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  1. Hello all, Just sharing this pack for furnitures: https://youtu.be/owtZcELcjOE For free content (also attached to this post): https://kilobim.com.br/produto/package-armchairs-chairs-free_vectorworks/ Full package: info: https://kilobim.com.br/produto/package-chairs-armchairs_vectorworks Hope that might help. Thank you. KILOBIM_Chair & Armchair_FreeSample_v2020.zip
  2. New link available: https://kilobim.com.br/produto/waffleslab_vectorworks/?v=cf46f4701eab
  3. Hello all! A new set of furniture symbols (VW 2020+) are avaialble on my page: https://kilobim.com/produto/pacote-salao-de-beleza-beauty-salon-vectorworks/?v=cf46f4701eab Video: https://youtu.be/yNjqC6xP4cE Some files for FREE (table mirrors) you also find through this link and attached to this post as well: https://kilobim.com/produto/espelho-mesa-mirror-vectorworks/?v=cf46f4701eab Main features: Hybrid symbols. Metadata (registers + IFC) included. Scale sensibility (detailed or simple LOD). Thanks. [INT]KILOBIM_BeautySalon_TableMirrors_v2020.zip
  4. Hello all, In the following video you see new PIO for waffle slab modeller - it generates the 3D shapes in fast and helpfull tool for conceptual phases. There are parameters for doms (sizes, quantity), as well as for ribs. There is a limitation of 100 cells, but with solid operations it's possible to get wider slabs without affecting performance. It's for free. Video: https://youtu.be/ooOlm5C5XMk Object page: https://kilobim.com/produto/waffleslab-lajenervurada-vectorworks/?v=cf46f4701eab Hope that might help. Thanks. [INT]KILOBIM_WaffleSlab_v2020.vwx
  5. Hello all, Just sharing a new PIO for pivot door. Some features you see on video: opening angle, wall offset, total length, total height, parameters for frame, sill, sash and door leaf, materials. Youtube: https://youtu.be/H1ZcHxUPLCo My website: https://kilobim.com/produto/pivotdoor-vectorworks/?v=cf46f4701eab You also find file attached. Hope it might help. Thanks! [INT]KILOBIM_PivotDoor_v2020.vwx
  6. Hello all, In the following video you see new PIO for parametric solar shades (brise-soleil). There are parameters for system geometry, solar shade units, structural framing, supports and textures. https://youtu.be/M_BC18R5qTk Hope that might help. Thanks.
  7. UPDATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/E6Xp_x7fvdY
  8. Hello Neal, Files have been fixed. Thanks.
  9. Hello all, Just sharing parametric models for sofa/armrest (FOR FREE), with changeable number of seats and scale sensitive representation in plan views and 3D. They are 3 in total. https://youtu.be/DMSFgyEDxR0 Hope they might help.
  10. Hello all, Just sharing the brand new PIO for Moving Head Beam - a simple object available for free. https://bit.ly/3mhdnM4 Thanks.
  11. Hello all, Just sharing the new 3D/2D symbols for Security Cameras. Vectorworks 2019+ Video: https://youtu.be/teE8emdxtI0 +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/security-cameras-bim/ Thanks.
  12. Hello all, Just sharing the new Parametric Pergola for VW 2019 and later. FOR FREE https://youtu.be/DOrtnZa4R-E +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/pergola-parametric/ Thank you.
  13. Hello all, Just sharing these Hygienic Showers for Vectorworks 2019+. They are for free. video +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/hygienic-shower-bim/ Thanks.
  14. Hello all, Just sharing the brand new library parts for Showers. 5 different types - with scale sensibility features - LOD. OBJECT FOR FREE! video: https://youtu.be/lVxfOx0bF0s +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/chuveiro-shower-bim/ Thanks.
  15. Hello all, A new BIM object is available for Vectorworks 2019 and later versions: a special faucet with water filter. More info you find this find. Object is for FREE video: https://youtu.be/91dR8G0EoV0 Hope that might help. I'm open for suggestions on more objects/symbols to be developed. Thanks.
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