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  1. 1.The section fill is controlled by the Section Style Class, changing it you can show different fills/hatches , etc 2. Are you creating a horizontal Section Viewport or a regular 2D plan?
  2. You need to assign a IFC definition to the symbols, even generic IFC definition will be enough, otherwise the objects will not be recognized by the IFC softwares
  3. You need to define a component in the roof to clip the walls
  4. Put a 3D locus to each of the points you want the fence to lock, then use the 3D mode of the fence Tool
  5. A way to do it is ungroup the main roof and clip just the remaining Roof Face in Top/Plan view
  6. With the cabinet tool you can't do that, un-check the countertop from the cabinet, use the Countertop tool and then you can create an opening for the sink, but you will have to manually adjust the size of the hole in the Countertop to fit the sink
  7. I also have this problem, with site models I've tried several "workarounds" to no avail, any suggestions?
  8. Greetings I've working remotely as a consultant for several years now, with members of the forum too, if you need some help, I can provide you with my portfolio, You can contact me at any moment too! Kind regards Diego
  9. Yes, I'm curious about the process to convert point cloud to mesh, can you give us some pointers?
  10. Right now I have a 2 step process, first, create the planes or rectangles aligned to the point cloud, and then create walls and slabs and so on, I hope there is a better method
  11. Have you tried to reinstall Vectorworks? I've been using almost the same configuration with Vectorworks 2020, Catalina and a Sonnet eGPU with an 8 gig Radeon card without any issue, or try to contact tech support..
  12. When you open the Get Info dialog window for Vectorworks, you have the "prefer eGPU" option checked?
  13. Greetings, I've using point clouds for refurbishments projects , I usually use the Clip cube and I start adding planes (rectangles) to work as Working planes and start modeling from them, Is there a better way to use point clouds for architectural modeling in Vectorworks?
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