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  1. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Ok so an update, weirdly I have noticed that this issue seems to happen when I have a document open, as well as an unsaved new document. For example. If i open vectorworks and it has a default blank file, and then I open my file and leave the blank file in a closed window it wont snap. If i then close that window ,the file works. Must be some kind of bug?
  2. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Scratch that, it isnt working afterall
  3. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    really appreciate the help fyi
  4. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    tried this with no luck. increasingly confusingly the file that i removed the info from is now working for me too! original one still not working. wonder it is reference related? I removed these before sharing
  5. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    yeah its just with occasional files. Ive removed everything out so will just upload here if you can take a look? thanks smart cursor settings 190228.vwx
  6. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    thanks Interestingly, that file is working ok on another machine. Other then resetting the resetting the smart cursor settings, is there anything else that could be directly related to my machine? Thanks
  7. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Hi Jim This didnt fix it unfortunately Thanks
  8. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Hi Russ, Not a file I can share unfortunately. If the issue persists, I may have a go tonight at stripping any private data from it and then sharing
  9. rexwexford

    help please. Not snapping regardless of settings

    Hi Russ, Thanks for your reply. Yes my settings as as per your suggestion. Unless I am mistaken, this allows it to snap how it is in the start of the video before changing files?
  10. Hello all We are encountering an issue in the office whereby some files do not snap to 90/180 degrees etc regardless of the snap settings. I have uploaded a video to explain the problem. -If I open a blank file, it shows that the cursor will snap to the 90 degree intervals as you would expect -If I open a second file (the problematic one) and don't change any settings, it now wont snap -If i then return to the original file, It wont snap until I close vectorworks and start again Its very difficult to work with . Has anyone else experienced it? Its happened on several files, not just the one in the video any help is appreciated Using vectorworks 2018 regards vectorworks snap.mov
  11. rexwexford

    References Disappear on Zoom

    hey, thanks for your reply. This sorted my issue. Thats frustrating as cropping was one of they main thing I switched to DLVP for hopefully it can be rectified sooner rather than later
  12. rexwexford

    References Disappear on Zoom

    did you ever fix this issue? i have it now and cant solve it
  13. rexwexford

    BIM elevations + context

    thanks for your reply. Ok sounds like I am on the right path with it
  14. rexwexford

    BIM elevations + context

    Hello all, Looking to start using vectorworks bim. I'm teaching myself and have some questions regarding general principals of setting up drawings. I'm fairly familiar with revit so its not a huge leap. we regularly produce housing sites which currently are produced in the typical way, (from 2D with plans sections and elevations drawn separately). I'd ideally like to produce BIM models of the different housing types, and arrange them by plan, and then be able to generate the elevations and sections from taking views in the model. We generally do not produce a 3d site model as we just view from above. generally our sites are flat or as good as. Ideally the plans sections and elevations would look identical in style to what we currently produce. There is clearly more to elevations than just the faces of the buildings. We'd like to be able to add context, trees cars people etc. These would probably want to be done in 2d to maintain the style of drawings that associated with our current output. In principle would it be ok to set up 2d working planes in front of the 3d elevations to add context? or would this just be crazy way of using BIM? I have trialled it on a simple house and context and it worked, but yet to try it for a site of 50 houses. Or would it be possible to link views from the 3d model to a 2d file and draw over the top to add trees and people? Appreciate your thoughts
  15. rexwexford

    origins and rotated plan views

    hello all me again, and origins again . Thanks for all your help on my previous origin questions. I think I have got to the bottom of what is causing our practice to have issues, and things seem to be running a lot more smoothly for now. I am now comfortable setting up and amended user origins to reflect real world coordinates, etc. however, I have noticed that if I set up my user origin and then use the 'rotate plan' command (available in architect) the origin will change to accommodate the new view. I understand why it would do this. What i don't get is, if I then re-do my user origin to the same offset within that rotated view, it is happy to work at that origin in a rotated view. If i then set my rotation back to zero, it will change the origin again, when in theory I am now in my original view with original origin. If i am wanting to give setting out co-ordinates, it is pretty crucial that these are correct. What do people do to get round this? thanks


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