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  1. Thanks! Going to Advanced Properties works like a charm. I appreciate the help! RLB in Brooklyn
  2. I have a strange situation. Some Viewports from Design Layers do not scale their end markers (I use dots) when applied to the Sheet Layers. See image. Others do. I can't figure out what's wrong. Everything else, like text and line weights look fine on the Sheet layer. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! RLB in Brooklyn
  3. I have a strange issue. I have four plans (view ports) on a Sheet Layer. Everything was fine until today. Now one of the plan view ports has disappeared. When I make new view ports from that Design Layer assigned to the Sheet Layer they are not visible either. Any idea of what the problem is? Help will be MUCH appreciated! PLB in Brooklyn
  4. I'd like to work back and forth between two design layers to coordinate dimensions, changes, etc. Is there a way to do this in VW, as there is in other programs which can have multiple windows open at the same time? Thanks! RLB in Brooklyn
  5. Is there a VW (2020 Designer SP6) alternative to exporting DWG and image files one by one? I have 15 sheets in a project and doing it individually is a real drag. Thanks for any help! RLB in Brooklyn
  6. Thanks. I didn't know how to use the toggle until now! Solved.
  7. I must have hit the wrong keys somewhere, but the Line Tool in VW 2019 now only makes lines with end markers. Where can I turn this property off? Thanks in advance! RLB in Brooklyn
  8. VW 2019, iMac 27, (Catalina) I've been experiencing a strange phenomena . . . parts of some (not all) Design Layers are missing from the Viewport of that layer when applied to a Sheet Layer. For example, a piece of a wall may be missing in an elevation, yet the same graphic technique elsewhere in the drawing comes through. It's structural parts—lines, rectangles, textures, etc—that are missing, not a contiguous area erased. Making a new viewport sometimes improves the situation, most times doesn't. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? Is it a function of VW 2019? Any help will be appreciated! RLB in Brooklyn
  9. Excellent! Thanks. The VW Community is remarkable. As a teacher I really appreciate how much and how quickly I learn from other VW users willing and able to share.
  10. The small green squares at the ends of witness lines are present when I export a file to JPG. How do I avoid or get rid of them? Many thanks, RLB in NYC
  11. An hour or so ago I migrated from VW2019 to VW2020. When I opened the plans I had been working on in the newer version, 2020, All the classes of lines were shown as "None." They were almost hairline in width. I know I must have missed something in the settings for the migration, but don't know what. When I do know, I'll remove the current program, download it again, and perform the migration correctly. Any help will be much, much appreciated. RLB in Brooklyn (Mac Catalina)
  12. More information on Viewport issue . . . some graphics not included when applied to Sheet Layer. Examples shown below is the Plan as drawn on its Design Layer (ABOVE). Viewport as it appears on Sheet Layer (BELOW). PINK zones show elements that are in the Design Layer and are not in the Sheet Layer. Adding new test lines and shapes to the Design Layer are NOT seen in the Sheet Layer. There seems to be a TIME CUTOFF on copying new graphics. The missing items were indeed the MOST RECENT adjustments made in the Design Layer. I have used Update All Viewports several times; no change. There are no unselected Layers to Classes when I create the Viewport. Can the Viewport Image be locked somehow, not available to change? Where would one control that? What other settings in the Viewport dialog box could have caused recent changes in the Design Layer not to be copied to the Sheet Layer? Thanks again! RLB in Brooklyn
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