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  1. (VB-164404 BUG Data Visualization Export DWG). All I can say is that it is a high priority bug.*---- Not corrected!
  2. I started to purge the unused classes 10 minudes passed I am still waiting...I will sure wait for max 30 minutes. ıs this realy okay?
  3. I hope you can solve those problems quickly in WV2020 SP2. I also faced attached problems. When I made a section and adjusted with data visualization … ( hatches added to columns and slab items) see attached photo. Then I exported to DWG, hatches done by data Visualizations are not exported.Even when I export it to PDF , Data visualization hatches are not seen …. !! export data visualiated section to PDF.pdf
  4. I am using VW 2018 now. The files from previous VW 2016 size is getting bigger when I open them in VW 2018 . It is realy vey big changing. And I cannot even render by open gl after that.


    I prefer using VW 2016 ----Is this normal?



    Can Özsavaşcı

    file size getting bigger.PNG

  5. Even After the section viewport completed I can not move the section . And program starts working very slowly. It takes long time to deleting this section.___? By the way I use not bad windows computer.
  6. Thank you Michaelk, This is great. I am really appreciated.
  7. Thank You Michaelk, Since we are so away from your World ıt is difficult to find help like this. Anyway I am realy wishing to have similar WS to use for my works. For example right now I would like to put on my drw. room list with all object info pallet information. Such as number, area, all names etc. Could you please send me a WS for this (can@etudmimarlik.com) Thank you for your kind help
  8. Please find the attached which I have downloaded. VW 2013 SP4 WINDOWS/7 Can
  9. Dear All, I imported the attached file from the community board. I would like to use the worksheet but since I wish to use it in m,sq m,cu m.... I could not manage to find the correct values. Wall length is wrong but when I change it to other units some time is correct. When I change the units to feet work sheet length is getting correct.... Can OZSAVASCI Istanbul- Turkey www.etudmimarlik.com


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