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  1. I've just tested and the exported EPS from 2020 looks correct in Illustrator 2019
  2. I understand updating the icons to the Dark Mode, thus this is the first iteration of the icons, but I still think we have 3 elephants in the room, Walls, Win/Door and Stairs that need to be fixed/updated/improved besides the icons and the GUI, if a tool does not keep up/surpasses the competition a nice looking icon won't be a improvement at all...
  3. That's hardly a solution, more like a workaround....
  4. With special note to the dimension tools, in Dark mode they are very hard to read!
  5. I've be working on a Shared project and had a crash, open Vectorworks back again and whenever try to open the file Vectorworks beach-ball in the resetting bounds step, any ideas how can be fixed or prevented? Thanks!
  6. Yes, that's a great idea or even list the classes would be great!
  7. The Backup and Sync app, the test i did were with project Sharing, Dropbox is far more reliable than Google Drive
  8. I've been testing the official Google Drive app for macOS and compared with DropBox the sync process is too slow over the same internet connection, we did the following test, uploaded a file in dropbox and the same file to Google Drive, in that scenario both services performed well, once you started working in the uploaded file, the problem became clear, after every change GDrive uploaded the whole file again, but Dropbox only uploaded the changes to that file. The result, Google drive is less expensive but slow than Dropbox when uploading the changes, Dropbox is more expensive but much faster because only uploads the changes to that file.
  9. Sadly most of the Vectorworks operations are still single-core, so at this point is irrelevant how many cores we have, since Vectorworks cannot use them, unless you are using Renderworks.
  10. Works with Google Drive but is painfully slow, because GDrive uploads the whole file every time something changes in the file, DropBox only uploads the changes to that file so is much faster
  11. The "Update" Button has to go, Vectoworks need to use the idle cores in the modern CPU to make the updates real-time.
  12. After long talks with people inside Vectorworks, the wall tool is very complicated to update because is part of the foundation of Vectorworks, and has a ton of legacy code that nobody what to mess with... Maybe the solution is a new wall tool, build from the ground up like the Curtain Wall tool, to start replacing the legacy Wall tool.
  13. Yes, please, the Wall framing tool is ancient and, for example, lacks the ability to change the profile of the studs, like using metal "C" studs instead of the wood studs.


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