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  1. Ok, I've got something to work now... Thanks! It seems a bit confusing that I have to add Issue Data when I'm trying to record revisions, especially as I have revisions on my TBB and not issues. I would expect the Project Revision History to track Revision Data and the Project Issue History to track Issue Date. I find I have to add both a revision and issue to my TBB to get both the Sheet Revision Log & Project Revision History to work, and have it show correctly on each TBB. What is the difference between Revisions and Issues in VW? Why is there not just one or the other?
  2. How do I create a new issue? Is this different to creating a new revision within the TBB? I usually use Revision Data over Issue Date. In the below image I have created revisions 'Test 1' & 'Test 2' which are showing on the TBB but not on the Project Revision History.
  3. Hi Nikolay, Thanks for the response. I'm using the Sheet Revision Log and it works well, I want the Project Revision History to give me a general overview though and show previous revisions. How do I get the Current Revision Number to show on the Project Revision History worksheet? You say I need to issue the TBB? Thanks.
  4. I cant seem to get the revision history to appear on the 'Project Revision History' worksheet. I have my title bar set up correctly with data types set to 'Revision Data.Number' etc... However these aren't appearing on the worksheet. Any ideas?


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