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  1. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    That's a good question!
  2. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Imported files not rendering the Roofs properly

    Hi, are you copying the house model like a group?
  3. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    framing model

    Check if your wall core is 6", maybe is getting the 4" from the core thickness..
  4. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Window in round wall

    For a round window, you will need to create a 2D/3D symbol, Vectorworks will no bend a window to adapt to the round wall.
  5. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Can't get 3DConnexion to work fully

    These are my settings and they work great
  6. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Consultant Services Needed

    Greetings, I’ll be glad to help you! I’ve been working with other members of the forum.
  7. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Best way to create site model without VW Landscape?

    You can use 3D locus to generate a site model, but you need at least have the Architect module installed.
  8. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Until Next Time

    Hi Jim!!! You will be missed! I've got the pleasure to meet you in the last Summit, sorry to hear of your departure, but best of luck!!!
  9. Diego-Resuelvectorworks


    Check if you have Unified View activated...
  10. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Lintel wrapped by adjoining wall components

    I'm afraid there isn't a way to do it in Vectorworks, the wall components wrap only horizontally, in plan view, and even that with some limitations,
  11. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Bathroom as Symbol

    The best option is to create a Record and assign it to a text to use as door tag, don't use the Data Tags or the Door own ID Tag, because they don't work well inside symbols
  12. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    NAS Users

    Bump... I'll like to know more if Vectorworks can work this way too...
  13. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Railing/Fence Tool

    Wow, that railing tool looks amazing, would be great to have something like that in Vectorworks.!
  14. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Best way to create roof by NURBS curves or Curved Lines

    Then for the beams, you can use the Create Contours tool to create the baselines to generate the beams.
  15. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Site Model Section Viewports not rendering

    Yes, there is no way to make a solid fill of a DTM in 2019, doing it manually is a pain in the neck.


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