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  1. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Framing Improvements

    After long talks with people inside Vectorworks, the wall tool is very complicated to update because is part of the foundation of Vectorworks, and has a ton of legacy code that nobody what to mess with... Maybe the solution is a new wall tool, build from the ground up like the Curtain Wall tool, to start replacing the legacy Wall tool.
  2. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Framing Improvements

    Yes, please, the Wall framing tool is ancient and, for example, lacks the ability to change the profile of the studs, like using metal "C" studs instead of the wood studs.
  3. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Freelance Architectural draftsmen

    Hi Harry, I'll be happy to help you, I've worked with several members of the forums before with excellent results. Kind regards Diego
  4. Hi @mbellini I can help you with that, I'm a Vectorworks instructor so I've done similar step by step guides in the past. Kind regards Diego
  5. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    IFC, GUID and timestamp in Vectorworks

    Can you share the name of the BIM manual you are reading? To see the context of that statement.
  6. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    I forgot that option! Thank you!
  7. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    For the roof is better to use the Roof Face command, that way you can make a roof with just one fall. The round wall in the top is a little bit trickier, you'll need to add several points to the top and move each point following an arc.
  8. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Need to set up a proper VW House drawing

    I've sent a private message with my number..
  9. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Need to set up a proper VW House drawing

    I've sent you a private message.
  10. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Need to set up a proper VW House drawing

    Greetings, I've worked with several members of the forum before and I have a Vectorworks-only outsourcing service, I'll be glad to help you.
  11. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    That's a good question!
  12. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Imported files not rendering the Roofs properly

    Hi, are you copying the house model like a group?
  13. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    framing model

    Check if your wall core is 6", maybe is getting the 4" from the core thickness..
  14. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Window in round wall

    For a round window, you will need to create a 2D/3D symbol, Vectorworks will no bend a window to adapt to the round wall.
  15. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Can't get 3DConnexion to work fully

    These are my settings and they work great


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