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  1. I'm working on some architectural working drawings and have encountered an anomaly. I can create Drawing Labels and Reference Markers but cannot edit them later. I'm used to double clicking on them and have the appropriate dialog box come up to change wording, sizes, numbers, etc. Now I just get a clunking sound and a message in the lower right of my pane that says "the selected object has no edit behavior." This in white letters on a red background. How to remedy and change the text, detail numbers, etc, in my drawings. Right now all I can do is make a completely new marker. Thanks in advance! RLB in Brooklyn
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of setting up a set of contract documents (working drawings) for a series of small houses. My initial efforts have yielded unintentional changes in drawing size, text size, arrowhead size, etc., as the design layer viewports are set into the sheet layers. For a relative beginner what, in your opinion, is the best and clearest documentation on how to set up a working drawing work flow in VW? For keeping text size, relative line weights, etc. constant through several scales? Should all design layers be at 1:1 and let the sheet layer reflect the scale? What happens to text size? I'm sure the answer is out there! Thanks, RLB in Brooklyn
  3. As a relative newcomer I'm having trouble keeping dimension properties and text sizes constant at different viewport scales. This is in the context of architectural contract drawings. What are the 'best practice' settings or methods for doing this. For example, I want a 'universal' text size of 10 pt and a 0.03" dot as end marker. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm relatively new to VW and want to use worksheets to make schedules for my drawings. I've generated schedules and thought they would appear on the sheet I selected, but they haven't. How can I attach them to a specified sheet layer? Then, do I double click the schedule to edit it? Many thanks in advance! RLB in Brooklyn
  5. I have some architectural details on an image (jpg) file and need to trace them with VW. When I imported the images and put them on a separate design layer and tried to trace on another design layer, the imported images are shown as boundary boxes with an 'X' from corner to corner. How can I make these underlying images visible through my active VW layer? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm fairly new to Vectorworks and am working on contract docs for a project. Is there a procedure or technique for labeling windows and doors in plan? For example, putting lets or numbers inside shapes like ovals, rectangles, hexagons, etc.? Can these be keyed to a database? Thanks! RLB in Brooklyn
  7. Hi, I'm working on plans and want am putting a light gray tone under the interior spaces of the building. This is easy except for the stairs, made with VW2019's stair creation tool. How do I select a fill color for the stair delineation or, make the fill 'NONE' so that the tone below shows through? Thanks for any help! Rachel in Brooklyn
  8. I figured out the problem. The culprit was one of the VW hatches, particularly 'Crushed Stone Coarse HF.' As soon as a substituted a simple tone for it, the PDFs worked well again. Maybe has something to do with the complexity of the hatch pattern. RLB
  9. In my current project I have Sheet Layers composed of five Design Layers. All visibilities are good and the Sheet Layers in VW (2019, Mac) look complete on the display. Recently, though, when I 'Export to PDF' pieces of one or more Design Layers are missing. However, when I zoom the resulting PDF in and out the missing parts are visible, sometimes only momentarily. It's difficult to find a zoom distance where everything is visible. This started occurring several days ago. Before that the 'Export to PDF' worked fine for making PDFs to print. I can't think of any changes I've made. I tried quitting VW and re-opening, etc. Any ideas or sympathies will be appreciated! Thanks. RLB in Brooklyn
  10. As a faculty member I have the educational version of VW2019, which I love. I've used previous educational versions for many years. However, I can't export my drawings to PDF format. I get a message that I must enter my PDF password. What is that? I've tried my VW and my system password, to no avail. I need to make prints and circulate the drawings electronically for my classes. Note: the drawings are quite dense. Any help will be appreciated. Without making good prints (with watermarks as previous), the program is not of much use to me or my students. Thanks.
  11. Upgrading to VW2019 SP1 seems to have solved the text problems I had before (see above). Thanks.
  12. A problem has come up in the last several days. When adding text to a Sheet Layer carrying viewports of plans, sections, and elevations, a Time Lag of about 10 seconds and a spinning beach ball are plaguing each step of my process. Everything is in VERY slow motion. This situation also affects text in Design Layers. Lines, circles, and other drafting elements are fine . . . just text. I've restarted my iMac 27" (OS Mojave) and have the latest updates for VW2018. Any ideas will be welcome and receive most sincere thanks! Rachel in Brooklyn
  13. I am working on the plans of a house, using various wall types and opening types from the Resource Browser. All of a sudden several of the six design layers I've created so far (plans of levels, etc) have lost their hatches, colors, and components. Likewise the windows and doors from the Browser have lost their unique properties. What's strange is that this occurs on only about half of the layers, not all. Attached are screen shots of two layers in the stack. One, the 'Living Floor' looks the way ALL the plans have looked. The second, the 'Bedroom Floor' has changed, lots of info being stripped away. And all this in the same file! Any help will be appreciated! RLB
  14. I've noticed in YouTube videos on Vectorworks that often the various individual menus are consolidated into arrays of symbols along one or more edges of the screen--this rather than a lot of individual palettes. Are there ways to accomplish this in VW 2018? I'm still a novice and can't find the instructions. Thanks.


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