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  1. @jeff prince oh thanks for the thoughtful response! using File Maker is interesting, that's one of the issues I have it feels like the data is all stuck in VW and not very open or mobile device friendly. and the point clouds is another feature didn't realize might work a bit on residential level
  2. Thank you everyone! Super helpful points, insights, and resources 🙂 Excited to keep exploring. I'm signed up for a 4 hour Landmark seminar next week, so that should really start to get things going.
  3. Awesome, thanks will check those out! Image Files → For importing a CSV, possible to bring in image files as well, or do you add those manually after importing the CSV? 2D and 3D Representations → When importing a CSV, how do we go about assigning 2D and 3D elements to each of our plants?
  4. Hi everyone, We're currently evaluating Landmark with the trial version and considering switching to the platform! Currently on SketchUp + AutoCAD LT. Conceptually into the BIM aspects of Vectorworks. My main concern is that it's overkill for the scale project we're doing. Small urban residential properties with hardscaping + planting. Anyone have experience using Vectorworks with this size project, as opposed to large public projects? Any tutorials on minimizing the toolsets and interface. Seems like about 50% of these palettes and tools we'll never use. My plan now is to basically figure out what everything does, and then hide based on our needs. The plant libraries is very limiting (too many maple trees and hydrangeas for us) and was wondering if folks have experience adding other catalogs. I've watched the videos on how to do this, but overall it seems more complex than are needs are. We'd mostly like to be able to add the plants we commonly use, many California Natives. We have our own CSV files from Airtable with our plants. Seems like Vectorworks is super powerful and could have lots of potential. Thanks for any thoughts! Best, ~ Ethan
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