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  1. I have problem with wall projection . It is not seen in the plan as seen in three dimensions. I want to make jambs by the window. Jamb is not working on the plan view when I use wall projection.vwx
  2. ETUD

    PDF not working

    Sorry it was my computer problem..
  3. ETUD

    PDF not working

    Opps After SP5 upgrading. PDF export is not working as before?
  4. These suggestions are very useful because there is no support in my country. Thank you so much. In my opinion, the 1st alternative is more suitable for wood coating on the inner surface. But for the metal cladding I wanted on the outer surface, this method will work very well. I will work this way and try to reach the result in the picture. I can even give the manufacturer full details. Maybe you suggest a different method in it.😚
  5. Thank you so much. I didn't know that shell was used this way. I am thinking of using wood on the inside and metal on the outside. Like attached pictures and panorams. I will review your work and ask if I have questions. http://view.mylumion.com?p=xxazsqeglnxhipqc
  6. Even I made the crosses class pen style none. No need to make it invisible. Thank you
  7. Thank you... I converted the solid section to 3D poligons and make the crosses invisibal class ... it works for 2D plan . after 3d I have to open the class visibility...okay it works But no way to make Clean 3D even with nurbs?? after cutting.
  8. Thank you anyway. But it is not so easy☺️. I mean after cutting the multiple extruded object crosses happen. I do not want to see those on the 2D plan since I want to keep it as 3D...
  9. I make a wooden facade. I cut the timber , I created to provide the slope. Then I want to see a plain 3d like the previous ones. How do I do without crosses. Can I do that in an other way? wood facade.vwx
  10. (VB-164404 BUG Data Visualization Export DWG). All I can say is that it is a high priority bug.*---- Not corrected!
  11. I started to purge the unused classes 10 minudes passed I am still waiting...I will sure wait for max 30 minutes. ıs this realy okay?
  12. I hope you can solve those problems quickly in WV2020 SP2. I also faced attached problems. When I made a section and adjusted with data visualization … ( hatches added to columns and slab items) see attached photo. Then I exported to DWG, hatches done by data Visualizations are not exported.Even when I export it to PDF , Data visualization hatches are not seen …. !! export data visualiated section to PDF.pdf
  13. I am using VW 2018 now. The files from previous VW 2016 size is getting bigger when I open them in VW 2018 . It is realy vey big changing. And I cannot even render by open gl after that.


    I prefer using VW 2016 ----Is this normal?



    Can Özsavaşcı

    file size getting bigger.PNG

  14. Even After the section viewport completed I can not move the section . And program starts working very slowly. It takes long time to deleting this section.___? By the way I use not bad windows computer.


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