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  1. Hahah, thanks! It worked. Sorry, beginner here... 🙂
  2. Yes. It is the main plan 3B Bathroom Kristina Zareva 1_25 A3.vwx
  3. Seems like it is still there despite being deleted. The outer won't go away. Tried to convert it into lines, etc
  4. Thank you.. for a moment I was relieved, because after I converted the inner curve I was able to delete it. BUT, when I did the same with the outer one and pressed 'delete' the inner curve resurfaced again and the outer remained as it is. I tried it several times. 😮
  5. Yes.. I tried to re-start VectorWorks, my computer as well.
  6. Does anyone know how to delete these polylines? I tried everything, but they can't be removed or sent to the back.
  7. Dear Klinzey, Thank you for your suggestions. I've reached out to the local VW team and they resolved the problem via TeamViewing session. The source of the problem was that the program was installed on a Case-sensitive disk. This is a re-occurring problem with iOS devices. For VectorWorks to operate smoothly, it has to be installed on a non-case-sensitive disk. My problem is now solved, thank you.
  8. Hi, I just installed Vectorworks on macOS Catalina 10.15.6 with a student license, but the below failure pops up. I tried to re-install it several times, the application is in its folder, no duplicates exist. What's the resolution?
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