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  1. Hello all, Just sharing parametric models for sofa/armrest (FOR FREE), with changeable number of seats and scale sensitive representation in plan views and 3D. They are 3 in total. https://youtu.be/DMSFgyEDxR0 Hope they might help.
  2. Hello all, Just sharing the brand new PIO for Moving Head Beam - a simple object available for free. https://bit.ly/3mhdnM4 Thanks.
  3. Hello all, Just sharing the new 3D/2D symbols for Security Cameras. Vectorworks 2019+ Video: https://youtu.be/teE8emdxtI0 +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/security-cameras-bim/ Thanks.
  4. Hello all, Just sharing the new Parametric Pergola for VW 2019 and later. FOR FREE https://youtu.be/DOrtnZa4R-E +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/pergola-parametric/ Thank you.
  5. Hello all, Just sharing these Hygienic Showers for Vectorworks 2019+. They are for free. video +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/hygienic-shower-bim/ Thanks.
  6. Hello all, Just sharing the brand new library parts for Showers. 5 different types - with scale sensibility features - LOD. OBJECT FOR FREE! video: https://youtu.be/lVxfOx0bF0s +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/chuveiro-shower-bim/ Thanks.
  7. Hello all, A new BIM object is available for Vectorworks 2019 and later versions: a special faucet with water filter. More info you find this find. Object is for FREE video: https://youtu.be/91dR8G0EoV0 Hope that might help. I'm open for suggestions on more objects/symbols to be developed. Thanks.
  8. Hello all, I would like to share a parametric tactile paving with two types: Warning and Directional. Number of pavings changes according length. Object is for free! https://youtu.be/kjsuUYhb0mo Hope that might be helpful somehow. Thank you.
  9. Hello all, I've created a 3d parametric geometry by Marionette, an converted that to a plugin object. However, when I load it to another project, geometry loses many parts , and when I open script, many nodes have lost their connections. Why (for God sake) it happens? I made many test in the original PIO file, and it's OK, but in other projects, no. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, I would like to share a plugin object for Vectorworks 2019, PreBeam - predimensioned concrete beam. The height of the beam changes according length (span) and the type set (2 points, continuous or cantilever). http://www.kilobim.com/viga-predimensionada-vectorworks/ On youtube there is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zpihB-IFh8&feature=emb_title The plugin objects is available Free. Thank you.
  11. Hello again, Is there a way to assign texture to a 3D symbol using a parameter created in Marionette to control that? I'm creating a furniture (attached file) and there is one parameter to choose the Seat Texture, the options are three (Red, Blue and Grey - stored in Resource Library). The symbols are already placed by symbol node, but they don't get the textures. So, I'm bit lost with that issue. Thanks in advance. Question_Chair_01.vwx
  12. Hello all, Is there a way to use a parametric object made by Marionette in other documents? I have converted symbol into a Plugin Object, and now it is listed in red in my Resource Manager. However when I try to load this red item into another document, Vectorworks crashes or document displays only the 2D symbol. And I would like to have whole stuff: the 3Ds and whole parametrization that affects the object. What's wrong? Thanks.
  13. Hello all, I'm creating a furniture by Marionette and I have placed a Symbol node in order to get scale sensitive 2D views from one existing symbol. It works fine in plan view, but in section viewports it doesn't - shows the 3D projection of furniture shape, with inconvenient lines/edges. Is there a way to replace the views by the ones which are set in the Symbol node? Thanks.
  14. I've got a solution placing a customized Same String node (called "Replace String") - in order to get association between color and Reference Codes. Thanks. data object v2.vwx
  15. Hi again, Is there a way to make association between textures and data? The attached file has an pop up menu for texture type, the options are Green, Blue and Red. And I want to assign a Reference Code for each option, such as: Green - "001"; Blue - "002"; Red - "003" I tried with "IF" and "Valve" nodes, but I didn't get expected result, keeping always the same Reference Code. Thanks in advance. data object.vwx
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