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  1. We've tried GDrive and even Box with any luck, DropBox works better.. I've been using the exact configuration you speak, I've doing cloud syncing for quite some time now with no major issues, if you want I can help with your settings.
  2. The Railing tool have a mode where you can put railings going up in a slope
  3. I've been using DropBox with Project Sharing for over 3 years now with almost no troubles at all, even working in mixed platforms, you only have to be careful to use the correct file protocol SMB or AFP depending on your machines, SMB in mixed Mac/Win environments works better, GDrive is way too slow for updates.
  4. Yes, the Italian and the french version have much better dimensioning tools and much better windows and doors tools, but they are not present in the US version
  5. I would be happy with, at least, stacked walls and a new better stair tool and faster sections and elevations, is pain in the neck waiting for refresh's
  6. Make sure your main monitor is the one connected to the eGPU, I’ve been using an eGPU for almost a year now with great results
  7. Yes, you will loose all the parametric options, Vectorworks don't have the option to create parametric Families, just 2D/3D symbols and PIO objects
  8. Hi, the trim will be always rectangle, there is no way to change the profile, you need to model it separately..
  9. Hi, I need to report the Z height of several slab objects, I'm trying with the ZCoordinate formula in database mode and nothing and when I use the 'Slab'.'Height' formula the results are wrong, I'm doing something wrong?
  10. Hi, you have to options. you can put the layer with the image on top of the drawing layer and give the image an opacity, or you can put the image in a layer below the trace layer and enable the "Show, Snap others " in the layer visibility's
  11. Hi, When it comes to 3D dimensions is easier to do them in Layer, just need to enable the Automatic Working plane, that way the dimension will align to any face on an object
  12. Nice trick, I'll love to see Stacked Walls in Vectorworks someday...
  13. That's a very good question, I'll ready if anyone have a good way to do this, without using 2 walls one on top of each other...
  14. You can connect the components, you have to enable the Wall Clipping in the roof and select which components will be connected between the roof and the wall
  15. Greetings, I do outsourcing services using Vectorworks, I’ve worked in the past with other members of the forum
  16. I think most of the current versions of Vectorworks can still open MCD files
  17. When you use the Get Info command for the Vectorworks app, in the Finder, make sure you have selected the "Prefer External GPU" checkmark
  18. I've just tested and the exported EPS from 2020 looks correct in Illustrator 2019
  19. I understand updating the icons to the Dark Mode, thus this is the first iteration of the icons, but I still think we have 3 elephants in the room, Walls, Win/Door and Stairs that need to be fixed/updated/improved besides the icons and the GUI, if a tool does not keep up/surpasses the competition a nice looking icon won't be a improvement at all...
  20. That's hardly a solution, more like a workaround....
  21. With special note to the dimension tools, in Dark mode they are very hard to read!
  22. I've be working on a Shared project and had a crash, open Vectorworks back again and whenever try to open the file Vectorworks beach-ball in the resetting bounds step, any ideas how can be fixed or prevented? Thanks!
  23. Yes, that's a great idea or even list the classes would be great!
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