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  1. Is there any way to get a thicker bottom rail of a double hung window? In the attached example the bottom rail is about 1.5x the thickness of the top and side rails.
  2. I imported a survey from a dwg. Design layer scale is set to 1:48.
  3. Does anybody have tips for exporting drop shadows. In the sheet layer the file looks like this. When I export an image or PDF the drop shadows look like this...Bug or feature?
  4. It was submitted into bug submit a few weeks ago, but I never got a response of any sort. My only fix was to remake the spaces that get corrupted.
  5. 2023 SP4 seems to have fixed this issue.
  6. I usually use the framing member tool instead of the structural member tool. If you group the framing members, then you can drag and resize the group. This is great for trellis elements, joists, and other repetitive things that don't require joining. The framing member can do almost everything that the structural member can. Unfortunately, the structural member doesn't work that way. (The inconsistency in the VW tools drives me crazy!)
  7. I never knew the analysis tool existed. And it would be great if there were better ways to accomplish this.
  8. Eight year's later..... Does anybody have a good way to project lines or points to a surface?
  9. Just curious. Is your 3d conversion Res set to high?
  10. There must be some sort of bug in the space tool. I will submit In some of these spaces, loci are present. In others, they are invisible. If I activate the space settings of a space with a locus, it will appear. If I create a similar space without a locus present, it will not appear. If I convert a rectangle or polygon into a space in the AEC "Create Object From Shapes" menu, the loci disappear. I looked through the space tag settings to see whether you can turn the locus on or off, and there do not appear to be any controls for this. Perhaps this internal locus is a hidden feature of the space, that somehow becomes visible. I modify the space boundaries a lot using clip/add surface/split tools, etc. When space locus is far away from the center of the space, data tags create a big pre-selection rectangle, which can misidentify the space. The only way to fix this problem is to re-draw the spaces. Space 2.vwx
  11. I've had this issue this on several jobs now. I am working on a plan that is somewhat far away the drawing origin 5000' [1,500m]. I made a bunch of spaces, and after working in the file a bit, the locus of the space shifted very far away from the center of the space. Is there any way to move this point so that it falls within the space boundary? How did this point get so far away from the center of the space? Moving the space closer to the page center does not seem to fix. Using data tags becomes problematic when the space gets like this, especially in Sheet Layers See the attached file to see what I am referring to. It's sort of hard to explain. Space.vwx
  12. Double click the edge you want to make a gable and select gable. It will change the end to gable Conversely you can build up the roof with roof faces. **Edit maybe landmark doesn't have AEC roofs? Not sure.
  13. We are almost on the fourth build of VW2023. Usually by this time, most of the new release bugs are worked out. That said, I am still experiencing fairly regular 2023 crashes. (2-3x week.) The program quits (without saving) unexpectedly in the middle of an operation. Has anybody else been experiencing this? I will try to be more mindful regarding what is associated with these crashes. A few observations: I have my autosave set to save after 40 operations and I have opted to confirm beforehand. When I get a save reminder, I almost always manually save (instead of autosaving). In the past automatic autosaving created problems for me, and increased the likelihood of crashing. After I save, the autosave counter reminder does not reset, so I get messages like, "you haven't saved in 840 operations", or something like that... Until I don't get reminders for a long while. That is usually when the crash happens. I am in a design flow state. Thinking about something else, not worrying about whether the technology will fail on me. What I am doing when these crashes happens seems to vary. Sometimes switching from one file to another causes the crash. (I usually work with three to five open files at a time). Frequently the eyedropper causes the crash. Push pull. Sometimes copying and pasting. Sometimes applying textures. Importing symbols. Many times, I am using key commands. Any thoughts as to how to to set up my preferences to reduce this from happening?
  14. Easy question.... I have a slab with a texture for one of the components. I would like to rotate the wood decking so that the wood is in the correct orientation (which is 90 degrees from what is on screen). Why does right clicking and Rotating Texture by 90 degrees not do anything to the component texture? Is there a way to rotate the texture, or do I have to create a separate texture. OK... It looks like this is not possible? There is a definite need to control the direction of textures on a slab component.
  15. It would require you to have two VW versions on your computer. Backsave to an earlier version like VW2018-VW2022; open and backsave to 2017. I am not sure how well the translation would work.... I would imagine that spaces and other things might not work so well, given the issues between versions.
  16. There are a couple of these threads....
  17. This error takes place when the radius of the wall exceeds 36' [10.9 m].
  18. I have made and remade that wall several times. And it doesn't work at that radius.
  19. If you have the AEC architect version of VW, you can create a wall recess which is the shape of the door opening. Turn off the insert mode for the door, and then manually place it in the opening.
  20. I am having a similar issue and have submitted it as a bug. Door in curved wall.vwx
  21. Edit: I think I figured it out. Not entirely sure why it works, but it does. How does the worksheet determine what is counted?
  22. I am putting together a space list for a building program. I can make a big list where every space is itemized. I can also create a summary of spaces by the Custom Space Name. Is there any way to develop a count of spaces by the custom space name. I would like this worksheet to say that there are, "6 Prep Labs, and 10 Offices". Sum Values appears to aggregate the square feet.
  23. You can do it with a roof face. (Although some math is involved). Figure out what the pitch is along the diagonal. Make the plane of the roof perpendicular to the diagonal. Slope 2 Directions.vwx
  24. Has anybody figured out what this message means? I am getting the same message on a Solid Addition.
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