and see if that situation no longer occurs. Just a thought. Personally, I rarely use Final Quality, but rather Custom RW for all of my stuff. I often create a duplicate viewport on a sheet layer..one using custom RW and one in open GL. The open GL version to just test the lighting, etc, because it is fast. Then I pull the trigger on rendering the custom RW viewport. Anyway....perhaps try creating a viewport on a sheet layer to see if you get the whacky results you were experiencing when rendering on the design layer.
  8. I guess you sorted it out. Do note that the file is in meters, so you need to set your VW units to match that. The other thing, because I deal with these imported surveys quite often, it seems that the surveyor did not put one friggin dimension in his file. This happens often and is really problematic because you need to make sure the scale of the drawing is correct. Often with 'Autobad' generated dwg files you need to multiply the objects in the file by a factor of 12. Not always, but often in my experience. So...be mindful of that and do make sure that the file matches the scale bar at the bottom left of the drawing.
  9. Justin What version of VW are you using? I just downloaded the file you attached, but need to know your version of VW so if I sort it out then send it back, you will be able to open it. Be very mindful, in general when importing a dwg file you have the option of importing 'all 2d, all 3d or both'. I usually import it tile twice. Once with all 2d to use with my working drawings, then all 3d so I can create a site model.
  10. zoomer Interesting....too bad they didn't keep that same paradigm for 2021. Thanks for responding and confirming.
  11. I was wondering if some brave soul could do me a little favor. I noticed that file sizes in VW 2020 were 1/2 the size of 2019 files. Not sure how they pulled that off. It was a game changer in my world. But my question is from 2020 to 2021 are file sizes further reduced? I didn't upgrade to 2021 for several reasons, so I am unable to test it myself. Thanks in advance -Kev
  12. Yeah....because they are 'working drawings' I have come to the conclusion that the building/planning departments don't deserve anything beyond that :-). I do use hatches, where appropriate, with my hidden line drawings. But then....for the Client's, I do a series of interior & exterior full on photorealistic renderings on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, which they can view and print if needed. Just my methodology....don't try this at home. :-)
  13. Uh, yeah.....I can guess :-) That is pretty cool. Will IC XS 2021 also be able to pay the rent on my little beach house here in Tahiti? :-) If so, I will be upgrading today!!!
  14. Ok, thanks for confirming that. I guess for the time being I will just stick with my '3d greek salads' and using the frame tool in IC XS to make any custom fronts. :-(
  15. Stephan, do you know if InteriorCad XS V 2021 will work with VW 2020? Or will it only work with VW 2021?? I didn't upgrade to 2021 this year for several reasons....I am sort of boycotting. Thanks
  16. uh.....perhaps not phenomenal, but much better than the standard VW cabinet tools.... I use it almost daily for cabinet creations for kitchens, and more. There is still a bit of work to do pertaining to drawers and doors relating to being able to create a custom profile for the drawer and door frames. It can be done, but currently it invokes a few extra steps. Hopefully that makes sense...
  17. Good....glad you resolved that issue. makes ya feel good, huh? 🙂
  18. To be clear....what I was pointing out Icda, was being able to increase the overall bump size in the settings dialogue window....the concrete texture you used was pre-set to 24" within the settings. IF you wanted it to appear larger, or smaller, on your surfaces, just change that dimension in the settings. Perhaps you were already aware of this , so excuse my comment if that is the case.
  19. I have some spare time at the moment if you would like to email me a blank file with an object that includes your texture, I am happy to test it on on my end. taviri@mac.com
  20. Icda I just gave it a go and it worked for me as well. There are a few caveats with the rendering set up, and without actually having your file to test, kinda hard to factor in to be apple for apples. One thing you might check is using the 'size' widget to make sure the image is large enough. My first attempt, rendering using custom RW, did not show any bump..... When I increased the size of the bump image, using the widget in the setup, it worked like a charm....no color, but the bump was there. Perhaps this helps.
  21. Oh, sorry. I am blind 😞. I didn’t notice in your screenshot it said image. My bad. Honestly, I don’t know if images, as opposed to say, ‘noise’ for the bump, will generate what you seek to facilitate. I will mess with it later today to check that out.
  22. Yeah, that whole bump thing can be a bit dicey. Are you using an image as the bump, or a texture?
  23. Thanks for that link. I will definitely check it out. I do a lot of rendering, so I am always on the hunt for sites that offer good 3D items.
  24. Anyway.....it's not like I expect you guys to make a bunch of wine labels...... :-) it was more about extrusion options, in general.
  25. Andy....indeed....that was the reason I posted my comment about the 'tapered extrude'.....it does stuff that you can't easily achieve with other methods to extrude things.
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