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  1. I suspect it will be trickier too! The symbols all have their own set of unique values apart from one field where they all share the same email address...
  2. I downloaded and installed the trial version, but it couldn't seem to show my data? Could it be that the symbols are not parametric?
  3. Thanks. Is it possible to download just that tool instead of the full Extension package?
  4. I have loads of symbols with a Custom Property Set attached in the IFC data. I need to update the email address across all of these and wonder if there is any way to do the whole lot in one go?
  5. Success! I removed my DNS server numbers and two default ones appeared and Vectorworks was able to activate. System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced... > DNS > remove all DNS numbers that appear in the list by selecting them then pressing the minus button on the bottom left.
  6. Didn't work on a different WiFi connection. Also tried removing our in office DNS number and using Google's (as we sometimes have issues loading webpages with ours and Google's works fine) but this didn't work either. All out of ideas now.
  7. Very frustrating. I need to try it when connected to a different WiFi as it may be the office connection that is causing the problem...I won't hold my breath though.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, but neither have worked. Tried unchecking "Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV)" and pressing 'Try Again' in excess of 50 times and still nothing
  9. I recently did a clean install of Yosemite on my MacBook Air and after installing Vectorworks it said it needed to be activated over the internet. I clicked 'Activate' and it brought up an error saying: "An attempt to activate over the Internet has failed because of communications problems. Do you want to try again? Make sure you have unrestricted internet access and that you are connected." I click "Try Again" but it just goes back to the same error message and all I can do is quit the program. Any help appreciated!
  10. Hi Zoomer, thanks for the detailed response. Every day is a school day! It is useful to understand what is actually going on behind the scenes when an export is done. I'll experiment with altering the resolution setting again and see what the outputs are like.
  11. Incase anyone is interested, I did some experimenting with exporting different complexity models to both IFC and DWG with a view of comparing the file sizes and identifying what was causing the large output. I found that when I filleted (rounded) the edges of objects, the exported IFC file size was increased dramatically. (It is worth noting that I had attached 35 pieces of IFC data to the original symbol which will of course have been stripped out of the DWG.) IFC export test results: Cube: 10 KB Cube with filleted edges: 1.4 MB DWG export test results: Cube: 276 KB Cube with filleted edges: 493 KB Vectorworks original file: Cube: 126 KB Cube with filleted edges: 193 KB I also found that an exported IFC file of a model with solid subtracts was larger than if you drew a 2D shape with a hole in the middle then extruded it, however no where near the same increase in size as the filleted edges caused. IFC export test results: Cube with hole (extruded from 2D shape): 13 KB Cube with hole (solid subtracted): 97 KB So in future, when exporting an IFC project I will remove all of the fillets I can (whilst retaining the critical dimensions) in an effort to minimise the final IFC export size.
  12. Is it possible to see why Vectorworks crashed from looking at the crash log? I am running a custom script that links to a Filemaker Database and imports data into the IFC fields in Vectorworks symbols, but every time I run the script Vectorworks crashes. I've looked through the log but it is pretty incomprehensible to me. Crash log attached for your reference.
  13. Ah, I had missed those export options, thanks. Although what is the difference between the four IFC versions? When I export as 'COBie/Facilities Management' it seems to be the same as 'CV 2.0 - Architecture'. The COBie Toolkit is only available for Revit though isn't it - or is there something similar for Vectorworks..? On a slightly different note, the whole process of attaching custom IFC data to symbols/objects seems very long winded. It would be nice to be able to enter custom IFC data into the OIP much like you would with record formats.
  14. Just in case anyone is interested, I managed to find a work around. I restarted Vectorworks (in the hope of clearing any cached data) and opened the file that contained the custom property set record format. I exported this to a new document and saved this new file. Restarted Vectorworks again and reopened the newly created file. I was then able to attach the custom Pset to a symbol and all of the fields became visible. I just hope this isn't the only way to do it though..?
  15. I've created a custom IFC property set by following the tutorial in the link below which worked fine. I realised I had missed some fields, so I have just added them to the record format (using the IfcInteger value type) but the newly added fields are not showing when I enter the IFC entity tab. Anyone come across this before? Image attached for reference. Vectorworks 2015 Help - Using Custom IFC Property Sets
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