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  1. just for clarity I mean when drawing in 2D. Using vectorworks 2021
  2. Could someone please tell me if I am going completely mad? I am using vectorworks on a PC after several years on a Mac . I keep trying to duplicate via dragging and pressing the alt key but it isn't duplicating my object. Am I going crazy, or is it not possible to do this? I have been using indesign a lot recently too, and not sure if my muscle memory is getting confused! If not, is there an easy way to drag duplicate on windows? I have tried googling, (which suggests alt should work) as well as several other combinations. I specifically like the drag duplicate rather than the copy tool, because it allows me to move objects along the x/y axis which is really useful when composing sheets or diagrams etc Many thanks
  3. thanks for the response pat. to explain the scenario a bit better. due to covid, I currently have my own machine at home with my own vectorworks licence, and in addition we temporarily have a couple of machines in the office that anyone can use (but its multiple users that are using the same vwx licence as its only ever in use by one person at a time). I am on the hot desk machine right now so cant answer those questions for my home machine, will check it out later this evening. so hot desk machine - 1. on the latest service pack 2. user folder is stored /Users/*company name*/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2021 (but it is happening on my machine that only i am using, so it is not possible that other people can overwrite it) 3. will try 4. Will try 5. will try thanks for the suggestions - will report back but it may take some time for a true relfection as it doesnt forget my settings reliably everytime i restart, but it is very common so will let you know
  4. hello all as per the title really. since using vwx 2021 i find that everytime i open vwx at the start of each day i have to manually set all my choice of navigation palettes i.e classes, layers, references etc sometimes just the order of the tabs is wrong, but most of the time they all turn off so i have to turn them all back on . quite frustrating. is happening on various machines i use on different licences (hot desking) so this might suggest its not specific to my MAC anyone else experienced it? not a big job but quite annoying to do all the time ta
  5. ah boss! great idea re the nudging. glad i started this thread
  6. i religiously use the shift key yeah but i never use the snap grid. i found it really annoying so always turn it off but i never thought to customise it , thats a great tip. i've just set up a whole project and i'd be willing to bet i've drawn it at something like 0.03 off the grid!
  7. hi all. ive been using vectorworks for a few years now. one thing i never seem to get right however is the precision of drawing. I generally find that whatever level of precision im working to will display ok and appear correct dimensionally, but if i set it the precision to another decimal point i find out what i thought was straight isnt actually bang on. for example if i was drawing at 1mm precision, and later set it to 0.0mm i would find lots of odd numbers 0.3, 0.7 etc. I havent entered these manually and am pretty vigorous at moving by selecting the snap points of objects so i never know how these odd dims find my way into my drawings. especially when i am working on straight buildings over a grid which has been drawn by offsetting straight lines. I thought i had solved this by working at 0.1mm decimal precision, but then setting it to 0.00 shows up similar errors. Whilst in the real world this has no consequence (as they are so small you'd never notice) it does bother me that the drawing never feels quite bang on. especially when i am mirroring and duplicating something along a length, these small errors can add up. for now i feel that i have to draw, measure, move, measure etc and it gets quite tiresome. I know its not just me, as when i look at other peoples files its quite common does anyone else experience this? I have never had it in other cad programs so wonder if its something i'm doing, or something thats easier to do in vectorworks for some reason. what would be good is if you are working to a 0.0 precision, it wouldnt physically let you put something at 0.02 for example
  8. ah nice! i knew there was a reason i rant on here! i suspected it could have been related to an upgrade. its too useful to get rid of! thanks
  9. hi all has anyone noticed that in vwx 2021 the grouping and pasting of a viewport into another document no longer works? i used this ALL THE TIME! any suggestions for a work around?
  10. yeah this is one of those instances where I really wish you could change the order of the tools rather than the key shortcut. OR if they introduced something new, they stick it at the end so it doesnt mess up ingrained muscle memory !
  11. hi all i regularly use 'shift' + 'm' to select the move by points tool . once this is activated i then pressed 'o' as the shortcut to enter the number of objects to be duplicated. in vectorworks 2021 pressing 'o' now selects the new 'selection retention mode' very annoying as i work between 202+ 2021 depending on what project im on. is it possible to switch these keys back without changing the p and o round for all other settings? driving me mad ta
  12. thanks bruce i think this clears it up. ill amend my drawings and see if i have success
  13. after confirming that the DLVP's position is determined by - origin in source file + object positions - origin in reference file i need a strategy (other than dragging the DLVP) to make it return to its correct location. is there a way to tell the DLVP to return to its original position, or resetting the dlvp without re-creating it? If it is glitching or has somehow been moved unknowingly it would give me a method to implement to correct it thanks
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