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  1. This post is sixteen years old. Is there a script or workaround to do align bottom of one object to top of another?
  2. Are folks using two monitors? For me on a mac, the curser issues manifest in the gamer mode when my second (non-laptop screen) monitor is set as the extended display. When I set it as the main display, I do not experience issues. I always thought this was just how this tool worked.
  3. I was having issues earlier. I had to reset the value a few times before my R-Value stuck. It finally reads 23...
  4. Thanks @Tom W. That seems to have done the trick. Now I have to copy back all my annotations that disappeared when I made the change! 😖
  5. No you can't. But VW really needs to implement this feature! It would bridge the gap between solid and parametric modeling.
  6. No. I mostly avoid the structural member tool. VW's focus on data at the expense figuring out a tool that better meshes with construction is a little problematic, with respect to this tool. The structural member tool is scheduled to be improved in the VW roadmap. (probably in September) Not sure if this will be one of the changes. I use the framing tool for roof framing members and even for many of my steel detailing projects. The framing member has a useful dialogue box that allows you to lock the end on resize which is especially helpful when doing roofs. It shows the start and ends of members. It also allows you to group and stretch multiple members. While simpler, the framing tool is infinitely more flexible. Data is more easily applied via record formats, since everyone's data needs can vary. It would be really good if the both tools could show wood members in section. (Like in the graphic below).
  7. I am trying to develop a graphic legend that shows the R-Value, and I am getting inconsistent results. I have defined the dynamic text via the wall's IFC Entity - Thermal Transmittance. In the wall style, I have set to override the calculated R-Value. Because I manually calculated. For some walls the values show up correctly. And others, they do not, and I can't figure out why. I don't think the .1 is a U-Value, because in other walls I get random numbers. Any ideas? As an aside, walls need a dedicated record format like other parametric objects. It is very difficult to locate their data. Test File2.vwx
  8. I am sure you know you can duplicate and mirror a marker and place it at the other side of your drawing. A few more steps, but at least a workaround.
  9. Does anybody know whether this is a bug or if this is how Graphic Legends are supposed to work?
  10. I think I understand the situation better.... Because the framing member at the top and bottom of the steel column is closer to the section cut line, it's always going to show up "in front" of the object behind it. The only solution is to draw a black line over the plate in the annotation space.
  11. In the example below, I want the layer "Steel" to show up in black. And "Background Layer 2" to show up in gray. Setting the layer section viewport layers to gray, or adjusting the layer opacity doesn't gray out the layers. (Did VW always work this way???) So I set up a data visualization which grays out everything on Background Layer 2. This works, but the data visualization shows up on top of the Steel Layer. --- See screenshot below. (For graphic clarity, I want the base plates to show up in front of the gray background lines.) Adjusting the layer stack order doesn't seem to change anything. The layer visualization is always drawn on top. Is there a better way to achieve this?
  12. It would also be good to be able to show bolt hole patterns in base/top plates.
  13. Is there any way the center marks for the structural member can rotate? It looks odd that they stay orthogonal to the page.
  14. I was working on a file all day yesterday, mostly with section viewports. Toward the end of the day, all my section viewports started to show up with transparent lines. See screenshot below. Restarting VW did not help. Is there any way to fix the file? Is it a setting somewhere? Or did the file get corrupted. The screenshot below is from an earlier backup file. Test PDF.pdf
  15. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to get a windoor configuration that looks like this? (Below). I can make the 3d configuration below, but can't figure out how to make three divisions in the transom.
  16. Make sure to keep a second copy of any data in Graphic Legends Annotation space elsewhere. Any minor change you make to the data legend layout or style will cause the annotations to disappear. I submitted as a bug back in February. I am not sure whether it is actually a bug, or whether that is just how this tool was designed to work.
  17. When you click on the line types... you can load the VW Defaults by browsing to the the default Line Types File in the VW Library. If you have a file with custom line types you can add it to your User Library.
  18. I noticed another problem with dwg exports. In VW there is a setting to export hatches and 2d fills into separate dwg/dxf layers. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to Renderworks surface hatches. In the elevation below the walls are on a class called Ex_Wall Exterior. One would expect the surface hatches to export to a separate ACAD Layer. However they don't. The solid fills for the elevation benchmarks in the annotations layer are the only element that makes it onto a dedicated Autocad layer. You can play with the autocad file on the link below. https://autode.sk/44j4E1p
  19. That said, while separating the section is a partial workaround, the exported dwg line work is not correct. I went through a lot of effort to get the section looking the way it needs to. It is very inconvenient to adjust each viewport for dwg export and then undo these changes for PDF export.
  20. In the Object Info Pallette, set the angle to zero. 3d doors I don't believe can be set by viewport.
  21. I figured out why. The flaw occurs when you select "Merge Cross Section".... Here were the settings for the first section (above). I typically flatten the model into 2d Graphics. Here are the settings for the second section... And it works. I will submit as a bug.
  22. Does anybody know why a section that looks like this in VW, exports like the second image in ACAD? I don't have a version of Acad, but typically preview in Autodesk's online viewer... A-2.1.dwg
  23. Maybe VW needs the equivalent of the Sketchup 3d Warehouse where content can be shared outside the VSS format.
  24. I used to log in to the customer portal to see what is new, but the website hasn't been updated since January. I've seen a couple of notifications for new content, but I wasn't able to figure out what is new. The kitchen layout in the photo above was introduced in 2020! In each VSS content release, there are about 30 entertainment-focused products and gadgets, one or two landscape elements, and one or two chairs, or amenities to improve renderings. The numbers in the screenshot below tell the story of where VW is heading. The VSS content is certainly geared toward the Entertainment side of things, even though Landscape and Architecture probably comprise well over half of VW's user base. I struggle with a door catalog that lacks basic things (I had to make my own six-panel door). Basic architectural lighting (commercial and residential). Ceiling grid systems. Quality cabinet hardware. Plumbing fixtures (they haven't been updated since 2019). Appliances (Not everybody has the budget for Wolf and Subzero). Luckily we can pull in other resources from BIM Object and the like, but some parity between the VW user groups would be much appreciated!
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