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  1. hmm yeah - Id have thought annotating plans with labels that have different references would be a fairly staple requirement
  2. Ok thanks Bgoff sounds interesting.. Not used workflows before . look forward to it
  3. Thinking about it, Even a symbol with several text references that updated with a different number each time it was pasted would be a significant step in speeding up this process . If thats any easier? cheers
  4. hello all. I am am trying to get beyond the basics of vectorworks to use it a bit more intelligently. Essentially we typically are building sites of 20-50 houses with several house types. We are regularly required to provide co-ordinates of service connection points to ground workers so they can set out the site before work begins. We use different symbols for each house type, with the service pop ups (internet, electricity, water, rainwater pipes etc) as circles within the symbol. To provide co-ordinates we have been doing the rather painful process of naming each connection manually with a text reference, clicking on each circle and copying and pasting its easting and northings onto a separate note pad file, and then pasting again onto the sheet later with a reference to the connection on a plan. As you can imagine this takes a lot of time and there is a lot of room for error. I have been experimenting with the stake tool, but it is quite laborious on its own, and i still have to enter the reference name by hand as I cant seem to get it to autonumber each time I insert another point. What i'd like to do is essentially somehow reference each connection point in a symbol as Plot 1 - electricity Plot 1 - water Plot 1 - internet etc And then re-paste the house symbol and it automatically renames the connection points in that second house as Plot 2 - electricity Plot 2 - water Plot 2 - internet etc Then create a report which would give me the reference of each connection with a co-ordinates. It doesn't seem particularly outlandish requirement but it has me absolutely stumped and after a morning of trying it is taking longer than my old fashioned copy paste method. I would image this in a function that people require a lot so surely its doable? Is there an easy way to do it? look forward to your responses as always regards Im sure it has the capability to do what I require.
  5. Ok so an update, weirdly I have noticed that this issue seems to happen when I have a document open, as well as an unsaved new document. For example. If i open vectorworks and it has a default blank file, and then I open my file and leave the blank file in a closed window it wont snap. If i then close that window ,the file works. Must be some kind of bug?
  6. tried this with no luck. increasingly confusingly the file that i removed the info from is now working for me too! original one still not working. wonder it is reference related? I removed these before sharing
  7. yeah its just with occasional files. Ive removed everything out so will just upload here if you can take a look? thanks smart cursor settings 190228.vwx
  8. thanks Interestingly, that file is working ok on another machine. Other then resetting the resetting the smart cursor settings, is there anything else that could be directly related to my machine? Thanks
  9. Hi Jim This didnt fix it unfortunately Thanks
  10. Hi Russ, Not a file I can share unfortunately. If the issue persists, I may have a go tonight at stripping any private data from it and then sharing
  11. Hi Russ, Thanks for your reply. Yes my settings as as per your suggestion. Unless I am mistaken, this allows it to snap how it is in the start of the video before changing files?
  12. Hello all We are encountering an issue in the office whereby some files do not snap to 90/180 degrees etc regardless of the snap settings. I have uploaded a video to explain the problem. -If I open a blank file, it shows that the cursor will snap to the 90 degree intervals as you would expect -If I open a second file (the problematic one) and don't change any settings, it now wont snap -If i then return to the original file, It wont snap until I close vectorworks and start again Its very difficult to work with . Has anyone else experienced it? Its happened on several files, not just the one in the video any help is appreciated Using vectorworks 2018 regards vectorworks snap.mov
  13. hey, thanks for your reply. This sorted my issue. Thats frustrating as cropping was one of they main thing I switched to DLVP for hopefully it can be rectified sooner rather than later


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