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  1. VW 2019, iMac 27, (Catalina) I've been experiencing a strange phenomena . . . parts of some (not all) Design Layers are missing from the Viewport of that layer when applied to a Sheet Layer. For example, a piece of a wall may be missing in an elevation, yet the same graphic technique elsewhere in the drawing comes through. It's structural parts—lines, rectangles, textures, etc—that are missing, not a contiguous area erased. Making a new viewport sometimes improves the situation, most times doesn't. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? Is it a function of VW 2019? Any help will be appreciated! RLB in Brooklyn
  2. Excellent! Thanks. The VW Community is remarkable. As a teacher I really appreciate how much and how quickly I learn from other VW users willing and able to share.
  3. The small green squares at the ends of witness lines are present when I export a file to JPG. How do I avoid or get rid of them? Many thanks, RLB in NYC
  4. An hour or so ago I migrated from VW2019 to VW2020. When I opened the plans I had been working on in the newer version, 2020, All the classes of lines were shown as "None." They were almost hairline in width. I know I must have missed something in the settings for the migration, but don't know what. When I do know, I'll remove the current program, download it again, and perform the migration correctly. Any help will be much, much appreciated. RLB in Brooklyn (Mac Catalina)
  5. More information on Viewport issue . . . some graphics not included when applied to Sheet Layer. Examples shown below is the Plan as drawn on its Design Layer (ABOVE). Viewport as it appears on Sheet Layer (BELOW). PINK zones show elements that are in the Design Layer and are not in the Sheet Layer. Adding new test lines and shapes to the Design Layer are NOT seen in the Sheet Layer. There seems to be a TIME CUTOFF on copying new graphics. The missing items were indeed the MOST RECENT adjustments made in the Design Layer. I have used Update All Viewports several times; no change. There are no unselected Layers to Classes when I create the Viewport. Can the Viewport Image be locked somehow, not available to change? Where would one control that? What other settings in the Viewport dialog box could have caused recent changes in the Design Layer not to be copied to the Sheet Layer? Thanks again! RLB in Brooklyn
  6. For the last several days some of my viewports (all simple 2D drafting) of Design Layers onto Sheet Layers have been missing some lines and some text from callouts, seemingly random. The omissions are not unique; lines are of the same type as others in the drawing, and in the callouts the text is missing but not the leaders, etc. I've gone back and enabled all classes and layers in the viewport dialog boxes. Any ideas will be MUCH appreciated! RLB in Brooklyn
  7. Hi, Every time I add a drawing label I have to change the font size from the default. Also change the bubble size. Is there any way of customizing these defaults to my preferred sizes? Thanks! RLB in Brooklyn
  8. Pat, Thanks! My OIP was not open! I'm embarrassed by overlooking stuff; it comes from not working with the program that often. I really appreciate your help. RLB in Brooklyn
  9. Hi, All of a sudden my VW 2019 cannot edit the drafting symbols I've put in place, things like break lines, drawing labels, reference markers, etc. I can CREATE them, but when I double-click on them to bring up their appropriate dialog box nothing happens except a dull 'thunk' sound. This is a new situation so I must have inadvertently changed something. Any ideas about what needs to be done to bring back the editing capability? I've tried re-starting both the computer and VW to no avail. Thanks for any help! RB in Brooklyn
  10. Hi, Thanks !!!! I went back to the Layer Options and 'Show/Snap Others' was selected. But CLASS OPTIONS was set on 'Gray/Snap Others' for some reason. I appreciate being pointed to the solution. Stay safe.
  11. After not opening my VW files for about four weeks, I find my drawings grayed out and lines, shapes, etc., unable to be activated by clicking or Select>All. I've checked the Navigation menu and the dark 'eye' in the left column is selected, as well as the chosen layer file checked and highlighted. Drawings from a month ago are OK. Where can I start looking for the culprit? A setting? VW 2019 on an iMac (Catalina) Thanks !!!
  12. Just today the Viewports I create from Design Layers do not appear on my Sheet Layer. Instead I see a small square with an orange border and an 'X' in it. Viewports I made earlier appear fine. Any ideas of what went wrong? Thanks in advance! RLB in Brooklyn
  13. Hi, I'm new to using Design Layer Viewports on other design layers, in order to have underlying graphics for a new design layer. Example: An underlying Floor Plan in order to make a Refelected Ceiling Plan. I created a DL Viewport of the Floor Plan on the DL of the Reflected Ceiling Plan. But the DL of the Floor Plan won't update on the RCP. I'm used to the viewports automatically updating when I use them on Sheet Layers. Any idea what I'm not doing or doing wrong? Can you point me to clarifying instructions or videos? Many thanks. The VW community is terrific.


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