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  1. Thanks Pat - Jeff's workaround above is doing the job for now
  2. How do you select tags and thus edit obj info palette? If I try and select tags the whole plant is selected - doesn't alter the viewport render of the tag
  3. You are an ideas man Jeff! I will do exactly that for now thanks mate. Adam
  4. Hi how do I get plant tags to display in the viewport without the sketch effect? In fact it would be good to be able to apply the sketch effect solely to the site plan and hardscape layers... Thanks
  5. Right - fixed it y'all. In each plant symbol settings, the tag class hadn't been assigned (the default class was 'none'). Once I assigned plants-component-tag as the tag class I was able to control tag visibility in the viewport. Simples.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to turn off plant tag visibility for a viewport. When I uncheck plant-component-tags nothing happens, plant tags are still showing. VW 2019 thanks


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