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  1. Danielle227

    Referenced viewports and classes vw2019

    I've discovered that if I give the referenced layer a DIFFERENT name than original file's layer name, the referenced classes can turn on and off. The new problem is that not all of the classes from the original file are showing up on the referenced file.
  2. Danielle227

    Referenced viewports and classes vw2019

    BOH, It doesnt work when checked either.
  3. Danielle227

    Referenced viewports and classes vw2019

    BCD: It isn't checked
  4. I have referenced a floor plan from a plan file into a new elevations file. Within the new elevations file, I created a viewport around one room of the plan and put that viewport on a sheet in the elevations file. I want to turn off some of the classes of the viewport. When I click on the viewport, go into Object Info, and turn off some of the classes, they still appear in the viewport. Help! Referencing is not what it used to be, and I'm lost.
  5. Danielle227

    Default drawing label tool

    How does one create a default style for the drawing label tool? I find that when I use the drawing label tool, I have to manually change the size of the text and change the bubble style for every viewport. This is tedious and would be a great timesaver to understand how to set it once, and have it as my default. Thank you! Danielle


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